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Haven't we been here before?


I’ve said in the past that I’m not the sort of person who tends to find joy in scaring himself witless, but like many I still find myself drawn to the macabre despite myself. My problem has been that modern horror games will try to disgust you with blood and guts, or provide cheap thrills in the form of jump scares, rather than outright horrifying you. This is why I usuall...


I'm half-scared to be writing this review right now.


By now, you've probably heard folks talking about the pants-wettingly terrifying game, Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Myself, I've never been one to get swept up in the hype for a game, as so few actually live up to expectations. But my god, is Amnesia the exception. It has its flaws, but if someone tells you it's scary, they're not telling you the half of it.

So, you start the game and instantly you're plunged directly into the main character's shoes. And right there is my first commendation for this game. In most first-person adventures, I never really feel like I'm actually my character. It a...


Amnesia: The Dark Descent

The good:

- Atmosphere. Sheer, impenetrable, dark atmosphere.
- Narrative, and player immersion. Very much linked: the player is literally plunged straight into Daniel's shoes... which, in a horror game, really ups the "scary".
- ...and holy hell, it's bloody scary.
- Reasonable graphics. They definitely don't detract from the gameplay/immersion in any way, and they're pretty kind to hardware.
- Good voice acting. Although Daniel himself is a little too... British. And I'm British myself.
- Restraint. This game understands that true, lasting fear is psychological (a la Silent Hill 2) rather than visceral (a la Dead Space). It's not even possible to be attacked by an enemy until at least a fifth of the way in.

The bad:

- Occasionally suffers from that old adventure-game malady of there being only one solution to a problem that could probably be solved with something else in your inventory, were this real life. Example: an item used to unlock door A that was not damaged in this process doesn't work on identical door B later on in the game.
- The ending is a bit lame, compared to the rest of the game.
- The insanity system is a little strange: sometimes, it's not clear where darkness ends and light begins. So, you'll be going slowly insane 6ft away from a candle, but one step closer and you'll be fine.


Amnesia: the Dark Descent. A game we've probably all heard a lot about on account of it being widely regarded as one of the scariest games ever made. So, when I saw it in the Steam Weekend Deal at 60% off, I naturally picked it up to put this claim to the test. I do love a good horror game, after all.
The 5 or so hours that followed undoubtedly lived up to - and surpassed - these expectations. Honestly, I've never been more scared by any entertainment medium in my entire life. It even goes one better than Silent Hill.
How does it manage this? Well, let's explore.

Amnesia: the Dark Descent is a...

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