Angry Birds Unlockables

Golden Eggs
UnlockableHow to unlock
Golden Egg 01Get 3-Star ratings on all "Chapter 2" levels
Golden Egg 02Tap the sun in the "Chapter Select" screen
Golden Egg 03Tap the Golden Egg at the end of the credits page
Golden Egg 04Tap the Golden Egg in the in-level hint pages (Note: Can only be done once the egg-dropping bird has been unlocked)
Golden Egg 05Tap the unreachable chest on level 1-8
Golden Egg 06Break the beach ball on level 2-2
Golden Egg 07Hit the egg at the upper right of the stage in 4-7 (zoom out to see it)
Golden Egg 08Hit the Golden Egg directly above the rocket in level 5-19 (Hint: Pinch inwards with two fingers to see Golden Egg & use yellow bird to reach)
Golden Egg 09Hit golden balloon on level 6-14 (Hint: Use green "boomerang" bird)
Golden Egg 10Hit the lower golden balloon on level 6-14 in the bottom right corner
Golden EggGet 3-Star ratings on all "Chapter 1" levels