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Anarchy Online: Lost Eden

  • Released on Nov 15, 2005
  • By Funcom for PC


[edit] Background

Anarchy Online - Lost Eden sees mankind pulling out all the stops against the alien invaders as gigantic battle stations are deployed in orbit around Rubi-Ka. As fire rains from the heavens humanity finally seems to gain the upper hand. But with great power comes great temptation, and Omni-Tek and the Clans both see the ultimate means to gain total supremacy for their side; the orbital battle stations.

Rubi-Ka, once the birthplace of mankind and the garden of Eden, now a place of havoc and death. Will humanity finally get it right, or will their own aggression see the downfall of both the alien invaders and themselves?

[edit] Gameplay

Players now have the ability to raid and control orbital battle stations, steer powerful battle Mechs, and fight inside the motherships. New character advancement options are now available.

[edit] Features

  • Fight for orbital supremacy by conquering level based battle stations in large PvP battles. Unleash the fury of the heavens.
  • Feel the power of controlling huge Mechs on the battlefield.
  • Crush the alien forces. Enter vast dungeons in the heart of alien motherships
  • Build and customize yourself further with advanced experience rewards. Boost your character with new special attacks and special stat bonuses.
  • Partake in the escalated Omni-Tek vs. Clan conflict. Help your side to win as you call air strikes, use artillery, mine the battlefield, and unleash havoc from inside your mech.
  • Protect your Notum bases with new SAM installations and stationary guns
  • Wield new weapons, items and armour.

Embark on exciting new quests

[edit] Hardware Requirements

Win 98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium III 450
Internet Connection, 56kb modem
128 MB RAM
Direct3D 32 MB Video Card
1.4 GB free HD space

Recommended System Requirements:
As minimum
512 MB RAM
64MB Direct3D Video card w/T&L processor

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  • North America: Nov 15, 2005
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