All-Star Baseball 2004 Updated Roster Guide Final
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All-Star Baseball 2004 Updated Roster Guide

by HOmie g StRINg   Updated to vFinal on
All-Star Baseball 2004 Updated Roster Guide
Written by HOmie g StRINg
Version Final
Last updated 12/27/03
Publisher EA
Platform Playstation 2 

All-Star Baseball 2004 Updated Roster Guide



12/27/03 FINAL

11/29/03 Just started it and I’m probably going to send it in today. 
Once it is sent in it’ll be updated everyday.


I. Legal Stuff
II. Updated Rosters
III. Thank you, and Credits


I. Legal Stuff

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II. Updated Rosters

These are the updated rosters as of 11/05/03

 Baltimore Orioles 			
Kurt Ainsworth 	S 	DL	
Tony Batista 	3B 		
Rick Bauer 	R 		
Erik Bedard 	S 	DL	
Albert Belle 	OF 	DL	
Larry Bigbie 	OF 		
Hector Carrasco 	R 		
Jeff Conine 	1B 		
Marty Cordova 	DH 	DL	
Deivi Cruz 	SS 		
Jack Cust 	DH 		
Omar Daal 	S 	DL	
Eric DuBose 	R 		
Scott Erickson 	S 	DL	
Brook Fordyce 	C 		
Jay Gibbons 	OF 		
Buddy Groom 	R 		
Jerry Hairston 	2B 	DL	
Pat Hentgen 	S 		
Jason Johnson 	S 		
Jorge Julio 	R 		
Jose Leon 	3B 		
Kerry Ligtenberg 	R 		
Rodrigo Lopez 	S 		
Robert Machado 	C 		
Luis Matos 	OF 		
Melvin Mora 	OF 	DL	
Jose Morban 	DH 		
Damian Moss 	S 		
John Parrish 	R 		
Brian Roberts 	2B 		
Willis Roberts 	R 	DL	
B.J. Ryan 	R 		
David Segui 	DH 	DL	
B.J. Surhoff 	OF 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Boston Red Sox 			
John Burkett 	S 		
Johnny Damon 	OF 		
Alan Embree 	R 		
Casey Fossum 	S 		
Nomar Garciaparra 	SS 		
Jeremy Giambi 	DH 	DL	
Damian Jackson 	OF 	Out	
Todd Jones 	R 		
Gabe Kapler 	OF 		
Byung-Hyun Kim 	R 		
Derek Lowe 	S 	Out	
Brandon Lyon 	R 	DL	
Pedro Martinez 	S 	Out	
David McCarty 	1B 		
Ramiro Mendoza 	R 	DL	
Kevin Millar 	1B 		
Doug Mirabelli 	C 		
Bill Mueller 	3B 		
Trot Nixon 	OF 		
David Ortiz 	1B 		
Robert Person 	R 	DL	
Manny Ramirez 	OF 		
Scott Sauerbeck 	R 		
Jeff Suppan 	S 		
Mike Timlin 	R 		
Jason Varitek 	C 		
Tim Wakefield 	S 		
Todd Walker 	2B 		
Scott Williamson 	R 		
Active Players: 		25 	

