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Easy money + any boss easy killing
Easy money:

Go to Mt Firedrake and use the unlimited elixir cheat, then sell all the 9 elixir because 9X250=2250, so in tre rounds you will get 2250X3=6750 G so its more longer than in other cheats but its easy money.

Killing any boss easyly:

Just use the tip befor and have like 10.000 G on hand now go to gammar island and spend your money in order to have 4000 coins then buy an Steel elf ring, now use the tip before and buy in off to have bothe the Elf Steel and the Dwarf steel, then have near 30.000 G and spend it to have like 12.000 coins and buy the upgraded versions of the rings in order to sucefully aplying the tip, now lets you are gonna to battle with bloodfang, if you battle in a noormal way you should see that he turns invisible, but using the rings the bosses NEVER go onto the 2nd phase, now use first the 2 hit combo with the normal ring, now change it to the SP version and finish with ether the 3 oor 4 hit combo it should do tons of damage reducing yur oponent to ashes.


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Easy money
Find a town such as Paco that has bushes and buildings. After you get money for "chopping" the bushes, just go in a building or home and exit it. When you leave the home or building, all the bushes will return and still have more money in them.
Easy money
When you are in the bull fighting town, there is a man in a big house who says "I have more money than I know what to do with" or something similar. You can pick up the piggy bank in his room and smash it to get lots of money. Then, go downstairs and return. The money will be there again.
Fortune teller in Gwaba
Enter the town of Gwaba and go to where the big fruit stall is located. Go to one of the walls of the square and you will see a blue sign with an eye on it. Go in and stand before the table. A women named Omega will appear. She will ask if you want to know what woman you would be with in the future. Answer "Yes" and she will ask you a number of questions. She will then give your answer. Here are the women:

Princess Alexia
Lady Milena
The cow princess of Toroledo
One of the princesses of the crown
Pierre's wife, Emma
Puzzle Piece
When you get to Toroledo, go into the villager's home. Go upstairs and to the left and try to open the door. The "The door won't budge" message will appear. Next, go to the inn next to the villager's home and talk to the man at the counter. When he asks if you want a room, say "Yes". Find the bathroom. It should be on the floor you are currently on. When you find the bathroom, open the door inside and turn to the right. You will see an open rectangle. Walk through and you will be outside. Directly ahead, you will see a window. Walk up to it and jump through. You will now be in the room in the villager's house that you could not enter earlier. Look at the window you came through and you will see a black chest. When you open it, you will get a puzzle piece.
Unlimited Coins
Go to the city of Torledo, and look for a house that says villagers house. Go inside and go upstairs. Go inside the room with the guy in it, inside if you go to the left you should see a pig. Break the pig to get three coins. Then go back downstairs and go back up again. If you go back the the room you should see the pig again and you could break it to get another three coins, repeat this to get unlimited money.
Unlimited Elixirs
When you get to the volcano, in the room before the underground lake, there is a chest with an elixir in it beside a switch. Take the elixir, and exit the room (does not matter which exit you choose). When you reenter the room, the chest will be closed with another elixir inside. You can do this unlimited times. Saves on buying elixirs for a high price.
WAY Easier Money (and bone darts)
Even though u can cut bushes or break piggy banks all day, there IS an easier way to get money. First, go to the OLD VARUNA RUINS, then go to the room where u have to kill the enemies to get the treasure chests. Each time u kill them a chest will fall down. Here is a list:
4.A puzzle piece(if you've already got the puzzle piece, then 5 bone darts will be in the final chest) You have to leave after the final chest then go back in.
If you've already beat the ruins, u can still go back there and the enemies will still be there. Just keep repeating the process.