Animal Crossing: City Folk Cheats

Animal Crossing: City Folk cheats, Codes, Easter Eggs, Glitchs, Unlockables, Tips, and Codes for Wii.

Command codes

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earning lots of bells
Before you begin the game, change the date to the day zipper t. bunny comes, and dig up the eggs and save the candy for Halloween, give zipper the bunny foils and sell the egg furniture, save and quit when your done. Change the date to Halloween and the time to 5:45 (Should be enough time to trap all of your neighbors,) and wait until 6 for Halloween to start. Everyone will be trapped and Jack will be easier to find, and you will get lots of bells after you sell the spooky furniture . Then change the date the Christmas, and talk to Jingle, change into different clothes, and get you will get more presents, sell the Jingle furniture, and your still getting money. Its a bell miracle. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />


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Bank Unlockables
UnlockableHow to unlock
Shopping Card Deposit 10,000 bells into the bank.
Box of Tissues Deposit 100,000 bells into the bank.
Gold Card Deposit 1,000,000 bells into the bank
Green Feather Deposit 100,000,000 bells into the bank.
Blue Feather Deposit 200,000,000 bells into the bank.
Yellow Feather Deposit 300,000,000 bells into the bank.
Red Feather Deposit 400,000,000 bells into the bank.
Purple Feather Deposit 500,000,000 bells into the bank.
White Feather Deposit 600,000,000 bells into the bank.
Rainbow Feather Deposit 700,000,000 bells into the bank.
Piggy Bank Deposit 10,000,000 Bells
ABD machineSave 99,999,999 bells in your ABD account.
Rainbow FeatherDeposit 700,000,000 bells into the bank.
Chocolate Heart Candy Box
UnlockableHow to unlock
Chocolate Heart Candy Box Send a letter to someone in your city of different gender and ask the following "Will you be my Valentine"
Egg Set
UnlockableHow to unlock
Egg floor Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg wall Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg bed Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg dresser Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg wardrobe Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg bench Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg stereo Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg toy set Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg chair Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg bench Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg table Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg clock Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg lamp Give Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg Toy SetGive Zipper bunny foil from inside the eggs
Egg TVNintendo will send you a letter with it as a present.
February Birthdays and Events
Here is all of the characters that have a birthday in February. Also, here is a list of events in February.
UnlockableHow to unlock
BillFebruary 1st
JitterFebruary 2nd
OliviaFebruary 3rd
LilyFebruary 4th
BoomerFebruary 7th
FrobertFebruary 8th
StichesFebruary 10th
PompomFebruary 11th
RibbotFebruary 13th
KittyFebruary 15th
AnabelleFebruary 16th
DoraFebruary 18th
FrecklesFebruary 19th
PuckFebruary 21st
AveryFebruary 22nd
PateFebruary 23rd
RosieFebruary 27th
Groundhog DayFebruary 2nd 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Flea Market4th Saturday 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Bean DayFebruary 3rd 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Valentine's DayFebruary 14th 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Blue or Red Ogre Mask.February 3rd, Bean Day. Talk to Tortimer.
Las Festivales February 23rd, Go to pave on the day of the festival. Play and win games with your neighbours, then give pave the candy.
Festivale15th February
Gyroid Storage Space
To unlock the Gyroid Storage space, you must buy 7 cups of coffee from the Roost
UnlockableHow to unlock
Gyroid StorageBuy 7 cups of coffee from the Roost
Gyroid StorageYou have to have a gyroid in your pocket before the space is offered to you.
Harvest Set
UnlockableHow to unlock
Fork & Knife Talk to Tortimer on Harvest Day
Harvest Wall May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Rug May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Bed May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Dresser May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Bureau May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Sofa May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Chair May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Table May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Mirror May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest TV May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Clock May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Lamp May be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest roomMust have recieved all items from Franklin, He will ask you a question or two about Thanksgivings history and you will answer Yes on the first then No on the second. If he does not ask you the questions you will recieve a mystery item that is 100,000 Bells.
Harvest Gaming SystemMay be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest FireplaceMay be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Kitchen SetMay be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Ping Pong TableMay be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Tea SetMay be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Harvest Nintendo ChairMay be recieved from Franklin for the Fork & Knife
Holiday Items

UnlockableHow to unlock
Leaf April Fool's Day
Resetti Model Groundhog Day
Cool Globe Nature Day
Picnic Basket Labor Day
Sailboat Model Explorer's Day
Wheat Bundle Harvest Moon
Bus ModelLook in mail on Teacher Appreciation Day, letter will be from Nintendo
Pikmin HatOn march 25-April 1 if wii connect is on you will receive a hat to commerate the pre-release of Pikmin Wii.
Shamrock HatIf Wii Connect is on and it is Saint Patricks day, you will receive a letter from Nintendo with the Shamrock Hat.
Hot Dog HatIf Wii Connect is on July 4th you will recieve a letter from nintendo with this hat attached.
Dolphin ModelIf Wii Connect is on from July 20th to ??? you will recieve a letter from nintendo with the Dolphin Model attached.
School Bus ModelIf Wii Connect is on on Teacher's day, may 19th, you will receive a letter from nintendo with this item attached.
Veggie BasketHarvest Moon
StockingDecember 24: Christmas Eve
New Year ShirtJanuary 01: New Year
Snow GlobeDecember 25: Christmas
Golden BedSometime in Febuary 2011 Pete will come (If you Nintendo WFC and Wii Connect 24 is on) and say you have a letter from Nintendo and you'll read the letter and it'll say you got the Golden Bed The Golden Bed is bought for 32,000 bells from Nook but when you sell it it's only worth 8,000 bells!
How to pay off your debt in a day!
The title says it all.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Las FestivalesFebruary 23rd, Go to pave on the day of the festival. Play and win games with your neighbours, then give pave the candy.
Nookington'sAnswer Variety
January Birthdays
Every character in the game has a birthday. Here are the ones that occur during the month of January.
jessica january 28
CharacterCharacter's Birthday
BobJanuary 1st
PonchoJanuary 2nd
JoeyJanuary 3rd
RoaldJanuary 5th
CarmenJanuary 6th
HarryJanuary 7th
PierceJanuary 8th
TiffanyJanuary 9th
MoeJanuary 12th
PuddlesJanuary 13th
GladysJanuary 15th
RizzoJanuary 17th
SimonJanuary 19th
OpalJanuary 20th
GenjiJanuary 21st
FrancineJanuary 22nd
GwenJanuary 23rd
RhondaJanuary 24th
SavannahJanuary 25th
AuroraJanuary 27th
MargieJanuary 28th
CubeJanuary 29th
WinnieJanuary 31st
DédéJanuary 25th
KatJanuary 19th
Jingle Set
UnlockableHow to unlock
Jingle Wall Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Carpet Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Bed Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Dresser Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Wardrobe Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Sofa Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Chair Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Table Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Lamp Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Clock Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Piano Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle Shelves Talk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle T.VTalk to Jingle on Christmas Eve
Jingle FloorTalk to Jingle on Xmas Eve
Lucky Items
These are items that give you 7,777 HRA points.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Arwing (Star Fox):Spotlight item at Nook's
DracaenaSpotlight item at Nook's
Ivory PianoSpotlight item at Nook's
Jack-in-the-boxDon't give Jack a piece of candy
Lefty Lucky CatRedd's shop
Lovely phoneKatie & Kaitli gift (Wi-fi)
Lucky Black CatRedd's shop
Lucky CatBuy at Nook's
Lucky Gold CatSpotlight item at Nook's
Master Sword (The Legend of Zelda)Spotlight item at Nook's
Music boxKatie & Kaitli gift (Wi-fi)
Piggy bankPut 100,000 bells in ABD
Raccoon figureRedd's shop
Samurai SuitSpotlight item at Nook's
Tresure ChestSpotlight item at Nook's
Triforce (Legend of Zelda)Redd's shop
Washer/DryerBuy from Nook
Lucky CloverPicking patches of clovers
March Birthdays and Events
Here is all of the characters's birthdays and all events.
UnlockableHow to unlock
CocoMarch 1st
AnchovyMarch 4th
GalaMarch 5th
ChevreMarch 6th
CyranoMarch 9th
MidgeMarch 12th
DottyMarch 14th
EliseMarch 21st
AxelMarch 23rd
LollyMarch 27th
BaabaraMarch 28th
FelicityMarch 30th
Girl's DayMarch 3rd 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Father's DayMarch 19th 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Fishing TourneyThird Saturday 6:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.
Mother's DaySunday before Easter 6:00a.m. - 12:00a.m.
Mario Items
UnlockableHow to unlock
? Block Found in balloon presents
1-Up Mushroom Found in balloon presents
Brick Block Found in balloon presents
Cannon Found in balloon presents
Fire Bar Found in balloon presents
Fire Flower Found in balloon presents
Green Koopa Shell Found in balloon presents
Starman Found in balloon presents
Green Pipe Found in balloon presents
Flagpole Found in balloon presents
Super Mushroom Found in balloon presents
Coin Found in balloon presents
Brick flooring Found in balloon presents
Mushroom Mural Found in balloon presents
mario hatbought in the able sisters
Green Carnivor Fower PipeFound in Ballon Gifts
brick blockfrom shooting balloon
Luigi hatBuy at Able Sisters
Toads HatNook Shop Points
Peach's ParasolNook Shop Points
Wario HatNook Shop Points
Wario StatchNook Shop Points
Mario StatchBuy at Able Sisters
Luigi StatchBuy at Able Sisters
Luigi HatBuy at Able Sisters
Mario HatBuy at Able Sisters
Toad ShirtBuy at Able Sisters
Kart10,000 points
Triple Shells800 points
Yoshi's Egg1,000 points
Nook Stores
After you get Nookingtons, if you want to go back to an older store you liked better, here's how. Every once in a while, Tom Nook will ask you a questio right before you leave. These are the answers:
Hope this helped.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Nook's CrannyAnswer Nothin' Much
Nook 'N GoAnswer Good Hours
Nook WayAnswer Balance
Nookington'sAnswer Variety
Spooky Set
UnlockableHow to unlock
Spooky Bed Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Dresser Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Wardrobe Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Sofa Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Chair Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Table Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Vanity Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Bookcase Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Clock Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Lamp Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Wall Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky Carpet Give Jack a piece of candy.
Spooky HatGive Jack a piece of candy.
Pumpkin MaskAnimals will give this to you if you don`t give them candy and you don't have one on
Moldy ShirtAnimals will transform your shirt into this if you don`t give them candy and you don't have one on
Jack in the boxAnimals will replace one of your items with this if you don`t give them candy and are wearing the Pumpkin Mask and Moldy Shirt
Unlockable Holiday Items
Talk to Tortimer on one of the following holidays to recieve a free gift.
so, on Easter day ( which will change every year, and this year it's April 19th 2009), you look around your town to find little bury spots (which look like 'X''s), and dig up little bunny eggs with your shovel. then go to your menu and open them. if you get candy, see if you can save it for Halloween, but if you get bunny Foil, give it to the jacked up yellow bunny in front of the town center, and he'll give you egg furnature in exchange for the ticket.
Here's what I found:
Egg Bed
Egg Wallpaper
Egg Carpet
Egg Clock
Egg Table
Egg Chair
Egg Bench
Egg Wardrobe
These are the types of candy you can get:
Red Candy
Yellow Candy
Green Candy
Blue Candy
there might be more, and other than the color, they don't differ st all.
Hope this helps!!!!
UnlockableHow to unlock
Cool GlobeTalk to him on Nature Day
LeafTalk to him on April Fools Day
Picnic BasketLabor Day
Resetti ModelGroundhog Day
Sailboat ModelExplorer's Day
Wheat BundleHarvest Moon Day
party popper (usable)new years eve (night)
Happy New Years ShirtTalk to Tortimer on New Years Day
knife and forktalk to totimer on the fourth thursday of november
Unlockable Item
On June 21st, talk to Tortimer for the espresso maker.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Espresso MakerTalk to Tortimer on Midsummer's day
Unlockable Tool Versions - The Slingshot
Amp up your slingshot skills with these enhanced versions of this widely used tool.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver SlingshotSometimes Tom Nook's shop will sell silver slingshots, which will fire two bullets instead of one.
Golden SlingshotKnock down eight balloon gifts and you might just find a golden slingshot in others you drop from the sky. This super slingshot fires three bullets ot once, making it oh-so easy to pop those drifting balloons.
Unlockable Tool Versions - The Fishing Rod
Fishing is very relaxing, but it can also be pretty time consuming as well. Seek out these enhanced fishing rods if you want to speed up the process.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Fishing RodTom Nook periodically sells silver fishing rods at his shop. The rods' lures are more attractive to fish, helping you land catches more often.
Golden Fishing RodCatch each and every type of fish to earn the golden fishing rod as a reward for your effort. This ultimate rod is a real fish magnet!
Unlockable Tool Versions - The Net
The standard net is fine for some, but for the extreme and experienced bug hunter, the following high-end nets make all the difference.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver NetOnce in a blue moon, Tom Nook will stock silver nets in his store. The silver net sports a slightly bigger net than the normal variety which will help you catch bugs with greater ease.
Golden NetCatch each and every bug and you'll earn yourself the golden net, which makes catching creepy crawlers a breeze.
Unlockable Tool Versions - The Shovel
The normal version of the shovel may be fine for some, but the silver and gold varieties look a lot cooler and are a bit more useful.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver ShovelSwing by the city for a chance at visiting Resetti's Surveillance Center, where the silver shovel can be found. The silver shovel gives you a ten percent chance for more Bells when you go around smacking rocks.
Golden ShovelBuy two shovels and bury one of them in the ground in a place you won't forget. Wait overnight and then dig up the shovel to find it transformed into one made of solid gold! With a golden shovel, you can bury Bells to grow special trees that bear Bells instead of fruit. Cha|+|Ching!
Unlockable Tool Versions - The Watering Can
Watering your flowers can be a tough job, but these improved versions of the tool can help you out quite a bit.
UnlockableHow to unlock
Silver Watering CanBuy fifty bags of seed from Tom Nook to earn this improved watering can, which sports a bigger watering radius for faster growing.
Golden Watering CanMaintain a perfect looking town for a full fifteen days and then speak to Pelly or Phyliss at the town hall to recieve a gold watering can for all of your hard work.
Golden Watering CanMaintain a perfact town for fifteen days and then speak to Phyllis or Pelly. This tool can turn black roses into gold ones.


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Giant bugs
sometimes you can catch gaint moths or dragonflies at night about at the end of summer and the time is about 8:00-9:00

hope I helped :3 -karleekitty22
'Kicks' the shoe shine guy!
In AC:CF, you can change the type and colour of your shoes. Firstly, make sure its a clear or sunny day (not raining, cloudy, stormy, or snowing)then put on your favourite shirt (might be good to put on the one you wear most) and head over to the city, with at least 500 bells. When you get to the city, look for the auction house, but don't enter it. On the right of the auction house, there should be a run down house with a boarded up door. In front of the door, there should be a black and white skunk sitting on one of the steps. Talk to him, and he'll change your shoes. He's use your most dominating colour, e.g. red hair, green shirt = red shoes, green laces. Thanks!