New York Yankees 			
Aaron Boone 	3B 		
Roger Clemens 	S 		
Jose Contreras 	R 	DL	
David Dellucci 	OF 		
John Flaherty 	C 		
Karim Garcia 	OF 		
Jason Giambi 	1B 	Out	
Chris Hammond 	R 		
Sterling Hitchcock 	R 		
Derek Jeter 	SS 		
Nick Johnson 	1B 		
Steve Karsay 	R 	DL	
Jon Lieber 	S 	DL	
Hideki Matsui 	OF 		
Mike Mussina 	S 		
Jeff Nelson 	R 		
Jesse Orosco 	R 		
Antonio Osuna 	R 		
Andy Pettitte 	S 		
Jorge Posada 	C 		
Juan Rivera 	OF 		
Mariano Rivera 	R 		
Ruben Sierra 	DH 		
Alfonso Soriano 	2B 		
Bubba Trammell 	DH 	DL	
Jeff Weaver 	S 		
David Wells 	S 	Out	
Gabe White 	R 	DL	
Bernie Williams 	OF 		
Enrique Wilson 	SS 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Tampa Bay Devil Rays 			
Marlon Anderson 	2B 		
Brandon Backe 	R 		
Rocco Baldelli 	OF 		
Rob Bell 	S 		
Lance Carter 	R 		
Jesus Colome 	R 		
Carl Crawford 	OF 		
Chad Gaudin 	R 		
Jeremi Gonzalez 	S 		
Ben Grieve 	DH 	DL	
Toby Hall 	C 		
Travis Harper 	R 		
Aubrey Huff 	OF 		
Joe Kennedy 	S 		
Travis Lee 	1B 		
Julio Lugo 	SS 		
Mark Malaska 	R 		
Al Martin 	DH 		
Seth McClung 	R 	DL	
Rey Ordoñez 	SS 	DL	
Antonio Perez 	2B 		
Adam Piatt 	OF 		
Damian Rolls 	3B 		
Jared Sandberg 	3B 		
Terry Shumpert 	2B 	DL	
Jorge Sosa 	S 		
Jason Tyner 	OF 		
Javier Valentin 	C 		
Victor Zambrano 	S 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Toronto Blue Jays 			
Dave Berg 	2B 		
Mike Bordick 	SS 		
Brian Bowles 	R 		
Kevin Cash 	C 		
Frank Catalanotto 	OF 	Out	
Doug Creek 	R 	DL	
Carlos Delgado 	1B 		
Kelvim Escobar 	S 		
Bob File 	R 	DL	
Roy Halladay 	S 		
Mark Hendrickson 	S 		
Eric Hinske 	3B 		
Orlando Hudson 	2B 		
Reed Johnson 	OF 		
Jason Kershner 	R 		
Bobby Kielty 	OF 		
Cory Lidle 	S 	DL	
Aquilino Lopez 	R 		
Trever Miller 	R 		
Greg Myers 	C 		
Josh Phelps 	DH 		
Cliff Politte 	R 	Out	
Dan Reichert 	R 		
Tanyon Sturtze 	R 		
Josh Towers 	S 		
Pete Walker 	R 	DL	
Vernon Wells 	OF 		
Tom Wilson 	C 		
Chris Woodward 	SS 		
Active Players: 		25 	


Cleveland Indians 			
Brian Anderson 	S 		
Danys Baez 	R 		
Josh Bard 	C 		
Jason Bere 	S 	DL	
Rafael Betancourt 	R 		
Casey Blake 	3B 		
Jason Boyd 	R 	DL	
Milton Bradley 	OF 	DL	
Ben Broussard 	1B 		
Ellis Burks 	DH 	DL	
David Cortes 	R 		
Jack Cressend 	R 		
Coco Crisp 	OF 		
Jason Davis 	S 		
Dave Elder 	R 	DL	
Alex Escobar 	OF 		
Jody Gerut 	OF 		
Ricky Gutierrez 	SS 	DL	
Travis Hafner 	1B 		
Tim Laker 	C 		
Matt Lawton 	OF 		
Cliff Lee 	S 		
Ryan Ludwick 	OF 		
Victor Martinez 	C 	DL	
John McDonald 	2B 		
Terry Mulholland 	R 		
Jhonny Peralta 	SS 		
David Riske 	R 		
C.C. Sabathia 	S 		
Angel Santos 	2B 		
Billy Traber 	R 		
Omar Vizquel 	SS 	DL	
Jake Westbrook 	S 		
Bob Wickman 	R 	DL	
Mark Wohlers 	R 	DL	
Active Players: 		25 	

