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There's no doubt Pokémon GO is huge, but not everyone is smiling. While many of us are looking... posted Aug 16, 16 8:48pm

Pokémon GO users have no doubt begun to notice that the app has been updated again. The patch... posted Aug 9, 16 10:36am

Nearly a week later, trainers are finally getting some answers. An update over the weekend... posted Aug 5, 16 7:11am

The Final Fantasy series has become a big staple in the mobile RPG genre over the last few years.... posted Aug 3, 16 9:36pm

A few months ago I was able to play an early preview code of the upcoming Pro Evolution Soccer... posted Aug 3, 16 10:18pm

Pokémon GO has been making headlines over the last few days, and not exactly for the best of... posted Aug 3, 16 10:14am

Square Enix has revealed a Season Pass for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV, but the specifics of the... posted Aug 2, 16 7:54pm

As many of us know, this weekend's update to Pokémon GO fixed the three step "bug" in the game's... posted Aug 2, 16 10:52am

Note: The views presented in this article are the opinions of the author and are not necessarily... posted Aug 1, 16 10:59am

Aug 1, 16 9:06am
added 13 new concept art to 1000 Doors - Hidden Object (Android)

It's time for more Hearthstone cards. Instead of releasing a full expansion this time, the... posted Jul 29, 16 9:52am

Earlier today at Level-5's Vision event, the developer revealed the next game in the Professor... posted Jul 27, 16 1:45pm

Telltale's take on Batman is shaping up to be a slightly different experience than what we've seen... posted Jul 27, 16 10:25am

There's no question that Pokémon GO is huge. There's also no question that it's dangerous for... posted Jul 27, 16 9:50am

Jul 26, 16 2:47am
added 15 new screenshots to Pokémon Go (Android)

What goes up must come down. As Pokémon GO was praised for Nintendo's soaring stock prices during... posted Jul 25, 16 11:37am

We haven't checked in on Lapis ever since Final Fantasy Brave Exvius was released worldwide last... posted Jul 25, 16 9:55am

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