NOTE: Kicks may not be there every day!
2 million bells per hour: city folk
alright so go to any sunday at 8:00 and find joan walking in your town and check her turnip prices. if it is below 100 then get a friend to get on his wii and go to any day theats not a sunday and check turnip prices to sell at tom nooks store.... if it is above 120 then buy alot of turnips from your town for below 90 and sell it to ur friends town for over 120... and over and over again...

i got 2 mill an hour
2 Ways to Gain Bells or HRA Points in the Fall
1. When it is fall, look around your town for mushrooms. Some are just plain mushrooms while others contain mush furniture. You can either sell the mush furniture for a profit or, you can place the furniture in your home for some HUGE points in the Happy Room Academy.

2. When it is the Harvest Festival (around 3 pm on Thanksgiving), go to the mayor and he will give you a fork and a knife. Then, look around for Franklin the turkey and give him the fork and knife (he is usually hiding behind something)and he will give you harvest furniture. I assume they are worth big points in the HRA so you can place them in your home or sell them for a profit. Then go to the mayor and repeat the process.

Franklin becomes very annoying because he changes his hiding place all the time. Plus he sometimes gives you the same furniture. I made so many bells because he kept on selling me the furniture.

The 2nd way earns you a lot of Bells because it seems like the Mayor won't stop giving you forks and knives.

Hey, if anybody knows how to get the entire harvest theme, please contact me at the e-mail below. Here is what I have so far.

Harvest Wall
Harvest Rug
Harvest TV
Harvest Bed
Harvest Lamp
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Bureu
Harvest Mirror

Is there anything else?
28,700 - 56,700 Bells a week
Want 28,700 to 56,700 bells a week? Here's how!

First dig 3 holes behind you next to a rock
... <- holes
. <- you
. <- rock

Next, hit the rock, check if it's your money rock for that day, or if you have one. If it isn't repeat this untill you find your money rock

What you'll need to do, is hit it 7 times, but make sure you DON'T move, or you'll screw up.

1st hit: 100 bells
2nd hit: 200 bells
3rd hit: 300 bells
4th hit: 500 bells
5th hit: 1,000 bells
6th hit: 2,000 bells
7th hit: 4,000 bells
8th hit or more: nothing more

If you move while hitting the rock, or stop hitting it at any time, you will NOT get the 4,000 bells, but you may still bet the 2,000 bells.

If you do this each day for a week, and each time you get all the way to 4,000 bell bag, then

1 day of getting the 4,000 bell bag

100 + 200 + 300 + 500 + 1,000 + 2,000 + 4,000 x 7 = 56,700 bells.


1 day of getting the 2,000 bell bag

100 + 200 + 300 + 500 + 1,000 + 2,000 x 7 = 28,700 bells.

Hope I helped!

A list of ways to make quick bells
  • Sell Fruit, fish, Bugs, Flowers
  • Sell furniture on Flea Market Day
  • Sell mushrooms (Only Applicable During November)
  • Sell fossils (You don't have to donate them to the museum)
  • Collect and sell sea shells (Keep Scallops for Pascal, he gives you a rare item for them)
  • Let the animals turn your Garbage (Pitfalls, cans, tires, boots, etc.) into Jack in the boxs on Halloween and sell them
  • Deposit money in the bank and wait until the next month (or time travel), you get interest on your bells
  • Shake Trees for 100 bells and an item each day (be wary of hives, bees will sting you unless you run in a nearby building or catch them)
  • Cross breeding flowers (If you have the patience and a watering can)
  • Collect Event furniture and sell it to Tom (Harvest, Mush, etc.)
Able sisters- see all the clothes
Well, this isn't really a cheat, but if you go into able sisters, you will notice that sable will be sewing a random piece of clothing you might of seen before. Well, if you go out, and go back in again, she will be sewing a different shirt! This is how you get to see as many pieces of clothing you like, so you can look for it in shops later on e.c.t. Hope I helped some crazy fashion fans out there!
Amazing meadowz!!!
When you put all the flowers from your town in your pockets (Try to keep empty pockets before), there is an easy way to have a beautiful meadow outside your house. Plant them all close together were you want them and many good things will happen. Many bugs will be on your door step plus, your nabours which live very close to you will linger outside your house which makes them easy to hunt down when you want them. Also, when you get board of the flowers (not saying you will) you can get loads of money from Nook depending on how big your collection is

Hope I helped,
Animal Crossing's Anti-Cheating Turnip System
If you buy turnips and go back in time, no matter what, they spoil.
Avoid Resetti
In the last game, there was no possible way to avoid Resetti. However, there is one way I've found in this game. It's not something you can easily make happen, it's easier said than done. What happened to me was when Pete came to my door to give me a letter from Nintendo, my pockets were full so he said he'd come back later. So then I got curious, if he waits at your door, how would Resetti come? So I reset, I talked to Pete, and sure enough Resetti never showed. The hard part about this is that you have to wait until Nintendo sends out a letter. Once Pete shows up though, you can keep resetting. You can save as well, but make sure you have 8 letters in your pocket. If you have less, when you play next he will give it to you and leave.

So keep 8 letters in your pocket all the time, switch in and out when you get new ones in your mailbox. And when Pete comes, he will wait at your door until you start up with an open spot for his letter.
Avoid Stings and Bedhead
Isn't it annoying when you have to talk to your neighbors (for example, on Thanksgiving when you need to know where Franklin is) and they say "OMG what have you been DOING for the past 3 weeks? Sleeping!?" Or you have a bee sting and you don't have money for medicine?

There is an answer! It is a costly answer, but it serves more than one purpose and is a multi-use item. Go to Shampoodle and select "Makeover". Make sure you haven't had anything done that day! Pick a Mii and use them as your Mii Mask. I've done it and it works like a charm. They won't notice your bedhead and won't notice your bee stings! It's a miracle!

Also works with the Pumpkin Head received on Halloween.
Beating Nook Faster
<font size=1>The first part of the game is annoying, where you have to work for nook.Well here's a quick way to do it.

First when he tell's you to plant flowers around the shop, go to a wide open space and plant them wherever you like.
Then just deliver the items as he say's.
When you mail a letter, right w/e you want to and send it.
Finally, when nook say's post an advertisment on the billboard or w/e it is, again post w/e you want to.
hope I helped!</font>
Bed Hair
If you do not play your game for a period of time, your character will obtain 'bed hair'.

This will make your hair stick up. You can change it by going to Harriet's Hairdressing parlour.
Bed switch in attic
Don't want the your bed in your attic? Go to Nook's and buy a bed or if you already have one your not using, keep it in your pocket. Go to the attic, stand in front of the end of the bed. Press the "A" button, the screen will say, do you want to change your bed? Choose yes and your pocket screen will come up. Choose the bed you want in your pocket and it will switch the beds.
Bee Careful!
Watch out for bees! If a hive falls out of a tree, run away fast and take cover inside a building, or try to catch them in a net. Bees will chase and sting you, causing your face to swell up, which may frighten your neighbors. Take some medicine to bring the swelling down, or crawl into bed, save your game, and restart to heal up.
Bee stings-yay!!
When you are shaking trees for money and furniture, sometimes a bee nest will fall out. Don't be bothered and get stung. Carry on shaking for money but when another one falls out, try and catch it but if you fail, it doesn't matter because getting sting again doesn't do anything. Carry on like this until you have done every tree in town and then get some medicine when you want to! It means you don't have to get medicine after medicine!!! I got 5 bits of furniture and 10,000 bells! Hooray!!!
best cheat for tarantula`s and scorpians
If you find one of these guys, DO NOT HAVE YOUR NET OUT!!! if you do they will sting/bite you.
As soon as you find one, get close to it, hold B, and run in a circle. Chase it, it will run away from you. chase it until it falls of a cliff(near a hill!VITAL!) then ,after it fell. take out your net. it should run right against the bottom of the hill. slowly descend the hill. until your close to the bottom(don`t go all the way as it will bite/sting you.) then swing your net at it while near the bottom of the hill. make sure your low enough that it will get it. go right against the edge of the hill and swing. I caught like 4 of these guys using this cheat.
BTW they are out july/august 8:00 pm to 5:00 am. i got mine at midnight(12:00 am) NEVER EVER HUNT THEM WITH YOUR NET OUT UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET STUNG/BIT(VERY VERY VITAL)
Best months and days to make money
These are the best months and days to make money:

<span class="wikilists">
  • April 12(bunny day)</li>
  • November 27 2008 & November 26 2009; 3:00 (Harvest festival)</li>
  • Halloween October 31; 9:00 pm.</li>
  • December 24; 9:00 pm.</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

The best months:
<span class="wikilists">
  • November</li>
  • December</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->

Hope I helped.

Play well, Have fun.
Beware of Halloween!
Beware of Halloween! NEVER HAVE ANYTHING PRECIOUS OR VALUABLE IN YOUR POCKETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 I can remember, on 2009's Halloween, I had a Citrus carpet, and when I refused to give Nate some candy... Guess what? NO CITRUS CARPET!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> I went absoulutley ballistic! (Very very very very very very angry.)

Just wanted to warn you...
Birthday goodies!
If you are good friends with one of your neighbors, which means that you have given them alot of mail and presents and have done tasks and trades with them, they will personally come to your house on your birthday and give you a cake! Yum! And usually your mom gives you 5,000 bells in a birthday letter. Yay! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Birthday Surprise
If someone asks you for your birthday then you should give it to them because then on your birthday everyone will give you a present and Tom Nook might even give you a discount on furniture.
The birthdays of charaters-October

3-Big Top
17-Limberg(er cheese)lol--im dumb
29-Gaston(bull or cow)
Bug / Fishing Trophy
At the end of the Bug Off, and Fishing Tournament, if you have the largest recorded fish/bug, then you will receive the bug/fishing trophy.
The easiest way to find bugs is to plan a load of flowers next to ur house go buy 4 packs for liike 80 bells from nooks!But rares dont really go on em. sorry. Hope this helped
Bugs and rocks
Sometimes, when you thwack a rock with a shovel, a small black dot might come out. In my town, it's a pill bug but it might vary. The next thing to do is catch it with your net. It tributes to your bug encyclopedia so its worth a catch. When you have it, you can sell it, donate it or keep it as a pet so good going.

Built structures
In Animal Crossing: City Folk, if you donate a certani amount of money, new structures will be built around the town.

200,000 Donated Bells = New bridge
400,000 Donated Bells = New Fountain
1,000,000 Donated Bells = Lighthouse/Windmill

You can donate bells in the Town Hall.
Can't buy red turnip seeds?
Can't buy red turnip seeds? Does Joan say she "doesn't have any"? This is not random, but a glitch. Go to your Wii menu and change the time TO THE EXACT REAL TIME. Then go on Animal Crossing and CHANGE IT'S TIME TO 1 MINUTE OF WHAT THE WII TIME IS. In one week's time, your game will be ready to sell red turnip seeds to you.

PS: If you Time travel, change your wii system time to avoid this glitch.
Carrying Extra Fruit to sell for 500 bells.
To carry 25 pieces of your native fruit to a friend's town to sell for 500 bells each, attach a piece of your native fruit to an old letter or to an unmailed letter in your mailbox. Always keep 10 letters in your mailbox for storing things. Once you sell the first 15 items, remove each piece of fruit from the letters and sell those as well. You can attach anything except fish. Makes for less trips to the store or between towns when trying to get bells.
Catch a Tarantula or Scorpion!
Hey you! Are you annoyed that scorpions and tarantulas keep on biting you when you try to catch them? Well here is how to catch those little demons. Fast forward time to August at 1:00 A.M. and run around until you find one. Do not have your net out. If you take it out they will run after you. when you see one, get a bit of a distance and take out your net. It will find you. When it does, run to the level of your town thing (you know the hills where you climb up and down!) and cut the corner really fast. That should leave the tarantula or scorpion running against the wall. It will be stuck like that. Now swing your net. If you miss try swinging in a different spot but BE CAREFUL you don't set it free or else X(! Another way is get it stuck on a sign post.
Cheatin' Kick
If you change your complete outfit INCLUDING HAIR, kick will not recognize you and you will be able to change your shoe color to whatever you want! THis cheat also works on the prize man.
Cheating Nook and Earning Easy Bells
You know that annoying part of the game, where Nook makes you work for him? You can cheat him! I do! Ok, so here is what he asks you to do and how you can cheat him:

Talk to Everyone: They all hang around near or in there houses at this stage, there's really no way to cheat out of this, just go to their houses and talk to them all. Don't forget Tortimer in the town hall! He asks your favorite animal, just say Turtle and he'll love you.
Put on your Work Uniform: Put it on. Yes, it's ugly, but keep it even after you're done. On Halloween you can change it into a Moldy or Patched Shirt.
Plant Flowers and Trees: You can steal these and put them outside your house. Nook has no idea, plus it makes your house look pretty.

I don't know the exact order of the next parts, I'll just put them in order as best as I can.

Direct Mail: Write something random, like "Nook loves you" or "Nook is a Panda" or something of that nature. He has no idea, plus it's fun to embarrass him a little! (NOTE: If you drop the stationary outside the store, he'll give you more. You can continue dropping to get as much as you want to send tons of letters to your animal friends!)
Delivering Furniture and Carpet: Deliver it. No real way to cheat. But, the animals give you furniture/carpets back, so it's all good.
Delivering Watering Can: This will be to the person you wrote the letter to. Deliver it and laugh when they show you the letter. It's fun to see how they have absolutely no idea what the letter means.
Message Board: Write pretty much the same thing as you wrote in the letter. It's fun to see him even MORE publicly humiliated! Serves him right for enslaving you against your will.
Then, you're done with Nook!!

Here's how to earn easy bells:
Go to the Lost and Found or Recycling Bin.
Take all the stuff out.
Keep what you want, sell the rest to Nook.
You can continue doing this, and also shaking trees and selling the furniture.
Another way is if a neighbor asks you to deliver something, and you're not afraid of making that certain neighbor angry, open the present and keep or sell it, depending upon what the present is.
Check all of your items
Ask Lloid the Gyroid about your checkroom and he'll let you browse all of the items you have stored inside of your cabinets and such within your home. How does Lloid pull this off? Who knows, but it sure is useful!
Ok, so you're running low on bells, you HRA pints are awful and your neighbours hate you. Here's a checklist to get by all of these:

1. Earn 10,000 (or more) bells a day by selling fruit.
2. Catch 10 fish and sell them.
3. Catch 5 bugs and sell them (in winter, catch 5 more fish)
4. Dig up 5 cracks and sell contents.
5. Water wilting flowers and plant 5 or more flowers and 1 tree.
6. Talk to all neighbours 5 times.
7. Write a letter to all neighbours and attach gift.
8. Sell shells.
9. Rearrange your furniture but don't change it.
10. Pay half of the money of your mortgage.