Chicago White Sox 			
Jon Adkins 	R 		
Roberto Alomar 	2B 		
Sandy Alomar 	C 		
Mark Buehrle 	S 		
Bartolo Colon 	S 		
Neal Cotts 	S 		
Joe Crede 	3B 		
Brian Daubach 	1B 		
Carl Everett 	OF 		
Jon Garland 	S 		
Tom Gordon 	R 		
Tony Graffanino 	SS 		
Willie Harris 	OF 		
Billy Koch 	R 	DL	
Paul Konerko 	1B 		
Carlos Lee 	OF 		
Esteban Loaiza 	S 		
Damaso Marte 	R 		
Miguel Olivo 	C 		
Magglio Ordoñez 	OF 		
Aaron Rowand 	OF 		
Scott Schoeneweis 	R 		
Frank Thomas 	DH 		
Jose Valentin 	SS 		
Dan Wright 	S 		
Kelly Wunsch 	R 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Detroit Tigers 			
Jeremy Bonderman 	S 	Out	
Nate Cornejo 	S 		
Eric Eckenstahler 	R 		
Shane Halter 	3B 		
Bobby Higginson 	OF 		
A.J. Hinch 	C 	DL	
Brandon Inge 	C 		
Danny Klassen 	SS 		
Wil Ledezma 	R 		
Shane Loux 	R 		
Mike Maroth 	S 		
Craig Monroe 	OF 		
Warren Morris 	2B 		
Eric Munson 	3B 	DL	
Dean Palmer 	DH 	DL	
Danny Patterson 	R 		
Carlos Peña 	1B 		
Ben Petrick 	OF 		
Nate Robertson 	S 		
Matt Roney 	R 		
Alex Sanchez 	OF 		
Ramon Santiago 	2B 		
Steve Sparks 	R 		
Chris Spurling 	R 		
Matt Walbeck 	C 		
Jamie Walker 	R 		
Kevin Witt 	DH 		
Dmitri Young 	OF 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Kansas City Royals 			
Paul Abbott 	R 		
Jeremy Affeldt 	S 		
Kevin Appier 	S 		
Miguel Asencio 	S 	DL	
Carlos Beltran 	OF 		
Angel Berroa 	SS 		
Dee Brown 	OF 		
D.J. Carrasco 	R 		
Mike DiFelice 	C 		
Jimmy Gobble 	S 		
Jason Grimsley 	R 		
Aaron Guiel 	OF 		
Ken Harvey 	1B 		
Raul Ibanez 	OF 		
Curtis Leskanic 	R 		
Al Levine 	R 		
Jose Lima 	S 		
Graeme Lloyd 	R 		
Mendy Lopez 	1B 		
Mike MacDougal 	R 		
Julius Matos 	3B 		
Darrell May 	S 		
Brent Mayne 	C 		
Joe Randa 	3B 		
Desi Relaford 	2B 		
Kyle Snyder 	S 	DL	
Mike Sweeney 	1B 		
Michael Tucker 	OF 	DL	
Active Players: 		25 	

Minnesota Twins 			
Grant Balfour 	R 		
Rob Bowen 	C 		
Mike Fetters 	R 	DL	
Lew Ford 	OF 	DL	
Chris Gomez 	2B 		
Eddie Guardado 	R 		
Cristian Guzman 	SS 		
LaTroy Hawkins 	R 		
Denny Hocking 	3B 		
Torii Hunter 	OF 		
Jacque Jones 	OF 		
Corey Koskie 	3B 		
Matt LeCroy 	DH 		
Kyle Lohse 	S 		
Joe Mays 	S 		
Doug Mientkiewicz 	1B 	Out	
Eric Milton 	S 	DL	
Dustan Mohr 	OF 		
A.J. Pierzynski 	C 		
Carlos Pulido 	S 		
Brad Radke 	S 		
Rick Reed 	S 	DL	
Juan Rincon 	R 		
Luis Rivas 	2B 		
Kenny Rogers 	S 		
J.C. Romero 	R 		
Michael Ryan 	OF 		
Johan Santana 	R 		
Shannon Stewart 	OF 		
Active Players: 		25

Anaheim Angels  
Alfredo Amezaga  SS   
Garret Anderson  OF   
Jeff DaVanon  OF   
Brendan Donnelly  R   
Trent Durrington  SS   
David Eckstein  SS  DL 
Darin Erstad  OF  DL 
Chone Figgins  OF   
Brad Fullmer  DH  DL 
Troy Glaus  3B  DL 
Gary Glover  R   
Greg Jones  R   
Adam Kennedy  2B   
John Lackey  S   
Bengie Molina  C   
Jose Molina  C   
Ramon Ortiz  S   
Eric Owens  OF   
Troy Percival  R   
Robb Quinlan  1B   
Adam Riggs  1B   
Francisco Rodriguez  R   
Tim Salmon  OF   
Aaron Sele  S   
Scot Shields  R   
Scott Spiezio  1B   
Jarrod Washburn  S   
Ben Weber  R   
Matt Wise  R  DL 
Shawn Wooten  1B   
Active Players:  25  

