Angry Birds Seasons (3DS) Cheats

Angry Birds Seasons cheats, Unlockables, and Codes for 3DS.


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UnlockableHow to unlock
All Around The GlobeOrange Bird unlocked(10)
All's Fair in Love and WarHogs and Kisses finished(10)
Aquiline BenefactorMighty Eagle unlocked(10)
Bird Slinger5,000 birds shot(10)
Black is the New Black300 black pumpkins broken(10)
Block Smasher10,000 blocks smashed(20)
Bright Side of the MoonFinish Moon Festival(10)
Bunny HopperBreak 300 Bunnies(10)
Bunny Hunter300 piggy bunnies popped(10)
Chocolate Lover300 chocolate boxes broken(10)
Cloud Buster1,500 clouds busted(10)
Cookie CrumblerBreak 300 Cookies(10)
Easter EggsScore Addict - Easter Eggs: Earn 1,910,000 points in all Easter levels(30)
Easter EggsTotal Destruction - Easter Eggs: Earn three stars in all levels(30)
EggxorcistHam'o'ween Finished(10)
Feather CollectorEarn 60 feathers(20)
Feather GathererEarn 120 feathers(30)
Feather PickerEarn 30 feathers(10)
Go Green, Get LuckyScore Addict - Go Green, Get Lucky: Earn 1,735,000 points(30)
Go Green, Get LuckyTotal Destruction - Go Green, Get Lucky: three stars earned in all levels(30)
HalloweenScore Addict - Halloween: Get 4,100,000 points(30)
HalloweenTotal Destruction - Halloween: Earn 3 stars in all levels(30)
Ham'o'weenScore Addict - Ham'o'ween: Earn 2,870,000 points(30)
Ham'o'weenTotal Destruction - Ham'o'ween: Earn three stars in all levels(30)
Hardboiled EggsEaster Eggs finished(10)
Haunted HamHalloween World 3 Finished(10)
Hogs and KissesScore Addict - Hogs and Kisses: Get 1,650,000 points(30)
Hogs and KissesTotal Destruction - Hogs and Kisses: Three stars in all levels(30)
Holiday SpiritSeason's Greedings finished(10)
Ice Picker5,000 ice blocks smashed(10)
It's all Hunky Dory!Go Green, Get Lucky finished(10)
Leprechaun's Seceret300 pots of gold broken(10)
Lovely Bones300 bones broken(10)
Merry Happy!Finish Wreck the Halls(10)
Moon FestivalScore Addict - Moon Festival: Earn 3,264,000 points(30)
Moon FestivalTotal Destruction - Moon Festival: Earn three stars in all levels(30)
Oh, Those Summer NightsFinish Summer Pignic(10)
Ominous OinkerHalloween World 2 Finished(10)
Oops a DaisyPick 300 flowers(10)
Pennywise300 money piles hit(10)
Picnic PooperBreak 300 picnic items(10)
Pig Popper1,000 pigs smashed(10)
Pork O'LanternHalloween World 1Pork O'Lantern - Halloween World 1 Finished(10)
Pumpkin Smasher300 pumpkins smashed(10)
Season's GreedingsScore Addict - Season's Greedings: 2,080,000 points earned(30)
Season's GreedingsTotal Destruction - Season's Greedings: Three stars in all levels(30)
Shut the Lights!Break 300 Lanterns(10)
Smash Maniac50,000 blocks smashed(30)
Snowplower1,500 snow blocks smashed(10)
Stone Cutter5,000 stone blocks smashed(10)
Summer PignicScore Addict - Summer Pignic: Earn 3,398,000 points(30)
Summer PignicTotal Destruction - Summer Pignic: Earn three stars in all levels(30)
The Egg Man300 easter eggs borken(10)
The Grinch1,000 presents smashed(10)
Unwrapper300 presents smashed(10)
Woodpecker5,000 wooden blocks smashed(10)
Wreck the HallsScore Addict - Wreck the Halls: Earn 2,466,000 points(10)
Wreck the HallsTotal Destruction - Wreck the Halls: Earn three stars in all levels(30)
Unlockable Stage
UnlockableHow to unlock
Level 16 to Level 18once complete all 15 lvls, click "LIKE" on the screen next to 15 lvls
Big Present levelcomplete all levels with a "THREE STAR" rank
Golden Egg levelcollect Golden Egg on lvl 1-13
Special Trailercomplete all levels