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It really is "Amped"

The good:

the graphics are REALLY good,the audio(like some voice-overs)and sound effects are exellent,the physics are also great,you can make youre own snowboarder and finally it's addictive and very fun to play!!

The bad:

the action is kinda reppitive and some voice-overs really suck plus some missions are tough it's not a game that you will beat in one sitting(trust me)


Hey i got a great game here:Amped 2.Now this game is really good!The physics are awesome espicially when you pull off big air tricks!But there are some negatives like the action is repitive and some of the voice-overs are embarrasing!One guy is that typical idot with that really high-stupid voice that you just want to strangle!!And some missions are pretty tough. Overall i highly recomend this game to sport lovers or anyone looking for a fun game.



Nice physics and good graphics make this a winner

The good:

+ very good graphics
+ character models look great
+ lots of options to customize the look of your boarder
+ many different tricks
+ very realistic looking tricks, grabs, and air

The bad:

- rails are not fun to master
- lots of repetition of levels to finish certain goals


I've only played the game enough to get a feel for it - the game has some variety in that you don't only complete races, but try and complete goals in each stage - not quite like in Tony Hawk but similar in fashion.

You also play different types of "runs" of different mountains, which are unlocked as you reach certain goals. The variety of "runs" is pretty good:

Photoshoot type runs force you to go through a specific path on a run, but allows you to be creative in what sorts of tricks you can use to accomplish the forced path.

Sponsor runs force you to stick to a certain type of trick in orde...

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