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Analogue: A Hate Story Ending List

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  • Ending 1 (Friendzone): Same as Ending 2 but be nasty to *Hyun-ae from time to time. Note that you must still say you understand her when she confesses or she'll stop talking to you completely and give you no ending at all (you can say you don't and she'll ask why not; saying yes to the first or third reason will get you more potentially interesting information and another chance, but saying yes to the second or forth will get you shut down immediately). After her final dialog, DOWNLOAD.
    • Note: You can also refuse her confession (above in Ending 2) and you will get this ending after downloading.
  • Ending 2 (Mai Waifu): Be nice to *Hyun-ae throughout the entire game. Switch her to a cosplay costume at least once. When *Mute gives you her questions, go back to *Hyun-ae and ask them. When she confesses, say that you understand her. After her final dialog, DOWNLOAD.
  • Ending 3 (Forever Alone): Any time after you have the admin password, log in with it and DOWNLOAD. You can also get this achievement if you go to the end of the route with either girl but they refuse to come with you (due to not getting high enough approval).
  • Ending 4 (Tsunderai): When *Mute gives you question to ask *Hyun-ae, don't go back to *Hyun-ae; present them to *Mute instead. On the second time you do so, say "no" until she says, "Would you rather hear it from me?" Then say "yes". Stay with *Mute throughout the reactor meltdown and then follow through the last few steps. Agree to take her with you, and DOWNLOAD.
  • Ending 5 (Two girls one core): Same as Ending 4, but when *Mute says "is there any last thing you want to show me", use the "ID search" option and search for ID "7-EUX25" (this is "Forever Silenced" which Mute will normally never show you). Show this to *Mute. If she tells you that *Hyun-ae is in an inactive core, go to the console and COPY CORE2 CORE1. Regardless, the ending will come up automatically.