Do this for a couple of weeks and your town will flourish. You're enviroment comments will be excellent, you will be rich, the HRA will love you and everyone in town will be your BFF!
Coconut Tree
Sometimes you see a coconut on the shore line. Get a shovel and plant the coconut on the shore line that seperates the grass from the sand. Plant the coconut and in 3 days (you can time travel) go back and there is your coconut tree! You can plant as many as you like to get alot of bells. Since its a foreign fruit its worth 500 bells. The only bad thing is there is 2 coconuts on the tree instead of 3! Hope I helped!!!
Coconut Trees
1) Find a coconut along side the coast of your beach and sell it to Tom Nook for 500 bells

2) Find a coconut along side the coast of your beach and plant the coconut along the coast of your beach. Wait for a few days until it grows into a coconut tree. It grows up to 2 coconuts at a time. Each one will still be worth 500 bells.
December - Month Of Glory 4 Everyone!
December Events

4th - Robin's Birthday
7th - Monty's Birthday
8th - Eloise's Birthday
9th - Becky's Birthday
10th - Tom's Birthday
11th - Sterling's Birthday
14th - Freya's Birthday
16th - Gabi's Birthday
17th - Costeau's Birthday
18th - Fang's Birthday
19th - Chief's Birthday
25th - Ruby's Birthday
27th - Goldie's Birthday
28th - Bella's Birthday
30th - Hugh's Birthday
31st - Marcel's Birthday

Regular Events:

Saturdays - 8:00pm - 12:00am - KK'Slider (museum)
Sundays - 6:00am - 12:00pm - Buy Turnips from Joan

Special Events:

5th - Naughty or Nice Day - 6:00am - 12:00am
3rd Sunday - Fishing Tourney 6:00am - 6:00pm
21st - Midwinters Day - 6:00am - 12:00am
23rd & 26th-31st - Festive Items
24th - The Night That Jingle Comes to Town - 8:00pm - 12:00am
31st - New Year's Eve Countdown - 6:00am - 12:00am


Mole Cricket
Dung Beetle
Pill Bug


Pale Chub
Crician Carp
Barbel Steed
Popeyed Goldfish
Freshwater Goby
Yellow Perch
Black Bass
Pond Smelt
Sea Butterfly
Horse Mackerel
Sea Bass
Red Snapper
Olive Flounder
Football Fish

December Events

4th - Robin's Birthday
7th - Monty's Birthday
8th - Eloise's Birthday
9th - Becky's Birthday
10th - Tom's Birthday
11th - Sterling's Birthday
14th - Freya's Birthday
16th - Gabi's Birthday
17th - Costeau's Birthday
18th - Fang's Birthday
19th - Chief's Birthday
25th - Ruby's Birthday
27th - Goldie's Birthday
28th - Bella's Birthday
30th - Hugh's Birthday
31st - Marcel's Birthday

Regular Events:

Saturdays - 8:00pm - 12:00am - KK'Slider (museum)
Sundays - 6:00am - 12:00pm - Buy Turnips from Joan

Special Events:

5th - Naughty or Nice Day - 6:00am - 12:00am
3rd Sunday - Fishing Tourney 6:00am - 6:00pm
21st - Midwinters Day - 6:00am - 12:00am
23rd & 26th-31st - Festive Items
24th - The Night That Jingle Comes to Town - 8:00pm - 12:00am
31st - New Year's Eve Countdown - 6:00am - 12:00am


Mole Cricket
Dung Beetle
Pill Bug


Pale Chub
Crician Carp
Barbel Steed
Popeyed Goldfish
Freshwater Goby
Yellow Perch
Black Bass
Pond Smelt
Sea Butterfly
Horse Mackerel
Sea Bass
Red Snapper
Olive Flounder
Football Fish

Digging for fossils/gyroids is another great way to earn some money. Gyroids can make a lot of money as can fossils. Don't forget to donate a few fossils to the museum.

Don't Like Your Neighbor?
If you have a mean neighbor like Gaston etc., or someone you don't like listen to these tips: Be mean to them. Hit them with items. If you talk to them and they ask you if you need something say no. Use Pitfall Seeds on them. Push them around by running into them. On the Town Message Board or Messages or even Letters say mean things about them. Also when they need your attention ignore them or say no and if they want you to deliver open the presents. Finally, Don't come to their birthday when they invite you and leave your house when they come there for the Flea Market and don't let them come over. That is a lot to do but it works. Have fun and remember to annoy them.
Don't lose grass (unless you want to, obviously)
<span style="color:#85D732;">How not to lose grass:

If you don't want to lose grass from your town I have some tips to ensure your town is nice and green (unless you want an interesting desert town).

1. Set down patterns in the form of a path taking you to all important places.

2. Run down this path continuously until, when you take the patterns off, it has removed the grass from beneath the designs.

3. Now, whenever you want to go to places you can simply walk down the paths and not effect the grass.

4. If you intend to do buisness off the path you can walk which shall hopefully make less of an impact on the grass.

I apologise if this cheat has already been submitted.</span>
Don't lose grass (unless you want to, obviously)
<span style="color:#85D732;">How not to lose grass:

If you don't want to lose grass from your town I have some tips to ensure your town is nice and green (unless you want an interesting desert town).

1. Set down patterns in the form of a path taking you to all important places.

2. Run down this path continuously until, when you take the patterns off, it has removed the grass from beneath the designs.

3. Now, whenever you want to go to places you can simply walk down the paths and not effect the grass.

4. If you intend to do buisness off the path you can walk which shall hopefully make less of an impact on the grass.

I apologise if this cheat has already been submitted.</span>
Don't lose grass (unless you want to, obviously)
<span style="color:#85D732;">How not to lose grass:

If you don't want to lose grass from your town I have some tips to ensure your town is nice and green (unless you want an interesting desert town).

1. Set down patterns in the form of a path taking you to all important places.

2. Run down this path continuously until, when you take the patterns off, it has removed the grass from beneath the designs.

3. Now, whenever you want to go to places you can simply walk down the paths and not effect the grass.

4. If you intend to do buisness off the path you can walk which shall hopefully make less of an impact on the grass.

I apologise if this cheat has already been submitted.</span>
Dont let your BFFs move!!
If you dont want your Best friends to move;
talk to them at least 5 times a day
When they tell you what they are into buy them that
always complment them
Never hit them with nets
Just be nice!!!
Dorado Info
A dorado is a uber rare fish that can be caught in the summer. They are found in rivers and can be sold to nook for 15k! (Caught in summer) If you've ever caught an eel you'd know how long an eel is in-game, a dorado is as long as an eel and much wider.

P.S.: On the says of a flea market you can sell a dorado for 30k bells!
DS suitcase, what's that?
So, when I was playing my wii game, and I saw that DS suitcase thing at the beginning, I thought it just meant that you could send over items and Bells from one to the other. Well, it doesn't really mean that. These are any DS-wii interactions I know of:

-Playing with another friend on their wii. YOu use your DS to download your wii data, and then you bring your DS to a friend's house, play around, have your guy go back into the DS, go back home and have your character go back into your wii. I've never done this with a friend, so I'm only guessing. For more details, just check your ACCF handbook thingy that came with the game.
-You can also start a new resident with one from your DS, onto the wii. He'll have some of the catalog items from the DS, and I think any bells he had saved from the last game. The character will still be in the DS, though. Once again, check around in your guidebook for details; I've never done this before.
So you know how every one says that you can have 99,000 bells in 5 or 6 mins, but at the cost of a weedy town? No more of that. If you go to friends town. Drop some bells, and when you come back from their town,booker will talk to you. And at the second sentence, go to the wii menu and reset. When you get back, you'll still have the bells you dropped, and when you go back to your friends town, the bells will be there too. But be sure to ask your friend.
Easier Rock Money
You know how when you smack a rock and money comes out? Well, sometimes you don't get all the money. There is a way to insure that you get every last drop of money out of that rock. There is a total of 8,100 bells in the rocks. If you dig 3 holes horizontally 2 spaces above the rock then you can rebound off the holes and keep hitting the rock. You should get all the money out of the rock if you just keep smacking it.

It's possible to get a total of 16,100 bells, if you get at least 7 "points" of Yellow Feng Shui in your house. Then the next day at 6 am you will be able to get the last bag worth 8,000 bells.
Easy Bug-off win
The most Bug-off's happen in summer. To easily win, go to a summer night before the bug-off. This is the best time to catch bugs. The best thing you can catch is an Oak Silk Moth. It's the largest bug in the game. (I think) Also, if it's day-time, catch a birdwing butterfly. Those are almost as big as the oak silk moths. This will win you the bug-off easily.
Easy Money
First, get the golden shovel.. to do this: bury a normal shovel, and wait 1 day, and dig it up and it will be golden,

Next, Bury a bag of 10,000 bells, and a tree sprout will pop up. wait until it grows, and you will have 3-10,000 bell bags. The more money you bury, the better chance it will have of becoming an actual money tree. For example, burying 90,000 bells is very likely to work. While 10,000 is not.

*****NOTE: This cheat won't always work, because not all trees that you plant will live, so just know you could be risking 10,000 bells. Also, sometimes a tree may grow but no money will come out.*****
Easy Money
On Halloween night at 6:00pm have your pockets full of fruit and one candy *for Jack*. When a player approaches you and says "Trick or Treat" keep pressing the Z button; but only allow this to happen for the number of fruit that you have on you!! The fruit will be turned into Jack In The Box, which you can then sell at Nook's place for a little over $1000 apiece.

You can avoid all the other players *they will run after you and Jack won't, so you will know who is who by that* until your candy has been given to Jack for the Spooky gifts; then start picking the fruit off the trees, or shells off the ground and run into the players and do the Z button trick. Continue to do this until you've run out of fruit and shells, and continue returning to Nook's every time your pockets are full of Jack In the Box *gets 15,465 bells every time*. I know that some flowers can also be turned into Jack In The Box, but some wont...I've no idea about bugs or fish yet <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

I ended up stopping this when Nook's closed at 9:00pm because I had nowhere to put anymore Jack In The Boxes. I ended up with around 300,000 bells <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Easy Nook Points!
1) Time travel, or of course wait, for a Nook Points special.

2) Order loads of expensive (but not too expensive, also) items.

3) You will now have alot of Nook Points.

4) Spend your Nook Points on cool items!

5) Sell the ordered items if you don't want them.

Just remember, this takes quite some time and alot of bells. Don't do this if you don't have many bells.
Easy Quick Money
Follow the below steps to get easy money in 10-15 minutes.

1. Go to Bunny Day (12th April)
2. Dig up eggs
3. Open your eggs, you'll either get a candy or a token
4. Go talk to Zipper (the bunny at the Town Hall) and he'll give you furniture for your tokens
5. Keep the candy for the next part
6. Time travel to Halloween (31st October)
7. Find Jack and give him candy
8. Repeat step 6 until you've no candy left
9. Sell all your furniture that you get from Jack

Just repeat the steps until you have enough money!

Hope I helped!
There's is this one time, that Mabel and nook don't follow you. because they are having what's known as an "episode" if you do these following things:1.Speak to Pelly at least once.
2.Purchase at least one item at Able Sisters.
3.Become friends with Sable. This requires the player to speak to her daily for twelve days.
4.Obtain Nookington's.
5.Purchase at least one item at GracieGrace.
6.Obtain three fashion checks from Gracie. These fashion checks can be either passing or failing.
Then talk to these people in order:1.Speak to Sable and Mabel.
2.Speak to Pelly, Labelle, and Gracie.
3.Speak to Tom Nook.
4.Speak to Mabel.
5.Speak to Tom Nook.
6.Speak to Gracie and Labelle.
7.Speak to Mabel.
8.Speak to Sable.
9.Speak to Labelle.
10.Speak to Mabel.

As you know, The able sisters have another sister , Labelle, but, how did she get there? Why isn't she with her sisters? If any of you guys play acnl, you'd know that Labelle works in the accessory side of the shop, but in accf, she worked with gracie. Now, why would she go from a fashion designer, to her sisters? you won't hear much about this cheat as the other ones, but i'll show you a video.

<iframe width="853" height="510" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Ever wonder why Sable's so unfriendly? This explains it all, with a secret the whole town's in on, but you! So whether you wanna know the truth or not, it's up to you.
Exotic Fruit
To get exotic fruit, send letters saying "plz send fruit" with cheap seashells attatched as gifts to all of your neighbors, and about 1/2 of them will send fruit, usually exotics. Plant fruits, tend them, and you will have orchards full of exotic fruit at 500 bells each instead of local fruit at 100 bells each. You will be able to make money very quickly
Fashion Crisis..."Eek Help Me Out Here!"
Ok you have designed really nice designs and put them on display at Able sisters but you only made new nice designs so you can get the desings already made in the shop designed by someone else-but you dont want to have bad desings in the shop when local town residents come in the shop and think "Wow __________(<--- You name eg Bob)"Wow Bob desinged this he is so slobby and all I mean look at this design whats wrong with him?" and that means your giving able sisters a bad name and they might wear it and look bad in the design. so you design a nice pattern or something and about (hang on a second let me estimate how long it takes) a month later you see 1 neighbour wearing that design and when you speak to them they say "hey! ____ (eg Mandy) you designed this it's really nice and then when that resident speaks to others around town they share the design and more residents now wanting to go in to Able sisters and doing anything FOR YOUR DESIGNS its now not a fashion crisis it's now a fashion miricale!


P.S. sometimes in the city you hear people talking about the famous person who is you and wanting to move to your town because of the fashion and when you exchange designs with friends on the wii and the same will happon again and if you visit that friends town the peolpe who have your design will praise you and sending you letters and wanting to see you more often and if you give the design to someone then they move out of town they still might be wearing your design in the city and then spreading your fashion name!
Fastest bells ever
My sister and I both have this game. Both Wiis are on different dates. My town was on a Sunday AM and Joan was selling her turnips for 100 bells. My sister's Wii was on a different day of the week where Nook was buying them for 500 bells each. I left my gate open and while I would buy 1500 turnips and drop them off at the gate she would come back and forth between towns to sell them in her town. Turnips don't go bad when the Wii's are on different dates and just crossing towns. We made 5,000,000 each once we split the profit in two hours strait from an initial 200,000 bell investment.
Feng Shui and Luck!
Yes! There is feng shui in AC:CF, all you have to do is collect the right stuff! Well here it is!
North: Oranges. Some good things would be the Sunflower and Deluxe Washer.
South: Greens. Some good things would be something from the Green Set and Yoshi's Egg.
East: Yellows. Flowers are good and so is the Gold Lucky Cat.
West: Reds. The Red Clock and Sofa would work good in this place.

