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[edit] Background

Hooah! The sequel to the fantastically popular America's Army 2 series, America's Army 3 features a number of new changes, adding to the realism and immersion characteristic of the franchise. The game is currently in its third year of development (AA3.3). One of the most attractive points of the game is that it is completely free to play. Anyone who wants to jump in to experience what it's like to be a modern-day soldier simply needs to download the game from Steam. The AA3 player-base is a tight-knit community of players who enjoy highly-realistic first person shooters, in contrast with the arcade-style game play of the contemporary Call of Duty and Battlefield franchises. If you want to experience the life of an American soldier as closely as possible, this is your game.

[edit] Game Play

The game play is constantly being improved and refined through the ease of updating patches through Steam. Currently, the graphics are exceptional, with two maps (Pipeline and Bridge) being imported and enhanced from America's Army 2. The physics engine allows for a highly-realistic reload animation, based off the actual motion-capture of Special Forces (SF) soldiers. The combat, unlike in Call of Duty, has no respawn (outside of a cooperative game mode) and rewards the intelligent, tactical player who can make decisions quickly and efficiently. Another improvement from the past series includes the addition of the Voice over IP (VOIP) in-game chat system, allowing any player with a microphone to communicate with his/her squad mates. This feature facilitates even greater unit cohesion and teamwork. Overall, the game has taken major steps forward toward hyper-realism in its combat systems and game animations.

[edit] Features

VOIP chat system
Features Unreal Engine 3, years before Mass Effect 3 or Gears of Wars 3 utilized it.
Realistic bullet physics (Wind/rain effects, drop over long distances)
Realistic actor physics (Sprinting duration and speed, no bunny hopping)
Weapons used by actual soldiers. Examples include M16A4, M4A1, SAW, M320 launcher, Squad Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). Various smoke grenades, frag, and flash grenades.
Recent patch (3.3) introduced Cooperative Online play. Fight against enemy AI of three levels of difficulty while working simultaneously with your teammates to extract the VIP (Very Important Person)
Competitive TWL ladders for hardcore gamers.
Highly realistic training missions, mirroring real-life scenarios and techniques used by U.S. Army personnel.
Medic system features symptom-based healing. To heal a downed soldier, a soldier must read his symptoms and apply the correct remedy.

[edit] Hardware Info

Unreal Engine 3
Provided by Steam
Free dedicated servers

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