Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare review
Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare

The good:

Graphics are almost too good. I felt sick in seeing so
much eye-candy. Beautiful Exterior graphics without a
doubt, so much so, that I hated being inside. It looks
like Painter6 Impasto brushes were in use?

The bad:

See below...


Halfway through Aline's game I quit, the puzzles were
complex enough but awfully boring. I tried and tried, but there's not enough Horror for me. For once I'd
like to see a Shotgun with more realism, Have you ever fired one? Up close, those zombies would be paste on the wallpaper. I guess it's going to be up to me to do a Horror game fellows (yes, I make games), when you come to a sealed door just stand back a little and point the barrel towards the stubborn door and fire, now you can walk through it without any trouble. Don't give me that "game-play" stuff! Imagination can go a long ways, Alfred Hitchcock used it well. At first the monsters were interesting but soon became an annoyance (like my kids pestering me for a toy. I would have been more intrigued with creeping shadows and creeking floorboards. There where plenty of areas in the game
that could have been truly frightning, instead we get
Scooby do. Here's an example, see Robert Wise's 1963
marvelous film, Tha Haunting...you don't see much but it takes you days to find your skin after it crawled off. Then (ye-ech), see the abysmal remake (oh it had fantastic CGI's!) but it was dull and un-haunting. What you don't see in that dark corner making that gurgling sound is a lot more fearsome than showing us. Silent Hill pulled it off well by having a radio present to us white noise, very supernatural and the suspense builds...an element sorely lacking in the Horror genre these days. I didn't mind all the Literature, I'm a big Lovecraft Fan (another missing link in the Horror Genre) but I really wished the story pulled together with something more than chewing gum. Give us some gluey bottomless horror, I would have been thrilled if Aline turned on Carnby! I really hated the way the game saved, I got really pissed at having to go back and forth up those stairs pushing books only to use up all my ammo on a skinny gold super-chicken, damn! that thing had the endurance than Cthulhu on steroids. If
it was immaterial, then let us research and find means
in destroying it, achievement & rewards are a great thing in games and even in the waking world for that

Aline is sexy looking but after hearing her on radio,
Carnby was searching for duct tape. Beautiful Chartacters BTW, but there were planty of times I could
have used a certain key that would skip through it all.
I just hope that Silent Hill 2 can outdo itself.


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