Do these but don't forget collect Lucky Cats and Lucky Frogs and whatnot and you'll find you will be richer, find rare fish and bugs and bugs, and get luckier.
Fesival Money WARNING: uses time jumping
First Jump to the festival day (sorry i don't know when it is).Then fill your pockets with fruit except for one slot. Go and play the games with people in your town. If you loose you will only loose a fruit but if you win you will get a piece of candy. Take the piece of candy and put it in your closet at home. DO NOT KEEP THE CANY IN YOUR POCKETS WHEN YOU TALK TO THE NEXT PERSON! If you do and you loose they'll take your candy. If you put it away it will be safe. Do this for all your candy until you can give three pieces of the color Pave wants to him. He will give you Pave furniture which sells for 12,000 bells each. Hope this helped!
Festival Hint
If you want to play games with neighbors to earn candy, remove all items from your pocket and take all money out too. Pick up shells and fruit so when they win they only get one of those!
Festivales Day
When its comes to 23rd February 2009 and it should be Festivales Day. If you go up to the town hall there should be a dancing bird outside go talk to her and she will ask you to bring her three sweets either Red , Yellow , Blue or Green. If you don't have any sweets you can play games with your neighbours and earn some or go to 12th April 2009 and go to Bunny Day and Dig up eggs and some contain sweets then go back to the 23rd Feb and taadah prizes....
Find Jack the Czar of Halloween Easier!!
Everyone on Halloween is wearing the same outfit. Ugh, so how do you know which one is Jack? I trapped everyone of my neighbors in holes. It was challenging because they kept moving around and trying to talk to me. But then they were stuck there for the rest of the night. I went around looking for Jack and found him. I didn't know he would disappear but he did. Glad I Dug holes!! Now, Jack was the only one that wasn't in the holes. It was easy, and i got a lot of furniture!

Warning!!!-One time Jack ended up with a neighbor in the hole trap. I didn't know which one was him, so i guessed. I was wrong and got a pumpkin head. But the other creature was Jack, so i did get candy.

Warning!!!-Nieghbors can still talk to you if you are right beside the holes or in between them.
Finding your neighbor
Don't you hate it when you want to try to find someone but you can't find them because they're unfortunately not at home? Whether it trying to deliver something, reporting something is delivered, or giving them what they need, It's really inconvenient! They also walk really fast, faster than you would think. So if you just head on over to their house, you won't find them.
The best way to solve this problem is by saving and quitting. The you just log on onto your character again, and head on over to their house. If their house is far away, you should probably run. They might go pretty far away. If you're fast enough, you should see them standing right by their house, bringing you no difficulty of finding them.

Really Hope I Helped You Guys Out There! I Love Animal Crossing!
--- L.X.G. <3
Fish list.
Pale Chub
Crucian Carp
Barbel Steed
Popeyed Goldfish
Freshwater Goby

Happy fishing!
Giant Snakehead
Yellow Perch
Black Bass
Pond Smelt
Cherry Salmon
Rainbow Trout
King Salmon
Neon Tetra
Sea Butterfly
Sea Horse
Zebra Turkeyfish
Puffer Fish
Horse Mackerel
Barred Knifejaw
Sea Bass
Red Snapper
Olive Flounder
Football Fish
Blue Marlin
Ocean Sunfish
Hammerhead Shark
If you go to the shore of the beach, and throw your fishing pole,you could get the rare fish instead of boring fish in the river.
Fishing for Shoting Stars
If you hear chiming noises at night or late evening, look to the sky. If you see shoting stars GO FISHING!!!! This has happened to me four times. At first you might only catch the norm., keep fishing. You will catch more high priced fish more often. Extra Hints: make sure you only have your fishingpole in your pockets. You will need the room trust me. Try fishing around the stream opening or the center of the beach and walk softly on the sand.
Fishing tourney and bug-off dates
Here are the fishing tourney dates
3rd Saturday of January and it is a specific fish contest (Silver trophy)
2nd Saturday of February and it is a catch any fish contest(Gold trophy)
3rd Saturday of March and it is a specific fish contest (Silver trophy)
2nd Saturday of April and it is a catch any fish contest (Gold trophy)
3rd Saturday in May and it is a specific fish contest (Silver trophy
2nd Saturday in October and it is a catch any fish contest (Gold trophy)
3rd Saturday in November and it is a specific fish contest (Silver trophy)
3rd Sunday in December and it is a catch any fish contest. (Gold trophy)
Here are all the bug-offs
3rd Saturday in June
3rd Saturday in July
3rd Saturday in August
3rd Saturday in September.
Hope I helped!
Flea Market Fun
1.On the day before flea market fish your hearts out with empty pockets until you have a ton of fish.
2.Write down the cost of each type of fish (The price nook buys them for)
3.Stockpile the fishes in your house. (Preferably in rows with gaps here and there)
4.Skip to the day of the flea market and sell all of the fish DOUBLE of the written price.
Flower picking
Flowers can make a few bells as well. Especially hybrids. Create hybrids by planting flowers of the same type next to each other. The next day or so they may reproduce a new coloured flower.

Foreign Fruits
Tom Nook pays more for exotic fruits. Visit your friends' towns and trade fruit with them, then use a shovel to plant their fruit in your town and grow new types of fruit trees.
Foren Fruit Fun!
Here's how to get lots of money! You can do this every three days. Get foreign fruit by sending shells to your friends, make sure the letter contains 'fruit please' and you might get foreign fruit back. Plant the fruit every few days, then harvest all of the fruit in you town, planting a pocketful of trees. Try getting more fruit and doing the same thing, and you will get a lot of money! I hope this works, I pay off my morgages pretty quickly with this cheat.
go to the museum and talk to the owl and say check a fossil then u get one
hope i helped!
Freak your friends!
If you are a guy and have tried all the possible hairstyles, Harriet the poodle gives you the option of trying a girl's style. Works vice versa. Freaky!
Free Items
Go into the recycling bin during the week and open it.Take what ever you want from it.Items you don't want just sell at Tom Nooks.(This only works during the week)
Friendly Able Sisters
Ok some times you go into able sisters and the sister at the sewing machine (I casnt remember her name) trys to ignore you and if you want her to be friendly just speak to both of them every day and visit their shop regulary and then in no time you have a perfect friendship and then they might tell you their life story and in the shop there is black and white photos on the wall in the top left hand corner of the shop (also explains life story easilier)

Friendly Letters
You can put old furniture or shirts in a letter you send to a town resident (Not future self.) and they might send you a letter with cool furniture. You could even go to Nook's Shop and buy a cool item so you could purchase it from a catalog and you get shop points for it.
Frillard is a frilled lizard that sometimes takes the place of Dr. Shrunk at the city's marquee. You're really in luck when this lizard's about, he can teach you emotions even Dr. Shrunk himself cannot teach!
Fruit Harvesting
Fruit Harvesting is one of the best ways to make money if you have a few fruit trees in your town. You can make a few thousand bells quite quickly by harvesting fruit. You can also find mushrooms growing around your town. These can be sold for a good price.

Fruity flower winter!
If you have loads of fruit ad flowers in your town when it is near winter, sell them or store them in your wardrobes but if you want a bigger collection of flowers, buy them from nook and store them and by the spring, you will have loads of flowers and fruit. If you want more fruit during winter, make a friend change the season to spring, autumn or summer and go between towns taking more fruit that you want, need or just want to sell to nooks you can go to and fro from towns taking fruit or maybe items, flowers and other things! In spring plant then water and enjoy!!!
Remember to ask the friend first!!!!!!
Gain A Lot of Bells
Set the date on Christmas and the time to 8:00, when Jingle comes to town. Find him and answer the questions he asks you, and you will get a Jingle Furniture. Exit the area, change your appearence, and find him again and he will ask you the same questions. You will get another Jingle Furniture. You can sell these at Tom Nook's Store for more than 12,000 Bells. You can repeat this process as many times as you want, and it can help you pay off your debts for the houses.
Get New Neighbors!!!
If youre new in town and you barely have any neighbors, when you go to the city there are about 5 animals there.
If you talk to one like 10 times they might move to your town!
This happened to me with Derwin, Bella and Gigi
Get 1000 bells from your native fruit or pitfall seeds!
First go to halloween day. Do not wear any cloths but wear designs and have nothing in your pockets. Go outside and fill your pockets with your native fruit then walk up to anyone but jack and they will play a trick on you changing one of your fruits in to a jack-in-the-box which sell for 1031 bells each. It also works with pitfall seeds so instead of fruit turn a pitfall seed in to 1000 bells!
Get fully equipped!
It is advisable to have all of the tools in your inventory. You can easily swap between each tools by pressing the arrows on your D pad.

Pressing left or right will swap the item in your hands.
Pressing down will put the item away.
Get more from the Balloon Guy in the city
Ok, This is more of a cheat Then a tip... and theres allot to explain... ok so this is what you NEED TO DO THIS!!!!

You need "The Homebrew Channel" and The Apps on the channel Called Cheat Manager and Gecko OS and A Computer with SD card slot (Oviously xD )

First after getting homebrew (Look it up on google and on the main site for instructions or go to to also download it and get instructions... I kinda can somewhat tell you how to get it... But ITS ALLOT HARD TO EXPLAIN!!! So just Read the intructions) or allready have it... Make sure you have the apps I said about (Download them at or get homebrew browser on and download them Straight to your wii (Recomended) And DONT FORGET TO MAKE AN APPS FOLDER ON THE ROOT OF THE SD CARD AND EXTRACT THE APPS TO THERE , on your SD card make sure you have Folders on your root of the SD card called Txtcodes and Codes, If not Add them to it... Now take the SD card to your computer and Go to on your browser. Then go select NTSC-US ONLY (Only for North amarican games) or Somehow you got a Japanise version of the game then Do NTSC-JP or If your In Europe or somewhere and have the PAL version Then click PAL-EU/AU. Now then you hit the A button (On the site) under it and look for Animal crossing city folk. then click it And right above the cheats there should be a bar thats says Subcatagories: ### and (### Codes) And Next to that is A down arrow with the text txt and Arrow pointing right and Has the text GTC, Click on TXT and click SAVE AS and Name it then Save it in TXTcodes on The SD card after your done Put it in your PC Then load up The SD card and go to the cheat text files... (You dont have to do this, You can just play with the cheats in cheat manager and play the game but if you want to do the balloon man cheat, Then Continue reading this) Click the txt file so it opens note pad and get rid of some of the cloned cheats (The same effect as other ones) and also shorten LONG Named ones to short Named... (NOTE: KEEP THE THINGS AT THE END LIKE THIS [GMO] or something like that) Oh and the reason Im telling you to get Rid of some is cause cheat manager only desplays 46 Pages per TXT file cheat thing... so PICK WISELY and If you screw up, Redownload it and overwrite the old one :3 ... So after doing that, SAVE, SAVE, SAAAAAAVVVVEEEEE (GAWD i sound like ressetti LOL) Insert the SD card into the wii Pull up cheat manager AND click the txt file with the cheats for the game, Hit A on there for the List of Cheats you can select and use Go to the cheat you want to put on the game Press + to add the cheat and press Minus to remove the cheat. Select the one to foward time and go backwards. and hit one and after its done go to gecko OS and Launch the game, Now go to the city and go fowards in time to another day to Meet the ballon man (B+ -> = Bacwards <- is fowards Down is for normal time) and thewre now you get more stuff from him! NOW YOU CAN GET CHEATS FOR GAMES!
Get Nook points fast. (must have White Katana in catalog)
On a nook point special day order White Katanas from the catalog.
A white katana on a point special day is worth 1,840 NP.
I got everything using this method in 2 days.
Getting Grass Back Tip
You know how your grass gets worn down after you run on it a lot? Do you want to grow it back pretty easily? I figured out how to make the grass grow back pretty quickly and here is how: Plant flowers (Best to use Gold Roses since they don't wilt) where the grass is worn down and time travel one day ahead at a time. This will grow your grass back quickly, the only downside is that you will get some weeds not many though. If you time travel more then one day at a time it won't work for some reason. Planting trees and flowers where the grass is worn down will help it grow faster, If you don't have anything planted there it will still grow back just much slower.
Gettinig rid of un-liked naboirs.
Be mean to someone you do not like in the game.Right mean things about them on the board.Trap them in a corner, dig holes around them, put a pitful seed in one hole.they will ealk over it.Burry a pitful seed and pussh them into it.Sooner or later they will move.
Grow a tree in a day
To grow a tree in a day just go outside and plant any kind of tree. After that save and quit, then change the date more then 4 days ago. Start and play the game. Do that again but change the date to the regular date. There you go a tree in a day.
guaranteed Trees
If You get a fruit thats not "Native" 22 your town and you want 2 plant it for more of that fruit but are afraid of that tree dying then all you have 2 do is take an axe and cut down a tree that you do not want and take a shovel and dig out the stump but DONT FILL IN THE HOLE!!!!! put the fruit you want and burry it and bang a new tree in a matter of days (4) i think!
Guaranteed Tree!
Sometimes when you;r picking weeds you'll run across a four-leaf clover. You can place the clover next to any tree you plant and it will always grow! This is especially useful when you just received a new fruit and don't want to risk the seedling dying.
Gyroid Storage!
WARNING: This only works if you got coffee from him a few times! Just keep drinking up some coffee and keep talking to him to see if he asks you about the Gyroid!
Don't have much room to store your Gyroids in? Well Brewster can help!
Go talk to Brewster. (He is in the museum down in the Coffee place).
Talk to him and if you brung a Gyroid along with you he notice that and ask you if he could store it for you. Just choose whatever Gyroid you want to store and he will keep it safe in storage. You can come back anytime and talk to him to get the Gyroid back. (Any Gyroid is acceptable and no payment is needed...well only if you want coffee). >_>
Here are some tips on how to get that hairdo you want. There are tons more- help us out and post them!

For a brown twisty bun,answer the poodle's questions with these responses:

Something warm!

For semi-straight brown hair, answer like this:

That's the idea!
Something warm!

For a brown ponytail:

Not at all!
Going out!
Something warm!

Hope these help someone! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
This is a simple cheat for different hair styles. To get your hairstyles changed go to the city and ask for a new hairstyle at "Shampoodle"

For a brown bun:

Grown up
Something warm

For Blonde Bun:

Grown up
Something warm
Light hearted

For a Brown pony tail:

Not at all
going out
Something warm

For a Blonde pony tail:

Not at all
going out
something warm
Light hearted

For Brown semi straight hair:

Grown up
Thats the idea
Something warm

For Blonde semi straight hair:

Grown up
Thats the idea
somthing warm
Light hearted

For brown Parted hair:

Grown up
To Receive
Something warm

For Blonde parted hair:

Grown up
To Receive
Something warm
Light hearted

I Hope my tip worked for you
Plus I also hope you
like all of theese hair styles!
Hide & Seek
So I was just walking around one day and I saw Mitzi, so I started to talk to her and she said we should play hide and seek.She got three other people in town and we started playing.She said if I could find them all in ten minutes, I would get a prize. The next day in my mail she had sent me one.Hide and seek is fun and you should try it
How To Be A Great Resident Or in other words Checklist!

