Alundra (PSX) Cheats

Alundra cheats, Tips, and Codes for PSX.


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Get the legendary sword
To get the legendary sword, you must go to the statue of snow and talk to it. It will give you a map that's very old; but if you go to the sword icon on the map (In the cave in torla mountain), you fight the enemies inside (10 slimes, 10 reptile men) .

Note: You need the power glove to get to the statue of snow
Listen To Music
This will allow you to listen to the music of Alundra. After completing a number of your quests go back to the Inoa Mine there is a house by the stream,if you go inside and go upstairs you will meet Rohei. This great composer will let you listen to some of his music which is in fact the music from the game.


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Location of all 50 Falcons
1. Inside the House of Tarn
2. Inside Wendell's nightmare
3. Inside Olen's nightmare
4. Inside Olen's house
5. Inside the Inoa mine
6. Inside Lars' Crypt
7. Inside Bonaire's nightmare
8. In the Desert
9. Inside the Desert Temple
10. Between Inoa and Nava's House
11. Inside the Coastal Cave
12. Behind Nava's house
13. Inside Kline's nightmare
14. In the Southeast Lake
15. Inside the Lair of Reptilicus Maximus
16. West of Southeast Lake
17. Inside Giles' Nightmare
18. Inside the Riverside Bar
19. Inside the Riverside Bar
20. Inside the Riverside Bar
21. Inside Meia's dream
22. Inside Nava's house
23. On a sea cliff East of Nava's house
24. Inside the Water Pumping Station
25. Inside the cave above Olen's house
26. West of the Ice Manor
27. Inside the house near the Inoa Mine
28. West of the Inoa mine, across the river
29. On the small island in the Northwest Lake
30. Inside the cave South of the Murgg Colony
31. East of the Monument
32. Near the treasure chest containing the Water Book
33. Inside the Magyscar Caverns
34. East of the Water Pumping station, across the river
35. West of Lurvy's house, across the falls
36. Inside the well in front of the Lurvy's house
37. In the Upper Desert
38. Inside the River Caverns
39. Near Nirude's Lair
40. Inside Nirude's Lair
41. Inside Elene's nightmare
42. Inside the cave near the Monument
43. In the Murgg woods
44. In the Murgg tree
45. In the cave South of Mt. Torla
46. Inside Mt. Torla
47. Inside The Twins' nightmare
48. Inside the Undersea Caves
49. East of Inoa
50. Outside of The Lake Shrine

*Note: The Gilded Falcons in the Riverside Bar are gotten by playing the games of chance. Continue improving your score after obtaining the Life Vessel in each of the three game rooms. Make the effort to get the last three falcons for a grand total of 50. If you do, Captain Merrick rewards you with the Spirit Wand!*
Paying your respects
The correct order of talking to the 5 saints is: 4 2 1 3 5
Talking To Ghosts
When you're in the graveyard, the correct sequence is 3, 2, 4, 1, 5.