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May 17, 15 3:35am
i dun play coc anymore, selling account for RM300 TH9, if interested can email me, nice.try99@hotmail.com for wechat or number ClashOfClans Android
May 05, 15 11:49am
Does anyone know what Gareth bale 35 cls top level 70 parameter is? PESCollection iPhone

Mistwalker has committed to releasing Terra Battle for console platforms as a result of the... posted Apr 30, 15 11:35am

Apr 29, 15 9:14am
Enter Referal code "dqq19950" for upcoming event Free Serla!, To get a good start in the game. RageOfBahamut Android
Apr 28, 15 6:02pm
Level 114 ClashOfClans iPhone