Oakland Athletics  
Micah Bowie  R  DL 
Chad Bradford  R   
Eric Byrnes  OF   
Eric Chavez  3B   
Erubiel Durazo  DH   
Jermaine Dye  OF  DL 
Mark Ellis  2B   
Keith Foulke  R   
Jose Guillen  OF   
John Halama  R   
Rich Harden  S   
Chad Harville  R   
Scott Hatteberg  1B   
Ramon Hernandez  C   
Tim Hudson  S  Out 
Ted Lilly  S   
Terrence Long  OF   
Billy McMillon  OF   
Jim Mecir  R   
Adam Melhuse  C   
Frank Menechino  2B   
Mark Mulder  S  DL 
Mike Neu  R   
Ricardo Rincon  R   
Chris Singleton  OF   
Miguel Tejada  SS   
Mike Wood  S   
Barry Zito  S   
Active Players:  25  

Seattle Mariners  
Armando Benitez  R   
Willie Bloomquist  3B  Out 
Bret Boone  2B   
Mike Cameron  OF   
Jeff Cirillo  3B   
Greg Colbrunn  1B  DL 
Ben Davis  C   
Ryan Franklin  S   
Freddy Garcia  S   
Carlos Guillen  SS  DL 
Shigetos Hasegawa  R   
John Mabry  OF   
Edgar Martinez  DH   
Julio Mateo  R   
Mark McLemore  SS   
Gil Meche  S   
Chad Meyers  OF   
Jamie Moyer  S   
John Olerud  1B   
Joel Pineiro  S   
Arthur Rhodes  R   
Rey Sanchez  SS   
Kazuhiro Sasaki  R   
Rafael Soriano  R   
Ichiro Suzuki  OF   
Dan Wilson  C   
Randy Winn  OF   
Active Players:  25  
Texas Rangers  
Joaquin Benoit  S   
Hank Blalock  3B   
Francisco Cordero  R   
Einar Diaz  C   
R.A. Dickey  R   
Juan Dominguez  S   
Aaron Fultz  R   
Juan Gonzalez  OF  DL 
Todd Greene  C   
Rusty Greer  OF  DL 
Jason Jones  OF   
Colby Lewis  S   
Ron Mahay  R   
Kevin Mench  OF  DL 
Ramon Nivar  OF   
Laynce Nix  OF   
Rafael Palmeiro  DH   
Chan Ho Park  S  DL 
Herbert Perry  1B  DL 
Jay Powell  R   
Erasmo Ramirez  R   
Alex Rodriguez  SS   
Ricardo Rodriguez  S  DL 
Donnie Sadler  OF   
Brian Shouse  R   
Shane Spencer  OF   
Mark Teixeira  1B   
Marcus Thames  OF   
John Thomson  S   
Ismael Valdes  S  Out 
Michael Young  2B   
Jeff Zimmerman  R  DL 
Active Players:  25  

