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IGNPS2 quoted Infogrames as saying: "it's going to be a port, but we probably will add in graphic updates and play changes, depending on the feedback we get from people who play the PlayStation and other versions,".

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Added on: February 14, 2001


[edit] Background

The supernatural detective Edward Carnby is back! But this time, it's for revenge. Carnby's best friend, Charles Fiske has been found dead off a mysterious island near the coast of Maine, Shadow Island. From his first steps on Shadow Island in the cold night of winter, Carnby is immediately confronted by mysterious and evil creatures which seem utterly determined to stop his progress. When will Carnby end this horrible nightmare?

[edit] Gameplay

Alone in the Dark (5) brings the survival horror genre to the next level before it's even released as it's the first completely free world horror game. Go where you want, when you want in a virtual reality scale model of New York's Central Park. Played in third person, this horror shooter leaves you to roam the fright-infested darkened corners of your worst nightmares.

[edit] Features

  • Action-adventure game
  • Solve the mystery of a friend's death, while trying not to fall to the same death as your friend
  • Several supernatural weapons, with customizable firing patterns
  • Special combat mode
  • For 1 player action only

[edit] PC Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98 or higher
Pentium 266 MHz or higher
SVGA Graphics Card
4X CD drive or Faster
32 MB of RAM
DirectX 6.1 or higher

This game is also known as Alone in the Dark: Near Death Investigation in Europe.

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Jul 19, 13 2:06pm
Only completed this game once with Harvey. AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare
May 26, 13 4:33pm
good horror overall controls are slightly confusing and puzzles are frustrating good game for anyone looking for a challange 8/10 AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare
Sep 27, 11 1:59pm
It took me a couple of days (quite a few days) but I actually finished it now with Edward Carnby. AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare
Feb 12, 09 12:05pm
boring AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare
Princess Carmipoo
Jun 29, 05 9:33am
Never really played it. AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare
Jun 1, 05 3:41pm
to good 4 a low price AloneInTheDarkTheNewNightmare
Oct 21, 04 5:00pm
added 10 new screenshots
Jun 30, 04 7:50pm

Graphics: The most surreal and frightening environments I have ever seen. The...

Jun 3, 04 11:58pm
added 6 new screenshots
Feb 17, 04 8:45pm

I like it!
every thing is good,
just sometimes is too easy,no need for this so much...

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Sep 28, 2001 (DC)
    • Jun 26, 2001 (PC)
    • Jun 19, 2001 (PSX)
    • May 17, 2001 (PS2)
  • Europe:
    • Jun 22, 2001 (DC)
    • June 2001 (GBC)
    • May 18, 2001 (PSX)
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