Ok, so you're running low on bells, you HRA pints are awful and your neighbours hate you. Here's a checklist to get by all of these:

1. Earn 10,000 (or more) bells a day by selling fruit.
2. Catch 10 fish and sell them.
3. Catch 5 bugs and sell them (in winter, catch 5 more fish)
4. Dig up 5 cracks and sell contents.
5. Water wilting flowers and plant 5 or more flowers and 1 tree.
6. Talk to all neighbours 5 times.
7. Write a letter to all neighbours and attach gift.
8. Sell shells.
9. Rearrange your furniture but don't change it.
10. Pay half of the money of your mortgage.

Do this for a couple of weeks and your town will flourish. You're enviroment comments will be excellent, you will be rich, the HRA will love you and everyone in town will be your BFF!

How to Build a Snowman
You can only build a snowman when there is snow on the ground from December to February. First, locate both snowballs hidden somewhere in your village. Roll one of the snowballs to the location of the other one (this one will probably be the bottom because you have rolled it and gotten it big.) Then, make the second snowball so that it is only slightly smaller than the other snowball. Finally, roll the second, smaller snowball into the first ( the snowman will come alive.)

Hint **If you accidentally let one snowball go into the river or the ocean or something, don't worry, BOTH snowballs will reset themselves in different parts of the village. Also, the snowballs will only get bigger if you roll them in snow so if you don't want it to grow then roll it on dry ground.

Remember **The snowman will only send you furniture if your proportions are exact so don't make the head too big or the body too small. Also, remember that you can only make one snowman a day.

How to catch...the deadly Bee!
When your out and about, shaking trees and what have ya...a bee's nest plops out...your thinking..ahhh! But don't run inside, all you have to do is just keep your net in your pockets out of all the equipment, and put the rest in letters or at home. Run a few steps then press the side button on your wii remote and wait 1 or 2 seconds, it depends how far away you are. You have to be precise in catching it, try to face diagonal towards the screen, or the other way, it depends what way the bee's come out. Then swing! You may get stung once or twice before you finally catch one, when you do, the rest of the bee's just dissapear, and its very useful to catch a bee because that goes towards your bug encyclopedia- one step closer to that beautiful golden net! I hope this works for you! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> Oh, and if anyone has any tips on how to catch a scorpion in summer, just create a cheat please, just call me juicylucy- don't ask. Lol. Thankyou!
How to easily get $100,000+ bells!
To do this on a fleamarket day in summer it is very good if it is raining do it at 4:00 P.M so start catching dorados, sharks, and coelacanth take all your stuff in your house and put the stuff either in a storage furniture or drop it outside and then put your coelacanth, dorados, and sharks (note you should catch some barred knifejaws and red snappers too.)and all your other things that you want to sell in your house and you can sell them for twice the price that tom nook gives you (for example sell a dorado, shark, or coelacanth for 30,000.) I hope this helps! (Note it also works on the DS version.)
How to find jack on Halloween.
You know if you walk near someone they turn and look at you?Well Jack dosn't.If you talk to him, give him candy, then he will give you an item.
How to get 150k bells (150,000)
I have done this cheat so many times!

1. Before you log into AC, go on Settings and change the date to 09/03/2000.

2. Go onto AC and put 50,000 bells into the bank (deposit). Then save the game.

3. When your are back on the Wii menu, go on settings and change the date to 09/03/2035. Then go back on AC.

4. You should have a letter from the bank saying that 99,999 bells have been added to your account and that add 50k means 149,999, which is close to 150k.

FACT: If this is the first time of using this cheat, you will also be awarded a shopping card. If its the second a tissue box, 3rd etc. I think someone put in a bank unlockables cheat so look at that to see what you can get!

You can do this cheat over and over again! But you must have 50k bells and you must change the dates.
How to get 99,999 bells in just a few minutes for free!
Okay, So to use this cheat you need at least 100,000 bells in your bank account, it may work with less money but you will not get 99,999 bells you will get alot less.
To get your initial 100,000 bells you can:
sell fruit to Tom Nook,
sell shells to Tom Nook,
catch fish and sell them to Tom Nook,
catch bugs and sell them to Tom Nook,
dig up fossils take them to blathers and say 'check a fossil' them give him the fossil if he askes you to donate it to the museum say 'give it back' then sell them to Tom Nook,
dig up Gyroids and sell them to Tom Nook.
n.b.native fruit (the friut that grows naturally in your town are worth 100 bells each, other fruit and coconuts are worth 500 bells each)

1. once you have at least 100,000 bells in your bank account, save and quit.
2. in the wii menu click 'wii' in the bottom left corner then clich 'settings' then click 'calander' then click 'date' then change the wii year to 2035 then exit out of the wii settings and go back into animal crossing,
3. load up your character and check your mail.
4. you should have recieved a letter from 'bell point notice' open it and it will say that you have earned 99,999 bells of interest in your account
5. save and quit go back into the wii settings and change the wii year back to the real year
6. go back into animal crossing and read your mail again
7. save and quit

repeat steps 2-7 to get another 99.999 and so on.

How to get a coelacanth
Ok start walking around by the ocean when it is raining at 4:00 P.M - 9:00 A.M when you find a gigantic fish catch it it is most chance it will be a sea bass but fish for about 1 hour and you'll find one. If you do find one donate it IMMEDIATELY to the museum and you'll find coelacanth more often!
How to get a throne
Y'know that lion Elvis? If he moves into your town, go to his house. He should have 2 thrones. Once you talk to him after a while, he just might ask you for something. Wheather it's fish or bugs, it doesn't matter. If you keep on giving him stuff, he might toss one of his thrones into the recycle bin. Get it, and you can sell it for, like, 300,000 bells! When it happened to me, I payed off my 248,000 bell loan.
how to get all mush furniture and some money too
go around your town every day at about 3:00pm and you will find some mushrooms in front of the trees.
if you pick them up 1 everyday will be a piece of mush furniture.
plus you can sell the mushrooms at tom nooks for a good price.
If you want different fruit, you have to mail a few people in your town sea shells. Then when its the next day check you mail, and some people will have gaven you fruit that you dont have in your town. Trust my this really works!!

Just keep in mind not ALL people in your town will have gaven you different fruit!!!!!!

Hope this works!!! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
How to get easy pitfall seeds!
When you go to Lost & Found, sometimes there might be a few pitfall seeds there!
How to get into Redd's shop.
On any random day, one of the animals, (when you talk to them) will say something like: "Hey, you know Redd's shop, well I got an invitation, you want it?" Say yes and then go to Redd's, you can now get into Redd's!
How to get prizes for saving money
So, I think, you can just take out out money and put it back in. Ex: If I have 500,000. I can put it in the ABD and take it out. Then I put it back in, I'll have "saved" 1,000,000 bells and so on.
How to Get the Complete Snowman Furniture Set
After building a lot of "duds", I looked for some way to consistently make a perfect Snowman, each and every time. So I began counting how many steps/ paces forward I took, while rolling each half of the body, and this is what I found (note: counting actually begins after you start pushing the snowball with your hands):

The Bottom Half:
I'm almost sure there is a limit to how big a snowball can ever get (so don't stress over making it too big)--nevertheless, I found that after approx. 70 paces, the snowman base (the bigger half) was complete.

The Top Half:
This is the half of the body that must be more precise. I've noticed that if the head is approx. 2/3 the size of the body, you're Snowman is a success... about 40 steps has been pretty reliable for me, so far (I've acquired the entire Snowman set using this method, so it's certainly worth trying!).

Note: I always scope out where each snowball is first, before I begin rolling them around (so I don't ever have to make size adjustments to the top half later on, or lose count of my steps). I also try to choose the widest, snowiest, most open location for the job (mostly because I have a short attention span, and will otherwise forget where one of them is!). However, if you DO make the second half too big, just roll it over a non-snowy surface, until it's the right size (you might be better off destroying the "bad half", and starting over again with a freshly spawned snowball).

You only have three months to build 12 perfect specimens, and just one shot at it per day, so having a consistent method can save you a lot of frustration. And if you are really good, you can easily exceed this number, and make a ton of bells by selling the extra furniture at Nooks, or even at auction.

Hope this helps!
How to Grow Money Trees
On the game you'll need:

1 axe (preferably silver/gold but normal will work)
1 shovel (gold)
10,000G or more
A worthless tree (No fruit trees)

What you do is you get your axe out, go to a worthless tree, and chop it down. All you have left is a stump. Dig the stump up. Now you have a hole dug where the tree used to be. Bury the money the your golden shovel and watch the tree grow!

Now, keep in mind this WILL NOT always work. Sometimes your tree will grow, but it will not bear any money. But if you want to increase your chances, bury more money! It's rumored that it works somewhat like this: 10,000G = 10% chance, 50,000G = 50% chance, etc.
How to Make a Profit on Flea Markets
On days when there are flea markets, put everything worth selling in front of the door, so you don't have to put everything away. Second, know how much everything sells for at Nook's. Then when someone comes and asks to buy something, multiply the amount it sold for at Nook's by 2.5, and sell it! For example, A hammerhead sells for 8,000. Muliply it by 2.5 to get 20,000. Sell for 20,000! The neighbors will almost always accept it for this method. Hope that I could help!
how to make hundreds of thousands of bells
WARNING- plenty of time traveling

1. time travel to Bunny Day (look up the dates for each year)
2. dig up bunny eggs and open them
3. if an egg contains candy, save the candy in your house for part two.
How to trick your neighbors on halloween
If you keep on bumbing into your neighbors on halloween when your trying to find jack? It's annoying that if you don't give them candy the steal a piece and give you a jack in the box. heres how to trick you neighbors:
1. Take off all head gear and replace you cloths for patterns and put it in your house. That way you don't loose you cloths when you get a pumkin head or the patched up shirt (note: not everyone get the shirt)
2. Put all you candy in your mail.
3. empty your pockets exept keep 1 tool in your hands like the sling shot just in case.
4. fill your pocket (put leave 1 space) full of pit fall seeds which are worth nothing (from lost and found)
5. go out neighbors run towards you but don't run let them and then say no they get mad and turn a pitfall seed into a jack-in-the-box which you can sell or keep for about 8,000 HRA points. Now your candy is safe!
6. when you find jack (he won't run twors you) don't talk to him take a piece of cand from a letter and put it in your pockets now go and give it to him he gives you spooky furniture that you can selll for a lot or keep
as soon as you get it put it in your mail so no one steals it.
This gets you alot of money and it's funny to trick your neighbors!
How To: Ants
Before the cheat, this was submitted by LucasLucas, NOT anyone else. To get ants, first get any type of net. Secondly, drop a piece of candy anywhere. Thirdly save, and go back on. Finally, get your net out, go to the candy, and catch the ants!

My sister Maia dropped the candy, then I did the part marked 'Finally,', so thank you Maia!<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /><img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
A good way to get Hybrids is by planting the two same types of flowers DIAGNOLLY from each other. that gives it more possible outcomes.
In Desperate Need of Bells?
If you're like me and struggling to pay off your debts, I suggest that you dig up all the fossils you can find and get it checked at the museum. After that the Owl dude will ask you to keep it. If you want to be a good samaritan then by all means give it to him. But if you really need the money, I suggest you tell him to give it back and then take it to Nook and sell it. He gives pretty good offers for something you dug up from the ground.
Infinite Mask
After visiting Shampoodles in the City,

you will have a free Mii mask.

However, to change your mask to another Mii,

you must pay.

Not any more! My wife discovered the Infinite Mask trick!

Simply go into your Mii Chanel and EDIT the Mii

that you chose to wear as a mask!

The changes you make to that Mii will appear on your Mask

in City Folk next time you play!

(Just do not delete that Mii, of course).
It's Style time!
Are you always getting confused with hair colours?
you read tips on your computer you want to try them out.
So then you go on to your game switch the machine on put the disc in get it set up start the game get in to the city ask Hariiet for what hair style you want then colour then...By this time you will have forgot so you try sneek quickly back on the computer but a family member is on it

So,Here are some ways of remembering one of the two most commonly used Hair Colours in the section of warm

Blonde is Light hearted:
I'm very fond of the colour Blonde,
And to get you started the word is light hearted!

Brown is safe:
Turn that frown upside down then you will have a happy face,
Turn that frow upside down & remember that brown is safe
Items and how to maximize your living space
Some pieces of furniture let you stack items on top, such as tables. This is a good way to maximize your living space. Other pieces of furniture let you store items inside, such as cabinets and dressers. Most items can be used in some way. Walk up to them, press A, and see what happens!
Jackob's Latter
You can get Jackob's Latter randomly, when you have a perfect town.
Jingle furniture can be rewarding
Got any Jingle Furniture lying around that you don't need, Well Tom Nook is a fan off this furniture, for one piece you get 12,880 bells. So start selling
K.K Slider
Catch K.K slider in the Roost on Saturday nights to listen to one of his songs. You can still request songs and once he is finished, you can take a tape given to you, to play it in your house.
Llyod the Gyroid
If you go to the auction house in the city, you can meet Lloyd, the Gyroid who runs the Auctions. If you talk to him, you can then use him as storage for items which can also be accessed in your cabinets at home.

This is handy when buying things in the city, or when your pockets are full.
Lost and Found
As always, the lost and found is there for you to "recollect" lost items. Check in regularly to get items otherwise other people will take them.
Lost Key
By now, you may have come across a resident saying that s/he have lost a key to their house. Depending on where they say they lost it, shake the trees in that area, fish in that area and have a little dig around.

Making Bells Fast!
Yes, you can make bells fast in this game!


1. Put 50,000 bells in the deposit inside of Town Hall
2. Save + Quit
3. On your Wii, change the date to 12 years ahead
4. When you start the game, you will have almost or more than double of what you had (100,000+ bells)
5. Repeat all steps to continue gaining bells!

<span class="wikilists">
  • Be aware that this may cause neighbors to dislike you/move away, tons of unwanted weeds to grow, or other time traveling side effects.</li>
</span><!-- wikilists -->
Making Money I
Fishing is a great way to make money fast. You can hold a great amount of fish in your inventory. You can catch fish in the rivers,ponds and the sea around your town. You can also go fishing off the top of cliffs into rivers below.
Making More Money
Bug hunting is another great way to earn a few bells. Bugs can be found on trees, flying around, on the ground, on plants and underground. All you need is your net and a keen eye and you'll have no problem catching a few bugs.

