: : : : : : : 2 Ways to Gain Bells or HRA Points in the Fall

Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

2 Ways to Gain Bells or HRA Points in the Fall
1. When it is fall, look around your town for mushrooms. Some are just plain mushrooms while others contain mush furniture. You can either sell the mush furniture for a profit or, you can place the furniture in your home for some HUGE points in the Happy Room Academy.

2. When it is the Harvest Festival (around 3 pm on Thanksgiving), go to the mayor and he will give you a fork and a knife. Then, look around for Franklin the turkey and give him the fork and knife (he is usually hiding behind something)and he will give you harvest furniture. I assume they are worth big points in the HRA so you can place them in your home or sell them for a profit. Then go to the mayor and repeat the process.

Franklin becomes very annoying because he changes his hiding place all the time. Plus he sometimes gives you the same furniture. I made so many bells because he kept on selling me the furniture.

The 2nd way earns you a lot of Bells because it seems like the Mayor won't stop giving you forks and knives.

Hey, if anybody knows how to get the entire harvest theme, please contact me at the e-mail below. Here is what I have so far.

Harvest Wall
Harvest Rug
Harvest TV
Harvest Bed
Harvest Lamp
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Bureu
Harvest Mirror

Is there anything else?