Atlanta Braves 			
Henry Blanco 	C 		
Darren Bragg 	OF 		
Paul Byrd 	S 	DL	
Vinny Castilla 	3B 		
Will Cunnane 	R 		
Mark DeRosa 	2B 		
Robert Fick 	1B 		
Julio Franco 	1B 	DL	
Matt Franco 	1B 		
Rafael Furcal 	SS 		
Marcus Giles 	2B 	Out	
Kevin Gryboski 	R 		
Mike Hampton 	S 		
Roberto Hernandez 	R 	DL	
Michael Hessman 	3B 		
Trey Hodges 	R 		
Darren Holmes 	R 	DL	
Andruw Jones 	OF 		
Chipper Jones 	OF 		
Ray King 	R 		
Javy Lopez 	C 	Out	
Greg Maddux 	S 		
Jason Marquis 	R 		
Kent Mercker 	R 		
Russ Ortiz 	S 		
Horacio Ramirez 	S 		
Shane Reynolds 	S 		
Gary Sheffield 	OF 		
John Smoltz 	R 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Florida Marlins 			
Armando Almanza 	R 		
Brian Banks 	OF 		
Josh Beckett 	S 		
Toby Borland 	R 	DL	
Nate Bump 	R 		
A.J. Burnett 	S 	DL	
Miguel Cabrera 	OF 		
Luis Castillo 	2B 		
Ramon Castro 	C 		
Juan Encarnacion 	OF 		
Andy Fox 	2B 		
Chad Fox 	R 		
Alex Gonzalez 	SS 		
Todd Hollandsworth 	OF 		
Derrek Lee 	1B 		
Braden Looper 	R 		
Mike Lowell 	3B 		
Mike Mordecai 	SS 		
Kevin Olsen 	R 	DL	
Carl Pavano 	S 		
Brad Penny 	S 		
Tommy Phelps 	R 	DL	
Juan Pierre 	OF 		
Mark Redman 	S 		
Mike Redmond 	C 		
Ivan Rodriguez 	C 		
Tim Spooneybarger 	R 	DL	
Michael Tejera 	R 		
Ugueth Urbina 	R 		
Dontrelle Willis 	S 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Montreal Expos 			
Hector Almonte 	R 		
Tony Armas Jr. 	S 	DL	
Luis Ayala 	R 		
Michael Barrett 	C 	DL	
Rocky Biddle 	R 		
Orlando Cabrera 	SS 		
Ron Calloway 	OF 		
Jamey Carroll 	3B 		
Endy Chavez 	OF 		
Roy Corcoran 	R 		
Wil Cordero 	1B 		
Zach Day 	S 		
Joey Eischen 	R 		
Vladimir Guerrero 	OF 		
Edwards Guzman 	3B 		
Livan Hernandez 	S 		
Orlando Hernandez 	S 	DL	
Eric Knott 	R 		
Jose Macias 	OF 		
Henry Mateo 	2B 		
Tomo Ohka 	S 		
Brian Schneider 	C 		
Dan Smith 	R 	DL	
Scott Stewart 	R 	DL	
Fernando Tatis 	3B 	DL	
T.J. Tucker 	R 		
Claudio Vargas 	S 	DL	
Javier Vazquez 	S 		
Jose Vidro 	2B 		
Joe Vitiello 	OF 		
Brad Wilkerson 	OF 		
Todd Zeile 	3B 		
Active Players: 		25 	

New York Mets 			
Pedro Astacio 	S 	DL	
Jay Bell 	1B 		
Roger Cedeño 	OF 		
Jaime Cerda 	R 		
Tony Clark 	1B 		
Jeff Duncan 	OF 		
Pedro Feliciano 	R 		
Cliff Floyd 	OF 	DL	
John Franco 	R 		
Tom Glavine 	S 		
Raul Gonzalez 	OF 		
Aaron Heilman 	S 		
Al Leiter 	S 		
Joe McEwing 	2B 		
Timo Perez 	OF 		
Jason Phillips 	1B 		
Mike Piazza 	C 		
Jose Reyes 	SS 		
Grant Roberts 	R 		
Marcos Scutaro 	2B 		
Jae Seo 	S 		
Mike Stanton 	R 		
Scott Strickland 	R 	DL	
Steve Trachsel 	S 		
Mo Vaughn 	1B 	DL	
David Weathers 	R 		
Dan Wheeler 	R 		
Ty Wigginton 	3B 		
Vance Wilson 	C 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Philadelphia Phillies 			
Bobby Abreu 	OF 		
Terry Adams 	R 		
David Bell 	3B 	DL	
Pat Burrell 	OF 		
Marlon Byrd 	OF 		
Dave Coggin 	R 	DL	
Rheal Cormier 	R 		
Tyler Houston 	3B 		
Ricky Ledee 	OF 		
Mike Lieberthal 	C 		
Jose Mesa 	R 		
Jason Michaels 	OF 		
Kevin Millwood 	S 		
Brett Myers 	S 		
Vicente Padilla 	S 		
Tomas Perez 	3B 		
Dan Plesac 	R 		
Placido Polanco 	2B 		
Todd Pratt 	C 		
Jimmy Rollins 	SS 		
Carlos Silva 	R 		
Amaury Telemaco 	S 		
Jim Thome 	1B 		
Chase Utley 	2B 		
Turk Wendell 	R 		
Mike Williams 	R 		
Randy Wolf 	S 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Chicago Cubs  
Antonio Alfonseca  R   
Moises Alou  OF   
Paul Bako  C   
Joe Borowski  R   
Scott Chiasson  R  DL 
Matt Clement  S   
Shawn Estes  S   
Kyle Farnsworth  R   
Doug Glanville  OF   
Alex Gonzalez  SS   
Tom Goodwin  OF   
Mark Grudzielanek  2B  DL 
Mark Guthrie  R   
Eric Karros  1B   
Kenny Lofton  OF   
Ramon Martinez  3B   
Damian Miller  C   
Troy O'Leary  OF   
Will Ohman  R  DL 
Corey Patterson  OF  DL 
Mark Prior  S   
Aramis Ramirez  3B   
Mike Remlinger  R   
Randall Simon  1B   
Sammy Sosa  OF   
Dave Veres  R   
Tony Womack  SS   
Kerry Wood  S   
Carlos Zambrano  S   
Active Players:  25  

