[edit] Background

Aliens in the Attic, the family friendly, action–adventure video game based on the Twentieth Century Fox movie.

Set in the best tradition of movies like Gremlins, TNMT and The Goonies, this adventure-comedy is about a group of kids on a family vacation with their parents in a creepy mansion.

The Aliens’ thirst of conquest will lead them from their planet to Earth and their first point of call is the kids’ residence in Maine. The Aliens use weapons to mind control grown-ups and use them for their own gain. Their technology is ineffective against children however and they will need all their wit to take over the vacation home and finally, planet Earth.

[edit] Game Play

Aliens in the Attic for Wii, PS2 and PC gives players a whole new way to experience the storyline by allowing them to assume the identity of one of four different alien explorers whose mission it is to take over the summer home, and possibly the world! This version of the game features 15 exciting levels that are carried out in four different locations. Plus, players can switch between characters on the fly for fast-paced action!

[edit] Features

  • The game gives a new perspective on the movie: the same story, but from the aliens’ perspective
  • Four different characters to play with, each with

their own unique abilities

  • Switch between the four alien characters on the fly
  • A big country house transformed into a battlefield, from the roof to the basement, from the attic to the venting system, from the living room to the garden
  • 15 exciting levels in 4 different settings
  • Fast-paced action, suitable for the whole family
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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • Aug 4, 2009 (DS)
    • Jul 31, 2009 (Movie)
    • Jul 28, 2009 (PC)
  • Europe:
    • Aug 14, 2009 (DS)
    • Aug 12, 2009 (Movie)
  • Australia: Sep 3, 2009
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