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[edit] Background

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is a life simulation game where the player lives in a rural village with anthropomorphic animals; in this game, the player is the town mayor where they can do various activities and jobs.

It was developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS; the game was first released in Japan during 2012, then it had a global release in 2013.

[edit] Gameplay

The game focuses on exploration where the player talks to residents and participates in activities; the player can sell different items they collect in order to raise funds and purchase items for the house, personal items or to pay for house renovations. Items can be bought and sold at shops which work to the Nintendo 3DS system's internal clock: shop open times depend on the time of day and the season. Character appearance and clothing can be customized; the living space can also be customized with the ability to hang furniture on the walls.

The player has more customization over the town and construct new objects or buildings for the town. The player may do mayoral duties such as working at the Public Works Project to raise money from the townsfolk to finance these projects. In addition to this, the player can pass laws in the town called "Ordinances".

It is possible to have more than one save file for the game; the first will be the mayor of the town and the others will become villagers. Along with this, players can visit other player's towns using online or local play which allows up to four players to play together. The Dream Suite lets players upload and download other players' towns. In addition to this, the Happy Home Showcase allows players to visit the towns of people they've met on StreetPass. Players may also take snapshots at any time using the Nintendo 3DS Camera, which can then be shared on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr.

[edit] Features

Explore the town – Visit the different residents and collect items from around the town

Play mini-games – Participate in various activities such as fishing to gain items

Buy and sell – Buy new items and sell old ones for more money

Decorate – Customize the living area and help grow the town using decorations and buildings

Customize the character – Buy and swap clothes, change character appearance and create the perfect mayor

Share online – Show off the town to others online with various gamemodes and upload screenshots online

[edit] Players liked:

  • Relaxing gameplay
  • The online modes
  • Lots of customization

[edit] Players didn't like:

  • Some parts are tedious
  • Repetitive gameplay
  • Not much endgame content

This game is also known as Tobidase Dobutsu no Mori in Japan.

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Animal Crossings: New Leaf is a simulation game for Nintendo 3DS

In Animal Crossings: New Leaf...

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Looking for full 7/11 set and am willing to trade full Rococo set AnimalCrossingNewLeaf
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