Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare (PSX) Cheats

Alone in the Dark: The New Nightmare cheats, and Codes for PSX.


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Alan Morton's Haversack
During Aline Cedrac's half of the adventure, this is an important item that affects the outcome of the final battle with Obed.

The haversack is located in a pool of water next to Aline after she climbs down the rope to chase after Alan when he escapes down off the stone bridge in the Abkanis Underworld.

If you do not grab it, there are consequences. After defeating Obed, you will have but one chance to run past him on the chasm pillar when the cut scene ends. If you don't make it, you won't be able to get past him at all and end up in a frustrating game glitch.

If you DO grab it, you're rewarded with an extra FMV after defeating Obed where he rescues Aline from the Opthalmacids. After the FMV ends, you are free to run to the other side of the chasm and finish the game.
Crypt Light Puzzle
During Aline's adventure she comes to a tomb area where there is a reflector grid set up on the wall. There aren't many clues on how to solve this puzzle save for the ring you traded to Carnby.

First, head into your inventory and combine the metal cover piece you get from inside one of the crypts with Aline's flashlight. This will create a light filter.

Next, use your analog stick to trace the letter "M" in the reflectors, starting from the bottom left. You should hear a click, and another crypt door unlocks.
Disappearing One-Armed Man
During the beginning of Carnby's adventure, he comes across a strange man just outside the gate area who's missing an arm. After Carnby gets what he needs from him, leave the building and head towards the gate. You will hear gunshots and see flashes back where the man was. If you return to the building, the one-armed man is gone! Carnby also mutters, "Oh god" under his breath if you listen carefully.
Extra Charms Of Saving
Whenever you enter a room that has a Charm of Saving sitting around somewhere; pick it up and then save your game with it. Exit the game and when you reload, the Charm of Saving should reappear in the same spot.
Extra Chats
There are instances throughout the game where Aline and Carnby will automatically radio eachother as per the storyline. However, if you test out calling Carnby at certain moments using the R2 button, you can get extra conversations. Radio your partner whenever you're having trouble with a puzzle. Often, this can help give you a clue.
Keys In the Attic
In the attic it is not a trap door, but loose boards ! There is loose floorboards that contain 2 keys.... ie: 1st. Floor Office and small guilded key. Use the crowbar in between the small doorway between rooms and it gives you 2 keys.
Library Passcode / Aline Cedrac
Finished exploring the Library and don't know what to do next? Check the the first bookcase on the left from the bottom of the first set of stairs for a trick book. Enter the code 1991.
Skip Conversations
To speed past the cut scene conversation events, keep pressing the X button. Note that this may sometimes lead to annoying glitches.
In the main room of the manor, there is a statue that requires you enter two letters. You can either push the statue to the right and see the letters H and M or just ignore what I said and just enter them ...