[edit] Background

The world's population was reduced in half due to a war that took place
over a decades ago.
There are no more things known as "countries" left.
In place of "countries", there are little territories known as Sects.

Each "Leader" determines the characteristics for each particular "Sect".

Among those sects is one called "Sect Queen Kreuz", lead by "Queen",
where ominous and heretical rumors are spreading.
The rumours reach the ears of Mio, the main character, who is living there.

Rumors of a "Pale Girl" and of "Vampires".

Those sort of rumors are often heard and easily dismissed, but slowly, they
start to affect Mio's classmates and the "truth" of them can't be dismissed.
In other to find the "truth", Mio goes to search for the "Pale Girl".

Without knowing that her actions would be the Key to The End...

[edit] Game Play

Make choices to advance the story. There are four good endings and two bad endings.

[edit] System Requirements

Very low system hardware requirements.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8

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Release Dates
  • Japan: May 5, 2008