Press plus to get to the town map as a quicker way.
Mario Set
You can obtain the Mario set of furniture by shooting down balloons and a piece of the Mario set may be inside the present.
Medicine-Free Bee Revival
You will need a Mii Mask, obtainable by visiting the parlor and doing the complete makeover to a Mii. Go to designs and take off your Mii Mask for now. Go ahead and do the shakey-shakey and get everything out of the trees in town. You will get stung by bees. Doesn't matter. Once your done shaking every tree in town, put your Mii Mask back on and your bad eye is gone.
Millionaire in a month
This will be described in steps. This will help if you want the very expensive gracie grace furniture or want to pay off a loan.
Step 1: (note: you will need to have created 4 residents to live in the houses provided, plus they will need a shovel! Make sure you have completed the jobs from tom nook first!) Go round the four characters and find the money rock for each of them (yes! 4 money rocks!) which from each rock you will get 8100 bells. In a day, you will recieve 8100 x 4= 32,400.
Step 2: Get the four money rocks each day for 7 days and you will get 226,800 in a week! Plus, buy a red turnip from joan on a sunday morning and take care of it for a week and you will get 16,000 bells if you sell it on saturday.
Step 3: Do this procedure for 5 weeks running, saving every bell you make and you will get 1214000 bells! Ok, so 5 weeks is a bit over a month, but still! Now use the money wisely, and you may even get more if you sell fruit and fossils, fish e.c.t. - Good Money making luck!
Money and Fast!!!
If you collect all the fruit in your town and sell it, you'll get about 13,000 dollars, and if you find a coconut, you'll have even more money!!!
Note:You have to wait a 1 or 2 days before it comes back!!!!
P.S. I use this all the time before I go to the City!

Money and good town
I did this on the DS version and it works the same principle in this game.
1st. You need a friend who has the game and is willing to restsrt his town all the time (or hav more than one friend)
2nd. Take the fruit from your friends town (providing its different than your fruit) Then cut down a big are of trees in a part of your town (start in a top corner and count a 16 by 16 grid, easiest way is dig 16 holes in a row) and in this box neatly plant your fruit (1 kind of fruit) so it creates a nice Orchard.
3rd. Do this for all the fruits ( have more than 1 Orchard of each fruit)

Now the explaining part:
To get a perfect town you need to have a certain amount of trees in an area (16 by 16 grid if its the same as the DS)(i think its 9 to 12 trees) and you also need 3 or more flowers and no weeds of wilting flowers. but you need your entire town done like that. thats how you get the golden watering can!
Now that you have all or some different fruit sell it all and you will make about 200,000 in an hour, then time travel 2 - 3 days so the fruit grows back and sell it again.

Hope this helps cause me and my mates did it and now we're filthy rich (in bells of course)
Money from Jingle
Go to 24th December and find Jingle(a reindeer in a santa outfit)and talk to him. Which ever answer you choose you'll get a piece of jingle furniture. Run off and change your appearence find him and he might not reconise you and will give you another piece of furniture. each piece of furiture sells for 12,000 bells each.
Money Rock
ok you know how to get money from a rock but you dont get that third bag of bells? well dont dig the hole on the right and you'll get three bells! good luck!
Money rocks for year
ok if you just do the rock for i year dont buy anything from people in ur town and dont buy or sell anything do the rock 4 1 year and u will get

If you get 4,100 bells you will get a year 2,956,500.

If you get 8,100 bells you will get a year 14,965,000
Money Tree
Okay,everyone has tried to plant a money tree,right?Well,some of them probably failed.Am I right?Well,here is almost sure way for it to work.Find a lucky clover from the patches and before you plant the tree.(You have to plant the clover right next to the tree.)You just have to water the tree every day or else it will dissapear and you will have wasted 10,000+ Bells.(You have to bury the bells with a Golden Shovel.To get it,bury a shovel,wait a few days,then dig it back up.)
Money tree accuracy!
If you want to only bury 10,000 bells for a money tree and want it to definitely grow, follow these steps!

1. use an axe (gold or silver but normal will do) and chop down a tree, dig up the stump but don't seal the whole.

2.Get a bag of money (any amount but 10,000 will do) and bury it in the whole.

3. Place a lucky clover next to the tree and wait til it grows. It is a 99.9% chance of it working this way. Guess what? After this, money will grow on that tree.
Money-making Fruit Trees
You Need:
-a Fruit that DOESN'T grow in your town

1.Find Fruit Tree
2.Cut it down
3.Dig out Stump
4.Stand in front of hole
5.Open Pocket
6.Select bury on Fruit

Wait till the tree grows your new fruit then harvest it. Repeat all steps. Sell fruit for more money than original fruit.
If you want tons of money read this
when you start your game go to other things and change the date to halloweennow when you start the game put on a shirt that is worth almost nothing i.e. work uniform. Now that you have changed you shirt fill your pockets with fruits from you town or stuff that worth nothing. now go outside and when someone asks you for candy say no and they will change your head to a pumpkin. dont worry it acts like a helm so you can take it off and keep time someone asks say no and they will ruin your shirt. k now is where the money come in. now every time you say no when someone asks for money. they will change something in your inventory into a jack in the box. now go to tom nooks store and sell your jack in the boxs. they sell for 1000 bells each. and since the trick or treaters only tranform at worthless item it is pure profit.
hope i helped :]
More Bag Space
Give yourself more bag space by writing letters to yourself, but not sending them. You can then put items up there like fruit, furniture, and your tools while walking around town. When you get to Nook's, remove the items from the letters and sell what you want. I personally use 9 which allows for easy fruit gathering with 15 slots in the bags, but you can use however many you want. Letters are so cheap that if I get a lot of mail I throw them away so I can read my mail, then buy new ones, but most times, I'll just read my mail one at a time.

This allows me to bring in 3 more trees at a time and when I'm harvesting non-native fruit, that's 500 bells a pop allowing for much faster fruit harvesting!
More easy bells
Every day if you go down to the beach and walk around you will see sea shells. If you pick them up you can sell them to Nook for easy bells. Its much easier than fruit harvesting because every few minutes or so, more shells will appear on the shoreline.
Multiple Jingle Gifts
O.K. just to be clear for everyone.
Jingle comes late Christmas Eve from 8:00P.M. to midnight (12:00A.M.)

Important: He will give you one present depending on the accessories or hats you have on at the time of meeting him.

1.Go find Jingle on the 24th without anything on except your shirt.
2.After you get the present go inside a house, museum, whatever and put on 1 of either a hat or accessory.
3.Walk back out and find Jingle again, he will say that he thought he saw someone like you before and will proceed with the interrogation of what you like again so he can make up his mind on what kind of gift to give you.
4.Repeat this method as many times as you like or until you get every piece of furniture.
5.If Jingle happens to dissapear during this, don't panic.
6.Save your game.
7.Rewind time back 1 day.
8.Load your character up so it registers the day change.
9.Save again and fast forward back to the 24th.
10.And repeat steps 1-3 as desired.

I hope this helps everyone!!!

Mush Furniture
For all the days in November one of the mushrooms on the ground will no be a mushroom it will be a piece of Mush Furniture here are all the pieces you can collect

Mushroom Bed
Mushroom Dresser
Mushroom Closet
Mushroom Chair
Mushroom Stool
Mushroom Table
Mushroom End Table
Mushroom Lamp
Mushroom Stand
Mushroom TV
Forest Wall
Forest Floor
Here are the mushrooms that you can pick and sell.

Flat Mushroom: 200 bells
Skinny Mushroom: 300 bells
Elegant/Fancy Mushroom: 10,000 bells
Round Mushroom: 200 bells
Nice Ways To Get Bells
•Sell Fruit, fish, Bugs, Flowers
•Sell furniture on Flea Market Day
•Sell mushrooms (Only Applicable During November)
•Sell fossils (You don't have to donate them to the museum)
•Collect and sell sea shells (Keep Scallops for Pascal, he gives you a rare item for them and sell it)
•Let the animals turn your Garbage (Pitfalls, cans, tires, boots, etc.) into Jack in the boxs on Halloween and sell them
•Deposit money in the bank and wait until the next month (or time travel), you get interest on your bells
•Shake Trees for 100 bells and an item each day (be wary of hives, bees will sting you unless you run in a nearby building or catch them)
•Cross breeding flowers (If you have the patience and a watering can)
•Collect Event furniture and sell it to Tom (Harvest, Mush, Easter etc.)

Hoped I helped!
<img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" /> :3
No Snow!
Everyone knows snow is on the ground in winter, and not in all the other seasons. But when does the snow melt?

The snow leaves the ground on feb. 25.
at least that's when it left in my game.
Nook's Exchange Prizes
An easy way to get the exchange prizes is to of course find out the day of the 5 point special where every item will be 5x more.

Ex: 2,243 bells is 22 points, and times that by 5 you will get that amount of points.

This makes it easier to get the items you want. If you run out of items to buy in the store, just keep ordering from the catalog. This will get you more points to buy your 'exchange present'.

Here are some of the items:
Peach's Parasol
Toads Hat
Bad Bro Stache
Mario Kart
Yoshi's Egg
Samus's Helmet, Hero Cap (comes with Link's hair ^^ )
Samus's clothes, Hero Clothes
Midna's mask
Yoshi's egg
Theres more than these, these are the ones that I can think of. This will take a lot of bells but there really cool to have in a house (prefurrably a Nintendo room or Mario Room).

Hope this helped ^0^
Nook's Mistake / Free Paper
At the beginning of the game/file when Nook asks u to write a letter to
(fill in name here) u just keep asking him and he'll just keep giving u more packs(1) of "notebook paper". This is great for new people and helps a lot because 1)it free and 2) u get to cheat Nook out of something!!!
Nooks Points
if you time travel and visit nooks point tracker a lot you will unlock more prizes. if you want to sell the prizes they are worth a lot!

hope this helps <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Oh no grow more!!
When it rains non stop for more tthan one day, most of your flowers will dissapear-they probly willl have died but to get them back, you need to spend at nooks so always keep a little cash in your pocket on a rainy day.

Hope you now know about the flowers!!
For peacock butterflies you NEED crossbredded flowers. NOT ORANGE NOR PINK NOR GOLD. for crossbreeding i suggest planting them diagonally. make sur they`re the same brand. ex.(pansies, tulip, etc.)
white+white each make a dark color

remember it will take weeks, peacocks only come out in spring(not march)
always water the flowers, keep crossbreeds in th house, they can`t wilt there.

your welcome
perfect town.
I accidentally found my town with a perfect rating.Just make sure you don't have too much greenery,doesn't matter if they say you have too little.Just keep planting flowers every day in different places,as they do NOT make it so there's too much greenery.I found this out when I wasn't even trying to get a perfect town,I just plant 12 flowers every day and keep them watered.
Pirate Ship Furniture Set
If you see Pascal in your town talk to him and give him a scallop and you will receive part of the Pirate Ship Set. However make sure you are carrying the scallop or he will swim away.

Sea View Wallpaper
Ship Cannon
Ship Compass
Ship Deck Flooring
quick money
go to 12/4 and dig up all the eggs in town and sell the egg items then time travel to 13/4 by going to other things then set time/date on the main menu screen then go back to 12/4 and dig up the eggs and keep doing this untill you get as much money as you want.

note:you get about 45.000 bells each time
Quick Money Tips
Fruit Reproduction:
You can make a lot of money by foreign fruit reproduction! Get a fruit from your friend's town that is not the same as yours. Plant it, and for every day for 15 days, plant all of the fruits which multiply off it. By the end, you should have over 150 of those fruit trees in your town! That's about 450 pieces of your foreign fruit! Each piece is worth 500 bells, so you can make A LOT of bells (250,000+) every few days!

Fishing Trick
In the summers, if you fish near the beach, you have a good chance of catching rare expensive fish like the Barred Knife Jaw, which can give you more than 4000 bells!
Rainbow Stag Beetles = Extra Bells
I have found that during the month of july there seems to be a lot of rainbow stag beetles, or atleast in my town there has been a lot, and I don't catch them to sell them but I know they sell for 10,000 bells each. For those of you who are in need of some bells or could just use some extra bells go to june and catch some rainbow stags! I time travel so thats how I got to june and thats what you guys would have to do unless you want to wait a couple months <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />.

Also one more thing, try to set the time for anything after 7:30-8:00 cause thats when Ive seen most of the rainbow stag beetles.
Ranch Series
a list of wear to get ranch items----i have the prima guide---i got the game today--

tea table-nook
hutch?-nook(spotlight item)
Redd Makes Me Blow my Top!
Counterfiet paintings from Redd's?

A good way to tell if your painting is counterfeit is to check the catalog at Nook's. If it's not listed, sell it to Nook for some cash! Otherwise, if you have already shown it to Blathers and he said it was fake, Nook wont buy it... Sometimes Redd will say how it was so hard to get the painting and he's "saving it for a special cousin." Usually that means it's fake, but I'm not 100% sure, sorry. I hoped this helped, though!
Redd's shop
From what I heard, some of the paintings you can get from Redd are counterfeit, but the furniture is real. Talk to people around town, and sometimes they complain about that.
Resetti Surveillance Center
If you're very lucky, you can sometimes visit the Resetti Surveillance Center. Grab a ride to the city and when you get off of the bus, dash to the right to find a pair of orange construction cones in front of a small tunnel. Usually you cannot enter because of the cones, but check here every evening after 8:00pm and the cones might be pushed aside, allowing you to enter. Explore around and who knows what you might find!
If you have a very empty room and it needs filling up, follow this checklist daily to make your room shine!

.Send letters with old presents to people and receive furniture (doesn't always work)
.Visit the lost and found for furniture.
.Check the recycling bin often.
.Visit Nooks to see if he has any good furniture to sell.
.Swap old items if it is for furniture.
.Help people out and receive furniture.
.Days when you can receive furniture eg: Christmas and easter)
.Find mush and snowman furniture!
save a ton of time watering - works great if you're wanting hybrids!
Planting in an "X" pattern works great for producing hybrids. If you have a hybrid that you are trying to produce more of, place it in the center of the "X" and at the tips of the "X" place flowers that produce that type of hybrid. Here's an example were F = flower and S = space

F S F here's the awesome part, you only have to water the center flower in the "X" this also works for an "H" or a whole square of flowers (watering exactly on the center flower will water all 9 flowers) I've done this for a couple months. I've even purposely skipped watering some of the squares to test if watering only the center will revive the wilted flowers. I haven't lost a flower yet and I have a ton hybrids. You can apply this to long rows of flowers say going from North to South and only water on one side of the row. This is great for places where u want the flowers to aide in the regrowth of grass!! Then you only have to walk on it minimally to water all the flowers!

