Amazing Island Cheats

Amazing Island cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC. Also see Action Replay Codes for more Amazing Island cheat codes.


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basket ball
On the basket ball level after you get all 10 in slowly but not to slow press A almost all of them go in repeat this and you should score a 1000 for your points and that equals accessories!


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Monster Creation Power
Collect the Vision Orb after completing Beginner Course. Power 1 will now be
available in the Hall Of Life. This Power allows you to create a monster with the
attributes you specify, without going through the interview process.
more course stars
Every time you make a monster from scratch and finish it you get a course star.I still don't know how many course stars you can get though.
Pigs Galore
Some time in the game a pig will show up in the dock shop. Talk to it, and when it says Oink, select Yes. A noise will be played and now pigs will appear some way in all of the minigames.
Unlimited Chances
If you don't like your Monster and you need one better, then ask the guy by the Water Mirror. Ask him to help you and answer his questions as best as you can. If the monster is not good enough than draw him by yourself. He may be as good as you think. But keep on making new Monsters adn taking Fotos adn you'll get 1 chance star per Monster and Foto. And After like a couple Monsters than you get new Items. Just keep on Making Monsters and Taking Fotos.