Cincinnati Reds  
Jose Acevedo  S  DL 
John Bale  S   
Russell Branyan  3B  DL 
Sean Casey  1B   
Juan Castro  2B   
Ryan Dempster  S  DL 
Adam Dunn  OF  DL 
Seth Etherton  S   
Ryan Freel  2B   
Danny Graves  S   
Ken Griffey Jr.  OF  DL 
Aaron Harang  S   
Jimmy Haynes  S  DL 
Felix Heredia  R   
D'Angelo Jimenez  2B   
Austin Kearns  OF  DL 
Barry Larkin  SS   
Brandon Larson  3B  DL 
Jason LaRue  C   
Ruben Mateo  OF   
Corky Miller  C   
Ranier Olmedo  SS   
Wily Mo Peña  OF   
Luke Prokopec  S  DL 
Brian Reith  R   
Chris Reitsma  R   
John Riedling  R   
Dernell Stenson  OF   
Kelly Stinnett  C   
Scott Sullivan  R   
Reggie Taylor  OF   
Ryan Wagner  R   
Mark Watson  R   
Paul Wilson  S   
Active Players:  25  

Houston Astros  
Brad Ausmus  C   
Jeff Bagwell  1B   
Lance Berkman  OF   
Craig Biggio  OF   
Geoff Blum  3B   
Raul Chavez  C   
Octavio Dotel  R   
Morgan Ensberg  3B   
Adam Everett  SS   
Jared Fernandez  S   
Mike Gallo  R   
Carlos Hernandez  S  DL 
Richard Hidalgo  OF   
Jeff Kent  2B   
Jason Lane  OF   
Brad Lidge  R   
Orlando Merced  OF   
Dan Miceli  R   
Wade Miller  S   
Brian Moehler  S  DL 
Roy Oswalt  S  DL 
Tim Redding  S   
Jeriome Robertson  S   
Rodrigo Rosario  S  DL 
Ricky Stone  R   
Ron Villone  S   
Jose Vizcaino  SS   
Billy Wagner  R   
Rick White  R   
Active Players:  25  
Milwaukee Brewers  
Dave Burba  R   
Brady Clark  OF   
Royce Clayton  SS   
Jason Conti  OF   
Enrique Cruz  SS   
Doug Davis  S   
Valerio De Los Santos  R   
Mike DeJean  R   
Jayson Durocher  R  DL 
Leo Estrella  R   
Matt Ford  R  DL 
Wayne Franklin  S   
Keith Ginter  3B   
Bill Hall  2B   
Wes Helms  3B  DL 
Geoff Jenkins  OF   
Brooks Kieschnick  R   
Matt Kinney  S   
Dan Kolb  R   
Nick Neugebauer  S  DL 
Wes Obermueller  S   
Keith Osik  C   
Eddie Perez  C   
Scott Podsednik  OF   
Ruben Quevedo  S  DL 
Todd Ritchie  S  DL 
Glendon Rusch  S  DL 
Richie Sexson  1B   
Ben Sheets  S  Out 
Mark Smith  OF   
John Vander Wal  OF  Out 
Luis Vizcaino  R   
Active Players:  25  

