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Alone In the Dark

The good:

Pretty good graphics, amazing musical score, good character choice, organized item storage, pretty decent story though based off a pretty bad movie. High level of health, you can take a pretty good battering and survive. Cool episodic scene sequences, that make it feel like your watching it on TV, and it's actually good TV.

The bad:

An extremely repetitive gameplay that almost makes you feel cheated because you've felt like you done it before, almost five times before. Annoying glitches at some points in the game, and no warning of certain events that can frustrate you and cause deaths on numerous occasions. Tiresome objectives that seems almost identical every time. Irritating supporting cast. Not very good voice acting, and some of the graphics shift at occasion, and the word and mouth movement matching seems kind of like an old Japanese film.


Warning: Plot Spoilers Ahead.

Atari's re-visiting of an old title turned movie was all but the product they could have hoped for, but even though it lacks in some areas, it makes up for where it fails by succeeding in other parts. I delved into this game expecting the game everyone said it was. Boring, frustrating, repetitive and extremely just not good in any sense. But I didn't meet the game everyone said it was, well, at least not all of it.

The game brings you to main protagonist Edward Carnby, mostly comatose on a bed watching goons beat the snot out of an old man named Theofile. You are...


An Ordeal Mr. Carnby Might Want To Keep Forgotten


Let’s talk about the very brief history of the new Alone in the Dark video game. Publishers, Atari launch the title in June 2008 for the Playstation 2, Wii and the Xbox 360. The initial reception of the game was horrific, critics dubbing disaster to current gen consoles and the priceless series itself, due to shoddy camera controls, vague free roam experience, God awful control scheme and stiff combat. I heard the announcement that a re-make was already in works, this time launching for the Playstation 3 in later November 2008. Atari and the development team, Eden Games, claimed that Alone ...


Alone In The Dark - Edward Carnby where are you?/Alone In The Dark - Edwardzie Carnby, gdzie jesteś?

The good:

1) Music/Muzyka
2) Game physics/Fizyka w grze
3) Modern gameplay stuff/Nowoczesne rozwiązania
4) Confusing endings/Zakończenia z lekkim łodafakiem

The bad:

1) Graphics - most of the time/Grafika - przez większość czasu
2) Driving sections/Sekcje jeżdżone
3) Bugs and glitches/Błędy
4) Story shortcuts/Skróty w fabule


Review in english:

Before this game came into stores it was advertised as a hit. Is it one? No, it's not. Is it better than average? No, it's not. It is average. How did this happen? Let us enter the dark alone.

You play as Edward Carnby the series' main character. Everything in the beginning is a great mystery to you. To make things even more complicated the world around you is reaching oblivion status. Something must be done about this catastrophe. This is your part. Unfolding the whole plot would be a waste of time. Generaly the story is somewhat nice, but sometimes you'll notice some odd ...

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