Save Surgery
Hey! if you have a habit of shaking trees for money/objects for your house, nothing is worse then finding you've shaken a wasp's nest! You then get stung and look like a killer monster alien from out of space! Worry no more, if you save and come back on you no longer have a sting on your face!(I've only tried this on wild world so I'm not sure that it will work on AC:CF)
Scorpion and Tarantula
The scorpion and tarantula are annoying, because when you take out your net, they chase you until they sting you. Well, there is a solution the works perfectly if they are along the coastline. Find one, go in a straight line right or left and take out your net. They will come after you. Just catch it while it wants to ram you.

Here's a map: N=net s/t=scorpion or tarantula
s/t you
s/t you with net
s/t-> you with net
s/t-> nn
Select Your Native Fruit at the Start Of New City
If you are starting a new city, you can choose the fruit that is native to your city.

At the "Animal Crossing: City Folk" title screen, the camera will follow a resident around your potential city. If you see the fruit you like in the trees, start the game. Otherwise, reset the Wii and repeat until you see the fruit you want.

I believe this also works with the resident the camera follows around, so if you want a particular resident in your town at startup, the same trick should work.

Shaking Trees
Meet a tree? Grab it and shake it to see what falls out. You might find some free Bells or even a whole piece of furniture if you get lucky! Fruit trees are surefire moneymakers: shake them to make their fruit fall, then sell that fruit to Tom.
In your town in spring time you can find patches of clovers that you can pick. If it is not a four leaf clover, then they just disappear. If, however, you are lucky enough to find a Four leaf clover, you will get to keep it. You can either put it in your hair or room. If you put it in your room it will look like a book with a four leaf clover in it. This gives you 7,777 Happy Room Academy points.
when it is snowing look around every day you will find two snowballs on the ground. take one ball and roll it around in the snow and make it quite big. while making the other a lot smaller. then you push the small one into the big one and you have made a snowman. if he likes the way you built him he mail you some snowman furniture.

if you accidentally make one of them too big just roll it around in the mud until it is the size you want
Spoild Turnips
this happened to my dad he plays animal crossing city folk and he got 90 turnips on sunday and i went forward in time to see what nooks we got and his turnips spoild.(i had nookingtons and got noook n go back)
Spoiled Turnips
Don't you HATE when your turnips get spoiled? Well here's a way to actually get something good out of it!

1) Drop the turnip somewhere you'll find it, like near your house.
2) go in your house or something.
3) after a couple of min., go back. There should be ants crawling all over it.
4) now get your net out and swipe at the turnip. You should have caught an ant.
5) if you haven't already, donate it to the museum. If you have, then sell it!!
6) WARNING: the spoiled turnip will only last for one day.
Spooky Set
Every Halloween Jack will appear at your town from 6pm onwards. Even though all your villagers dress up like him, you will know which one is him because he will not follow you around. Give him a piece of candy for one of the following items from the Spooky set:

Spooky Bed
Spooky Bookcase
Spooky Carpet
Spooky Chair
Spooky Clock
Spooky Dresser
Spooky Lamp
Spooky Sofa
Spooky Table
Spooky Vanity
Spooky Wall
Spooky Wardrobe
Steal presents from neighbors!
Warning!-can ruin friendships!
When an animal from your town asks you to do a favor for him, if you don't want to except anyways then you can open the present, and you got free stuff!
Stop wasting your candy
Don't you hate when you run into one of your neighbors on Halloween, and you have to give them your candy? Well, to stop having that happen, refuse the first 2 times. They should give you a pumpkin head and a moldy or patched shirt. Then if you refuse again, they will replace one of your pieces of candy with a jack-in-the-box. Don't do that. Take off the pumpkin head, and if you refuse again, they'll just give you another pumpkin head. When your pockets fill up with pumpkin heads, sell them. Tom Nook won't buy them, but he takes them off your hands. This will save you more candy to give to Jack, and get you some serious money.
Summer Fishing:
If you fish in the evening perhaps around 7pm from late July to early August you have a chance of finding some of the rarest fish in the sea.
Tom Nook will pay a pretty penny for these and they include:

Hammerhead - 8,000 Bells
Napoleanfish - 10,000 Bells
Red Snapper - 3,000 Bells
Shark - 15,000 Bells
The Turnip Market
Another way to make fast Bells in the early stages of the game is through the turnip trade. A special character named Joan visits your town every Sunday from 6:00 am to Noon; you'll find her just wandering about. Speak with Joan to buy some turnips from her. You may then sell these to Tom Nook, who usually offers much more for them than what you paid. Tom's buying prices change from day to day, though, so make sure you get a good deal before you sell - but don't wait too long or your turnips will rot.
The ULTIMATE way to make money
Ok you hear the easter egg stuff in this well....this is better
It involves a lot of work

1.rack up you money from bank and house

2.go to bunny day 2009 date is 4/12 the day easter is usally on

3. make sure you have a shovel and empty invitory

4. dig up all all eggs fossils and groyds

5. put candy in front of town hall

6.sell bunny funiture/sell fossils(examine at museam first)/sell groids put money in bank

[harder7.0go to festival or (holloween/(7/2) give all your candy to Pave and get funiture then sell until you run out or talk to neighbors for more candy

[easier7(2)]go to halloween and give your candy to jack for furiture until you run out of candy,(note jack doesent chase you)then sell furniture and put money in bank.

8.go to christmas(make sure you have lots of different cloths hats and asseroies) talk to jingle and get furiture the change look until you have a lot of furniture, sell then put money in bank.

9 you should have tons of cash in your bank.

10. save,then skip 10-13 years ahead of time

11. go to bank you intrest should make your money the greatest amount you have ever seen

12.spent it on whatever you want!!

problems and solutions

weeds!?: find wisp give him his lamp then wish weeds away

Friends moving away:if there about to move plant many flowers around the house and talk to them and try to stop them from movin a few times this should Increase you chances of them staying

reward you self with rare items

also you will most likley get items from town hall that will increase your HRA score....hope i helped!!
If YOU need more money buy an axe!! Reason be is that you can THWACK trees and coins might come out but only THWACK them once or they will be chopped down.

WARNING!-It may not work every time so don't go on a chopping rampage!!
Time Travel
You can go really far into the future to do events, contests, regenerate fossil spots, earn interest on money, and get Nook to restock his furniture, items and so on. But beware, traveling more than a year can be dangerous, because there will be cockroaches and weeds. Now i know what ur thinking, WEEDS??? But the only thing that keeps the cockroaches away are u pulling up the dastardly devils. The only way to kill cockroaches is run them over. (they come in ur house and u cant pull out ur net because ur inside.)

Time Travelling and Turnips
Time travelling to the past can have a negative effect on your turnip prices with prices generally peaking at around 75 bells and getting as low as 30 bells.
Tip on catching Bees
Ok to get a bee easily on the d-pad on your wiimote keep pressing it rapidly and the bees will slowly circle you when you eventually get to the net after a while quickly swing it sometimes it doesn't work but keep trying!
Too slow, tell me what you have to say if you have to!
Like me, i am shore you get board when someone talks and you get fed up. Well, if you want them to speed up the conversation, press B rather than A.
Town Differences
Did you know that there are a ton of different towns that you can get when you start the game? There's 3 different types of gates, different levels of the town, and even special things with the river.

-Palace Gates
-Castle Gates
-Old Gates

-Split in a river
-2, maybe 3, sets of levels in your town connected by hills
-2 areas where water rushes in to the ocean
-1, 2, 3, or even 4 ponds

There are also may other variations of things in the town that you could keep restarting the game to get, like having one of the 5 different town fruits, or the position of the main houses, the neighbor houses, or the stores like Able's and Nooks.
town tunes
Bolero Of Fire from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: f d f d A f A f

Come As You Are by Nirvana: a a b c _ f c f c c b a G a a z

Epona's Song from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: D B A _ D B A

Imperial March from Star Wars: e e e cge cge

In The End by Linkin Park: d A _ A _ f _ e _ e _ e _ e f d

Jingle Bells: e e e z e e e z e g c d e _

Jurassic Park theme: C B C _ g _ f _ C B C _ g _ f _

Mary Had A Little Lamb: E D C D E E E [little screaming face] D D D [srceaming face] E G G Z

Minuet Of Forest from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d D B _ A B A or d D B A B A

Mortal Kombat theme: a a c a d a e d _ c c e c f c g f

Nocturne Of Shadow from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: C _ B B d B A f

Prelude Of Light from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: D A _ D A B D

Requiem Of Spirit from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d _ f _ d _ A f d

Saria's Song from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: f A B _ f A B

Serenade Of Water from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d _ f _ A _ A _ B or d f A A B

Smoke On The Water by Deep Purple: g _ a _ b _ _ g _ a _ c b _ _

Song Of Storms from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: d f D _ d f D

Song Of Time from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: A e f _ A e f

Sun's Song from from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: A f D _ A f D
Super Mario Bros: E E _ E _ C E ^G _ _ Z G ZZZ

Super Mario Bros. theme: e e _ e _ c e _ G _ _ z g z z z

The Exorcist theme: d _ e _ c d _ f _ G _ e f _ d

The Legend Of Zelda theme: A _ e _ _ A A B C D E _ _ z z z

The Simpsons: ^f _ _ ^A _ ^G _ ^D ^C _ _ ^A _ ^F _ ^D
The Simpsons theme: F_ _ A _ G _ D C _ _ A_ F_ D

YMCA by The Village People: e _ _ d _ e d z z d _ _ c _ d c

Zelda Forest song: F A B _ F A B E D _ B C B G e _

Zelda's Lullaby from Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time: B D A _ B D A
^ is high note, _ means hold note, the spaces mean next note.
two way to make bells fast!
1.fISH A LOT.They get you really good bells.If you fill your pokets up you will get about 10,000 bells.

2.On holidays get items and sell them.Two or one item will gat you about 13,000.

Hope I really helped you out.
P.S My sister fished so much on the game she got up to 100,000.
Ugh! A perfect snowman is UBER HARD! (For You)
Well when it starts gettin' cold and you find snowballs and you think "Snowman Furniture!" but you need to make a perfect snowman! I'll tell you how to make one! (There super hard for you but not me cause I have experience)

1. Make sure your hair is in a flat style. (No bedhair)
2. Find 2 snowballs. (Kinda close in there vicinities)
3. Roll one so it's as tall as you character. (or just about as tall)
4. Roll the other one until it's up to your nose. (or about)
5. Roll the one that's up to your nose on top of the bigger one.

Now wait (or Time Travel) 'till you get the letter with the furniture!
Ugh! Bedhead!
If you don't log into a certain character on your game for a very long time, your character will wake up with "bed hair". Bed hair is when your hair sticks up and is messy (all over the place). There is a myth that wearing flowers, clovers, hats or headgear etc. will prevent bed hair but this is NOT true. To get rid of bed hair, go to Shampoodle and Harriet will style your hair again (for the regular price of 3,000 Bells). I recommend logging in every once in a while, to prevent being a bed head.
Umbrella Sliding
You need:An umbrella

Take out your umbrella and run.Spin your umbrella(A) but keep pressing B and the direction and keep spinning your umbrella every time but pause and when you spin,it should look like you're sliding!Not a cheat but you can show off! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Wanna catch a fly?
Here is an easy way to catch a fly. Put a bit of rubbish outside. Wait a while (a few days or weeks) and sooner or later a fly will buzz around it. Catch it and you have a fly!!!!!!!!!!

Hope i helped LOL!!
Want To Go To Hawiai? Make A Tropical Beach With coconut Trees
Coconut Palms

Sometimes you see a coconut on the shore line. Get a shovel and plant the coconut on the shore line that seperates the grass from the sand. Plant the coconut and in 3 days (you can time travel) go back and there is your coconut tree! You can plant as many as you like to get alot of bells. Since its a foreign fruit its worth 500 bells. The only bad thing is there is 2 coconuts on the tree instead of 3! Hope It helped!

Way to get Foreign Fruit Easily
Send everyone in your town a letter with a gift attached (your towns fruit). After a while they will reply and sometimes their present will be a different fruit! Plant it because foreign fruit sells for 500 bells!
Ways to get Bells and more Tips!
- Go fishing or find bugs! Sell them to get a lot of bells!

- Get items or sell them by looking inside the Recycling Bin at the Town Hall or look in the Lost and Found by talking to the dog (on the left) that is guarding the gate.

- Give unwanted items to your town residents. (Furniture, Walls, etc.) Mail it to them then they'll give you a gift back which could be better then the one you sent! Then you'll be able to sell it if you want.

- Hit rocks with your shovel! Every day there will be a rock full of bells! First, you find a rock and go in front of it. Second, you dig one hole behind you and another hole either on the left or right side of you. If there is no bells coming out then move on to the next rock. But if there is bells coming out keep hitting the rock until no bells come out. You should at least earn 8,100 Bells or even more!

- Get or find Foreign fruits! Visit your friend's town and take some fruits and go back to your town to sell it! It costs about 500 Bells! Or you could plant it so it could turn into a tree. Another way of gettig Foreign fruit is sending mail to one of your town residents and giving them a fruit. Possibility of them giving a fruit back. BUT SOME POSSIBLY WON'T.

- Well you could save your bells? Save your bells into your bank account. Keep doing it and you'll end up having huge amount of bells in your account!

- Find Gyroids or Fossils! Sell them to Tom Nook and get amounts of bells back! You don't have to give the fossils to Blathers (Owl in the museum) but only if you want too.

- Make Money trees! YOU NEED A GOLDEN SHOVEL TO DO THIS! <- It's the only
shovel that can do this. (A easy way to get the golden shovel is to make sure you have two shovels. Then you bury ONLY ONE of the shovels. You wait till the next day and dig it back up. Then you got a golden shovel.) First, dig a hole wherever you want. Then you bury your money. (As much as you want). Then the gold you buried will turn into a money tree. MAKE SURE YOU TAKE CARE OF IT!

NO NEED BUYING TREES! - Instead of wasting your money buying trees at Tom Nook's store. You could use your town's fruit or any other fruit and bury it. It will turn into a tree! Which does not take any money from you.

OH COCONUT, WHERE ARE YOU? - Have you ever seen a coconut washed up on the shore? Well if you have, TAKE IT! But don't sell it just yet. Try making a bunch of coconut trees. A whole pocket full of coconuts is 7,500 Bells. But imagine how it would be if you could sell sooooo much of them!

Hope this helps you with getting Bells! Good luck! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Whacking Rocks
See a rock around town? Give it a good smack with a shovel and see if any Bells pop out. If they do, keep on whacking that rock as fast as you can until the bells stop popping out. Then, pocket all of your cash! Do this every day for huge money!
What's That Noise?
Have you ever just been wandering around and heard a strange noise but couldn't figure out where it was comming from?
Well, take your shovel out and dig around where you hear the noise, if you can't hear it anymore go back to where you were till you can here it again.
Eventually this bug will pop out from underneath the ground, pull out your net, swing, and viola! you have yourself a Mole Cricket!!!
When to catch some cool fish.
Late june and July-shark, eal,angel fish.

april trough july-Frog,kili fish,Red snapper(a lot of money.)

