America's Army: Special Forces

  • Released on Nov 6, 2003
  • By U.S. Army for PC

America's Army: Special Forces Cheats

America's Army: Special Forces cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.


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Having Better accuracy with sights
Want better accuracy while your sights are up? Well cover up the body with the center part of it until only the head and neck are showing. Time the breathing so that when he is holding his breath you shoot. This is the key to get 36/40 shots required on the Marksmanship course.


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Get a Grenade mine
Here\'s a glitch/cheat that allows you to get a grenade mine! Get class D. Then type [Space] followed by setautofirerate -1 in the console window. Then, type [Space] followed by setfireadjust 50 in the console window. Then, type bind grenademine 6 in the console. Then, press 6. You now will have a grenade mine.
Be a sniper with a nomal gun!
You must be in a server that is running in cheat mode to do this trick. Type mpcheat changeclass s at the console window, thengo to the scope on the sniper riffle you just created. While in the scope, type mpcheat changeclass g at the console window.
Note: instead of a grenade launcher, you can use any gun. You will change to the gun you selected and will still have the scope on.
Get a fire bomb!
Want to get a fire bomb? Well get class D. Then type grenademine 6 in the console window. Press 5 for incendiary. Throw it, then press 6. Throw the mine into the incendiary for a fire bomb.
Get pass the \"Not Qualified\" Message
Ever get that \"Your not qualified message\"? Well to play online with that mission, just press F4 and you\'ll be able to play online!
Hidden Yeti
This cheat requires the weapons cache special addition. First, play the weapons cache by yourself by typing start weapons_cache_se at the console window. Then, at the map start, type playerlock 0 at the console window. Next, go to the elevator access by going to primary objectives, go to the bottom of the ladder, and type fly in the console window. Go up to look into the elevator. There should be a Yeti there, with his arms up and mouth open.
Last 2 Medic Test cheats
Yes, i\'m back with more test cheats! Here are the last two tests and there answers! I suggest you do homework to not go mad from the boredom.

Control bleeding: B, B, A, B, C, D, A, C

Treat shock: B, D, B, C, B, B, B
Medic Test Cheats
Having more trouble with test? Well here\'s the answers! (note, write this down becuase its in full screen)

Airway management: A, A, A, C, C, B, A, B, D, B, A, E, A, C, C, A, A, D
Special Forces Test answers
You know when you take a test, its boring and if you fail you after go through that AGAIN. So here\'s the answers for the first Specil Forces test:
First set: B,B,C
Second: A,A,A
Third: A,C,D
Fourth: A,D,B
Fifth: B, C, B