Pittsburgh Pirates  
Joe Beimel  R   
Kris Benson  S  DL 
Brian Boehringer  R   
Mark Corey  R   
Jeff D'Amico  S   
J.J. Davis  OF   
Nelson Figueroa  S   
Josh Fogg  S   
Brian Giles  OF   
Mike Gonzalez  R   
Jose Hernandez  SS   
Jason Kendall  C   
Mike Lincoln  R   
Rob Mackowiak  OF   
Pat Mahomes  R   
Brian Meadows  R   
Pat Meares  2B  DL 
Abraham Nuñez  2B   
Jeff Reboulet  2B   
Tike Redman  OF   
Pokey Reese  2B  DL 
Carlos Rivera  1B   
Reggie Sanders  OF   
Matt Stairs  OF   
Julian Tavarez  R   
Salomon Torres  R  DL 
Kip Wells  S   
Craig Wilson  OF   
Jack Wilson  SS   
Active Players:  25  

St Louis Cardinals  
Miguel Cairo  2B   
Kiko Calero  R  DL 
Chris Carpenter  S  DL 
J.D. Drew  OF  DL 
Jim Edmonds  OF   
Cal Eldred  R   
Jeff Fassero  R   
Joe Girardi  C  DL 
Dan Haren  S   
Bo Hart  2B   
Jason Isringhausen  R   
Jim Journell  R   
Steve Kline  R   
Eli Marrero  OF  DL 
Tino Martinez  1B   
Mike Matheny  C   
Matt Morris  S  DL 
Lance Painter  R  DL 
Orlando Palmeiro  OF   
Jason Pearson  R   
Eduardo Perez  OF   
Albert Pujols  OF  Out 
Edgar Renteria  SS   
Kerry Robinson  OF   
Scott Rolen  3B   
Jason Simontacchi  R   
Russ Springer  R  DL 
Gene Stechschulte  R  DL 
Garrett Stephenson  S   
So Taguchi  OF   
Brett Tomko  S   
Steve Torrealba  C  DL 
Fernando Viña  2B  DL 
Chris Widger  C   
Woody Williams  S   
Esteban Yan  R   
Active Players:  25  
 Arizona Diamondbacks 			
Carlos Baerga 	2B 		
Rod Barajas 	C 		
Miguel Batista 	S 		
Danny Bautista 	OF 		
Alex Cintron 	SS 		
Craig Counsell 	3B 		
Elmer Dessens 	S 		
Steve Finley 	OF 		
Luis Gonzalez 	OF 		
Mark Grace 	1B 	DL	
Rob Hammock 	3B 		
Shea Hillenbrand 	1B 		
Randy Johnson 	S 		
Matt Kata 	2B 		
Mike Koplove 	R 	DL	
Matt Mantei 	R 		
Quinton McCracken 	OF 		
Chad Moeller 	C 		
Raul Mondesi 	OF 		
Mike Myers 	R 		
Eddie Oropesa 	R 		
Steve Randolph 	R 		
Curt Schilling 	S 		
Junior Spivey 	2B 		
Jose Valverde 	R 		
Oscar Villarreal 	R 		
Brandon Webb 	S 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Colorado Rockies 			
Garrett Atkins 	3B 		
Mark Bellhorn 	3B 	DL	
Ronnie Belliard 	2B 		
Adam Bernero 	S 		
Shawn Chacon 	S 	DL	
Aaron Cook 	S 		
Nelson Cruz 	R 	DL	
Bobby Estalella 	C 	DL	
Brian Fuentes 	R 		
Todd Helton 	1B 		
Jason Jennings 	S 		
Jose Jimenez 	R 		
Charles Johnson 	C 		
Javier Lopez 	R 		
Denny Neagle 	S 	DL	
Greg Norton 	3B 		
Darren Oliver 	S 	Out	
Pablo Ozuna 	2B 		
Jay Payton 	OF 		
Steve Reed 	R 		
Rene Reyes 	OF 		
Chris Richard 	OF 	DL	
Mandy Romero 	C 		
Justin Speier 	R 		
Denny Stark 	S 		
Chris Stynes 	3B 		
Chin-Hui Tsao 	S 		
Juan Uribe 	SS 		
Cory Vance 	R 		
Larry Walker 	OF 	Out	
Preston Wilson 	OF 		
Active Players: 		25 	

