Animal Crossing: City Folk Tips

If you want tons of money read this
when you start your game go to other things and change the date to halloweennow when you start the game put on a shirt that is worth almost nothing i.e. work uniform. Now that you have changed you shirt fill your pockets with fruits from you town or stuff that worth nothing. now go outside and when someone asks you for candy say no and they will change your head to a pumpkin. dont worry it acts like a helm so you can take it off and keep time someone asks say no and they will ruin your shirt. k now is where the money come in. now every time you say no when someone asks for money. they will change something in your inventory into a jack in the box. now go to tom nooks store and sell your jack in the boxs. they sell for 1000 bells each. and since the trick or treaters only tranform at worthless item it is pure profit.
hope i helped :]