Where to plant coconut trees
Many people do not know how to plant coconut trees, or do not know how to get them!

To get them, first have a coconut wash up on the shore of your town. Plant the coconut normally on the part of the land which the sand and dirt/grass meet! That way, it will grow most likely! Good luck!
Winter Fishing
If you go fishing in the winter you might run into the chance of finding some very rare fish which can be sold for immense profit.
These fish are:
Red Snapper - 3,000 Bells
String Fish - 15,000 Bells
Tuna - 7,000 Bells
Wisp the Ghost
'For a ghost, Wisp sure is one big scaredy cat! That's okay, though; everyone gets scared once in a while. Wisp may turn up in your town during the wee hours; if he does, help him find his empty lamp. Return it to Wisp and he'll grant you one of three wishes - but you have to go into the attic of your house and rub the lamp first!

Poof! Wisp reappears, ready to grant you one wish. He'll either remove all all the weeds from your town, smash all the roaches in your house, or give you a rare item that's tough to find in stores. You did a nice thing by helping Wisp, so go ahead and claim your reward!'


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Duplicate Item
Note: This requires an online connection and access to a friend's town for assistance.

Go to your friend's town with the item to be cloned in your pockets. Drop the item to be cloned on the ground, then immediately pick it back up. Have your friend save the game session. Drop the same item again. Go to the gate and ask to go home. When Copper (the dog on the right) says "Well then ____(name)" reset your Wii or press "Home" and exit the game. Restart the game and check your pockets. The item should be there and also be duplicated on the ground in your friend's town. Go back to your friend's town and collect the other item, or leave it for your friend.
Duplicating & Destroying stuff
I did NOT come up with the duplication cheat BUT I did come up with the destruction cheat.

these cheats require a wifi connection and a friend you can visit (or vice versa)

To Duplicate stuff:
1. visitor picks up items that will be duplicated
2. host saves
3. visitor drops items that will be duplicated
4. visitor goes to leave and when copper says "Well then..." the visitor resets.

To Destroy stuff:
1. host saves
2. visitor picks up items that will destroyed
3. visitor goes to leave and when copper says "Well then..." the visitor resets.

Go through nook!
When in nookingtons, push nook up onto the staircase. After pushing him upstairs so far you will go through nook and up to the first floor!
Growin' Trees
When growing trees such as Fruit Trees, Coconut Trees, And the beloved Bells Tree. If you go back in time or very far forward, 90% of the time the tree grows. *TIP* if you do plant a coconut tree make sure it is near the beach but no on the sand becaues the waves will take it away.

Hope this helped: Marissa<3
Hole Glitch
What you'll need:

- A shovel
- A friend
- A house to glitch against

1) Dig holes against a house, like on the diagram below:

G = Ground

O = Hole

H = House

2) Get you and your friend to run into the space of ground between the holes and the house (sort of like the lighthouse glitch)

3) Eventually, one of you will end up inbetween 4 holes. This may take a long time to do.

4) Try using a shovel inbetween the holes. It may make a noise as if you're hitting a building or a rock, or you/your friend may dig a hole from a space away.

5) Get the person who's not trapped to fill the holes to release the trapped person.

Thank you for reading, and happy glitching <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />
Money Cheat! Really Works
This is a Very Fast Way to Get Money! Of course you know The events that go on like Halloween and Christmas Well During Halloween If you give Jack Candy he will give you a Spooky Item which you can sell and it sells for over 10,000 Bells! And On christmas With Jingle Whatever he gives you goes for 12,000 Bells! So you could skip every year going to Halloween and Christmas and get Loads of Money! *this may cause Animals to Dislike you and Move Away and also cause you to get Bed hair :]*
Point Special Day
The items that you order will also count towards the points, oh and you can buy everything out of the store & than wait a day & go back to the Point Special!
Receive No Effects of a Bee Sting
When shaking trees, you are bound to find some bees. They will come down and if you can't go inside a building or catch them with your net, you will be stung. Whenever you talk to other villagers like this they will be freaked out and tell you not to go around shaking trees. The normal way to fix this would be to go buy medicine from Nook's for 400 bells. However, if you went to Shampoodle in the city and got the Mii Mask, simply put that on and it will be as though you were never stung!
Selling A Fake
Ever taken a painting to the museum and told it was a fake? Of course. Everyone has. Funny thing can happen though. If the museum already has a painting and you buy the same one, obviously the newly one you bought is a fake. The thing is Mr. Blathers won't say it's a fake. If you take it to Nook, he'll buy it like it's the genuine item.
Want to go slow? Well all you do is press B half way down (around that point) and walk. You should go slow and it is best when you need to get somwhere in a certain amount of time and you are right next door to the location!
Hope i helped!!

The Bunker/Cooper Glitch
While in the the "gate" area of your town, with Cooper and Bunker, you can actually get squeezed in between them and the wall! You'll need two players while on wifi to do this glitch.

To get in that small crack, you must both crash into it. Both coming from slightly different angles. Eventually, one of you will be pushed right next to Bunker/Cooper, almost inside of them. It'll take a few tries, but you'll soon be able to get it really easy.
The lighthouse glitch
Once you obtain the Lighthouse from donating a certain amount of money to the Town Hall's donation section, you'll be given a lighthouse near the beach of your town. To get on top of the lighthouse, you'll need to make sure that it's closed to a corner of land. If not, it will be much more difficult, but could still work.

If your lighthouse has a small strip of land on the side of it; it's much easier to get on top. At just about the same time you and your friend crash into that small crevice. This MUST have two or more people to do it. You'll want to get one person in the strip merely seconds before the other so that you can push him into the edge of the land; ultimately ending up in the character on top of the lighthouse. Though, only one person is up there. Once one is up there, they can get the other up as well. Simply take out your shovel and do the same thing, but before the other gets to the end of the small strip bury a hole so that they are stuck in between the hole and the land's edge. Then they must twist, and will soon be atop the lighthouse.

If you don't have that small strip of land beside your lighthouse you can do the same thing with the shovel, but from the ground and not on top of the lighthouse.
The museum glitch
This glitch is just like the able's glitch, and the lighthouse glitch, but in the museum. This glitch is usually the hardest to do, but once done it's really fun.

First, get a friend or two to help you. You NEED them to do this, but more then one works better. At the count of three, rush into the small crack in between the sign and the roost. After a few, or many, tries you'll be pushed through the wall and into the black darkness outside of the actual museum. Here you have a limited space to run around, but it's really fun to take pictures. You can't get out of this unless you turn your console off.
The nook glitch
Like the others, this glitch recquires more then one person and the final upgraded version on nooks. On the bottom floor, back away as far as you can from the sign above his register. At the count of three, rush into the small crack in between it, and try to get your friends to get there just seconds before you. If this is done right, you'll be pushed into the wall and into the black outer part of the store. There's not much space, but if you save while in this you'll be pushed even higher, and will appear as a huge character right above nook.
Tree Humper Other
This glitch is used with a tree.

Go to a tree, circle a tree (walk around a tree), close in on the tree (get closer as you walk around the tree), when you are close enough to shake it (while moving), press A and keep moving.

You can move away from the tree and still shake things. With this glitch, you can pretend to hump people or bob your head! During Wi-Fi or in your town alone. <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

[ watch video here ] - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Walk thruogh almost anything
If you are on Wi-Fi with a person (I only tried with 1 person over) there is a chance of lag. while doing that the person you are with will sometimes seem to walk through trees or sometimes will seem to teleport to a location a couple feet away! <img src="" border=0 vspace=2 alt="" />

Easter eggs

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If you stay in bed for about three weeks or more, and don't play the game at all, you'll come out the next time you play with bed-head! The only way it'll go away is by going to the hair salon.
OK, you know the King Tut Mask? Well, it's cursed. Yeah. Seriously cursed. I dunno what Nintendo was thinking. Here's the story. I was once in the Able Sisters' when I found a AWESOME looking mask, so I bought it. I put it on, but it had a different tune, like the Zap Masks, but different, like lower. So when I went outside I found a fossil spot, and walked over it, PITFALL! It was not there before!!! I thought nothing of it. I run alot in this but I kept tripping. Even I tripped when I walked! So only 2 days from buying it, I put it in my basement hoping to not see it again. But I sold it, FINNALY!!!

The chance of all these happening is quite small!!! =O
Bus Delayed
If you roll up a snowball and it gets in the bus's path or a person get in the way of the bus go to the bus stop and read the sign so the bus will come the sign will say you can't leave because something is in the way of the bus!
Candy is better than bunny foil!!!
Okay, so you're digging for eggs. You REALLY want some bunny foil. To give to Zipper T., right? Well don't be discouraged if it seems that you only get candy... Because candy is better than bunny foil!! Once you've found all the bunny eggs that can be found (or what seems like it), save, start your game again, and set the time to Festivale. This is not a major time jump, (for 2009, Bunny Day is April 12, and Festivale is February 23)therefore you won't see much of a difference in weeds. Once at Festivale, go to Pave and give him three of the candies in the color he asks for. He will reward you with a piece from the Pave series, 12,000 bells each! (Sell them, the colors are a bit.. well, they're not my style.) You make the most money if you have 4 characters, each gets about 12-60,000 bells each!! What a haul!!
Find Tortimer
When it's not a holiday or event, if you go to the town hall and look toward the back, you can find Tortimer sleeping...all I know is that he's back there.
Golden Slingshot
All you need is a regular slingshot. In your town a balloon with a present will come by about every 10 minutes. The requirement is to have shot down at least 10 balloon presents. Then the next time you shoot down a balloon present, it may be a golden slingshot! You may not get one the first time but try and try again until you get one. The golden slingshot has a three way shot so you have a better chance of shooting down a balloon.

hope this helped!
Harvest Fest
On Thanksgiving day from: 3:00pm-8:00pm Franklin turkey will come visit your town as a special visitor. Tortimer will be in front of the Town Hall, go talk to him. He will tell you a special visitor is coming then ask you to deliver you of your town members "Fork & Knife". You can either find them and give it to them(which I never did, so you could see what happens) OR find Franklin to give it to him. He will reward you with one of the many Harvest Furniture pieces:
Harvest Wall
Harvest Rug
Harvest TV
Harvest Bed
Harvest Lamp
Harvest Dresser
Harvest Bureu
Harvest Mirror
Harvest Clock
Harvest Sofa
Harvest Table

That all I found you might find more...Just a heads up every time you give Franklin the "Fork & Knife" he will go off and hide some where else in your town. Behind houses, trees, and signs are most common. All YOU have to do is get more "Forks & knifes" give them to him and Wall-LA! You can't buy the Harvest items, and they sell for a lot so even if you don't plan on keeping the furniture HAPPY HUNTING/MONEY MAKING!!!
Hidden Gamecube
If you zoom in on the pink box(furniture), you can find a Gamecube with the controller. It doesn't do anything though.
HRA peom
When you enter the HRA in the city, immediately turn right and keep on going until you the the mini table and press A, if you're close eoungh an orange speech bubble will appear and say

"*Happy Room Academy*
The home is a window
into the soul, and sun light
brightens your life."
Is Sable Really That Mean?
Ok, if you go to Mable and Sable's and talk to Sable, she'll usually ignore you. Well, if you keep talking to here everyday, then she will become more friendly with you and if u keep talking to her more after that, her and Mable eventually tell you of how they started their business and about their parents.
And c'mon, haven't you always wanted to know where those little porcupines came from anyways???
Keep the store open at all times
i wil show u how 2 keep Tom Nooks store open all the time

you must have at least 2 characters
ok so then on one of them you can have a person that is still working for tom nook and another that dosent, so what u hav 2 do is always play the one that is done working for tom nook...the other 1 (or others) will still have to the shop will stay open the whole time u keep the other character(s) not working!

your welcome!-karleekitty22
Magical Zap Suits
Make your character put on a Zap suit and the music for clothing changes will turn into a fanfair.
New message
A canary will appear on top of the Message Board outside the town hall if you have an unread message.
Possible Ice Climbers Reference?
You know that monkey character named Nana, right? Her catchphrase is po po. Odd because the Ice Climbers names are Nana and Popo.
#1 Go to the day before the fourth sunday in January (the day before the flea market in January).

#2 Empty all the stuff in your pockets and put the stuff outside of your pockets on the ground.

#3 Go to your house and take everything that's on the bottom floor of your house (NOT YOUR BASEMENT) out and put it in a dresser. Drop the dresser outside of your house.

#4 Fish until your pockets are full and put the fish in your house. Repeat this step until your house is full.

#5 Skip to the fleamarket that is the fourth sunday of january.

#6 Sell all your fish for double the price that you would sell to Nook.

<span class="wikilists">
  1. 7 Repeat steps 1 - 6 except in febuary not january
</span><!-- wikilists -->

<span class="wikilists">
  1. 8 Repeat steps 1 - 6 except in march not febuary
</span><!-- wikilists -->

#9 Go to easter, that means bunny day.dig up all the bunny eggs put the candy in your dresser or outside the town hall give the bunny foils to zipper t bunny .then sell the bunny stuff.

#9 skip 2 days ahead load your charater walk to the your mail box then save
(this is so the game will let the bunny eggs to get buried in the next step)

#10 go back to bunny day the eggs will be rebuired because of step 8 ) dig up all the bunny eggs put the candy in your dresser or outside the town hall give the bunny foils to zipper t bunny . then sell the bunny stuff. repeat step 8 then 7 as many times until your satisfied with the amount of bells you've made .

#11 repeat steps 1 - 6 except in may not march

#12 repeat steps 1 - 6 except in june not may

#13 repeat steps 1 - 6 except in july not june

#14 repeat steps 1 - 6 except in september not july or august beacause there is no flea market in august.
<span class="wikilists">
  1. 15 wear one of your designs ,put the candy that you got from easter in your letters to keep from getting stolen from your neibors on halloween .Go to halloween night and give jack the candy out of your letters (he is the one that doesnt chase after you). Duh you have to take it out of yor letters before you speak to him !restock on candy when you run out of candy in your letters.
</span><!-- wikilists -->

<span class="wikilists">
  1. 16 when you run out of candy to give jack go to the fourth thursday of november and collect the knives and forks from the Mayor and give them to Franklin the turkey (the harvest festival).sell the furniture .
</span><!-- wikilists -->

#17 (Make sure you have lots of different sets of clothing and accessories) and go to december twenty-fourth and find jingle multiple times using different accessories and clothing until you run out. Sell all jingle furniture.

#18 Deposit 50,000 bells into your bank then save and quit. Go to your Wii menu and skip ten years ahead. go back to the game an play look in your mailbox you will have earned 99,999 bells of intrest !

#19 When you get to the max year you can skip to change the year to 2000)repeat step 17 until you have no more money in your pockets left.

you will have the most money youve ever seen without hacking!!!!!!!!