Los Angeles Dodgers 			
Victor Alvarez 	R 		
Wilson Alvarez 	R 		
Andy Ashby 	S 	Out	
Adrian Beltre 	3B 		
Troy Brohawn 	R 	DL	
Kevin Brown 	S 		
Jeromy Burnitz 	OF 		
Jolbert Cabrera 	2B 		
Ron Coomer 	1B 		
Alex Cora 	2B 		
Darren Dreifort 	S 	DL	
Eric Gagne 	R 		
Shawn Green 	OF 	Out	
Rickey Henderson 	OF 		
Todd Hundley 	C 	DL	
Kazuhisa Ishii 	S 	DL	
Cesar Izturis 	SS 		
Brian Jordan 	OF 	DL	
Mike Kinkade 	OF 		
Paul Lo Duca 	C 		
Tom Martin 	R 		
Fred McGriff 	1B 	DL	
Guillermo Mota 	R 		
Scott Mullen 	R 		
Hideo Nomo 	S 		
Odalis Perez 	S 		
Paul Quantrill 	R 		
David Roberts 	OF 		
Dave Ross 	C 		
Paul Shuey 	R 		
Derek Thompson 	S 	DL	
Robin Ventura 	3B 		
Active Players: 		25 	

San Diego Padres 			
Jason Bay 	OF 	DL	
Rod Beck 	R 		
Gary Bennett 	C 		
Brian Buchanan 	OF 	Out	
Sean Burroughs 	3B 		
Adam Eaton 	S 		
Luther Hackman 	R 		
Dave Hansen 	1B 		
Trevor Hoffman 	R 	DL	
Kevin Jarvis 	S 		
Ryan Klesko 	1B 		
Mark Kotsay 	OF 		
Brian Lawrence 	S 		
Scott Linebrink 	R 		
Keith Lockhart 	2B 	DL	
Mark Loretta 	2B 		
Gary Matthews Jr. 	OF 		
Mike Matthews 	R 		
Lou Merloni 	3B 		
Phil Nevin 	OF 		
Miguel Ojeda 	C 		
Jake Peavy 	S 		
Oliver Perez 	S 		
Joe Roa 	R 		
Ramon Vazquez 	SS 		
Rondell White 	OF 		
Jay Witasick 	R 		
Jaret Wright 	R 		
Active Players: 		25 	


San Francisco Giants 			
Edgardo Alfonzo 	3B 		
Rich Aurilia 	SS 		
Marvin Benard 	OF 	DL	
Barry Bonds 	OF 		
Jim Brower 	R 		
Alberto Castillo 	C 	DL	
Jason Christiansen 	R 		
Kevin Correia 	R 		
Jose Cruz Jr. 	OF 		
Ray Durham 	2B 	DL	
Scott Eyre 	R 		
Pedro Feliz 	3B 		
Jesse Foppert 	S 	Out	
Andres Galarraga 	1B 		
Marquis Grissom 	OF 		
Jeffrey Hammonds 	OF 		
Matt Herges 	R 		
Dustin Hermanson 	R 		
Joe Nathan 	R 		
Robb Nen 	R 	DL	
Neifi Perez 	2B 		
Sidney Ponson 	S 		
Felix Rodriguez 	R 		
Kirk Rueter 	S 	DL	
Benito Santiago 	C 		
Jason Schmidt 	S 		
J.T. Snow 	1B 	DL	
Yorvit Torrealba 	C 		
Jerome Williams 	S 		
Tim Worrell 	R 		
Eric Young 	2B 		
Active Players: 		25 	


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