Angry Birds Trilogy (3DS) Cheats

Angry Birds Trilogy cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for 3DS.


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Angry Birds Trilogy Achievements
Meet the requirements listed below to earn their corresponding achievement
UnlockableHow to unlock
Angry Birds Classic-
Backward CompatibilityShoot 10 birds to the left of slingshot and off-screen instead
Bird SlingerShoot 5,000 birds
Bull's EyeHit a pig with a bird directly from above
Egg CrackerGet 10 Golden Egg stars
Egg HunterFind 10 Golden Eggs
Feather CollectorEarn 100 feathers.
Feather GathererEarn 200 feathers
Feather PickerEarn 50 feathers
Hard as a RockSmash all stalactites
KepickerSmash 5,000 ice blocks
Space InvaderShoot Yellow Bird high into space
StonecutterSmash 5,000 stone blocks
Ultimate BejewelerSmash 5,000 jewels and gems
Wilheim TellHit a flying bird with another bird
WoodpeckerSmash 5,000 wooden blocks
Angry Birds Rio-
Apple AppreciationCollect every apple
Avian LibratorBreak 700 cages
Banana FanaticCollect every banana
Birds of the FeatherUnlock Blu and Jewel
Crate HAterBreak 200 crates
Feather Gatherer RioCollect 120 feathers
Flower PowerDestroy 100 flowers
Fruit SaladCollect one of every type of fruit
GiftedPrevent blocks from being hit five consecutive times
Lights OutHit and break ten lamps
Marmoset TerrorizerHit 500 marmosets
Melon ManiaCollect every melon
Papaya PerfectionCollect every papaya
Pineapple PuristCollect every pineapple
Sharp ShooterBeat any level using only one bird
Angry Birds Seasons-
Bird SlingerShoot 5,000 birds
Bunny HopperSmash 300 bunnies
Bunny HunterPop 300 piggy bunnies
Chocolate LoverSmash 300 chocolate boxes
Cloud BusterBust 1,500 clouds
Feather GathererEarn 120 feathers
Leprechaun's SecretSmash 300 gold gots
Oops a DaisySmash 300 flowers
PennywiseHit 300 money piles
Picnoc PooperSmash 300 picnic items
Pig PopperDefeat 1,000 pigs
Pumpkin SmasherSmash 300 pumpkins
SnowplowerSmash 1,500 snow blocks
The GrinchSmash 1,000 presents
UnwrapperSmash 300 presents
Angry Birds Trilogy-
Aviator for the SeasonsSeasons Eagled
Boom Boom!Unlock Bomb Bird and destroy menu barriers
Completely ClassicGet 3 stars on every Angry Birds Classic level
Flawless PlumageClassic Eagled
Free as a BirdSend all seven birds on migration
Mother of all BombsUnlock White Bird and destroy menu barriers
Return to SenderUnlock Green Bird and destroy menu barriers
Rio Round UpGet 3 stars on every Angry Birds Rio level
Rio? Naviated!Rio Eagled
Seeing RedUnlock White Bird and destroy menu barriers
Serving Up SeasonsGet 3 stars on every Angry Birds Seasons level
Speed is the EssenceUnlock Yellow Bird and destroy menu barriers
Split It!Unlock Blue Bird and destroy menu barriers
Top TalontEarn all other achievements listed here
Winging ITCreate a migration tune