All Star Tennis Tips

Special Moves
Special Moves (Note: Your meter must be at least half colored.)

While holding down L+R+left c-button, or While holding down Z+R+left c-button,

Rub "B", or "A", or "down c-button"

If you rub "B,"

(1) has the highest bounce
(2) returned by the computer about 80% of the time
(3) rarely goes out of bounds
(4) least effective

If you rub "A,"

(1) travels furthest of all special moves before it actually bounces
(2) returned by the computer 40% of the time
(3) goes out of bounds often
(4) best performed near or behind the baseline

If you rub "down c-button,"

(1) has the lowest bounce
(2) fastest hit special move
(3) return by the computer is extremely rare
(4) best performed inside of the baseline, or at the return of the oponent's serve
(5) will go in net 80% of the time if performed from too far behind baseline
(6) most effective of all special moves