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Aliens: Colonial Marines review
They pulled a "Duke Nukem Forever" again..

The good:

+Aliens fans will love the authentic Aliens feel, The references, and the fact that you are able to
pick up the weapons of their favorite movie characters.
+Multiplayer is surprisingly fun.
+Story ties in well with the movie

The bad:

-Outdated Graphics and
-Multiplayer feels half-baked at times
-Mediocre AI
-Action sequences against human enemies is tedious and boring
-Awkward Animations
-Terrible Voice Acting with corny and emotionless dialogue.
-Glitchy as *bleep*


I was so excited when this game was announced, The graphics look so awesome! The aliens are so terrifying! Oh, i bought this game straight away, no questions asked. Was i dissapointed? Naw, not really. In fact, it's one of the best Aliens game i have ever played in a while, but not one of the best shooters ever. This game has so much potential, but they pulled another Duke Nukem Forever. Don't get me wrong now, i'm not saying that they're both terrible games, they're fun yes, but they just have so much potential to be something MORE then the shit they give us.

Oh sweet queen of the hive the graphics are really outdated. The FX on the aliens look awkward, The animations are clunky, And the textures are terrible(Even on the highest settings). There are a lot of quirks in the environment, and don't even get me started on the character models. I swear on this bowl of Cheetos i am snacking on (Which will probably be gone by the time you read this) that the promotional images of the game showed us some beautiful visuals, with stunning lighting and wonderful textures. Insteeeaaad we have some 2008/9-ish visuals with terrible lighting. PC players can get acceptable visuals at the highest setting and with the recent 4GB exclusive PC patch but if you're a console gamer you're stuck with the outdated visuals i'm afraid :/ . Despite all that, the Xenos have obviously been well designed. They look really amazing, and i'm sure they will look all the more badass if the graphics were like the E3 Demo's.

Despite all the bugs, *bleep*tard AI, Half-baked linear and short Campaign, This game is actually quite fun. Shooting hordes of Xenos in the campaign(Which is considered to be the sequel to Aliens)is really fun, especially with friends(Yes this game has co-op.), And the PvP is great, too despite being half-baked like the rest of the game. In campaign mode, you blast through 11 levels alone or with friends solving linear puzzles, killing aliens, and collecting stuff along the way. You have to think smart, human enemies deal tons of damage even on Easy, and the Xenos are slippery bastards that surround you then proceed to jump over walls while you scream: 'STAY STILL AND LET ME KILL YOU MOTHER*BLEEP*er'. Does it sound appealing? Because while you do need to think like a marine, Their AI is terrible. Sometimes Xenos hop between walls, or stop in front of you and run back to a wall, then run back and forth then jump at another wall and repeat what they just did. Even the humans have retarded AI, Shootouts with human enemies are boring and tedious, with little to no excitement or tension at all. As you play through the campaign, you can rank up by killing stuff, completing challenges, and collecting hidden dog tags and audio logs. As you rank up, you can unlock weapon upgrades and customization options for your marine as well as weapons. If you pick up or unlock a gun, you store them in your "inventory" and you can carry them all but can only equip 1 Primary, 1 Secondary, 1 type of grenade, And 1 pistol. You can change the type of gear in each slot anytime, but i don't recommend doing it in a fight. You can also pick up Legendary Weapons. These guns belong to the characters in the Movie, and they usually have unique appearances and use 'Legendary' Ammo.(Bullets with an Orange color indicator as opposed to the normal blue one.) Ammo for them is usually scarce, but they deal insane amounts of damage, anyway. In Multiplayer, You play as either a Xeno or a Marine in round-based game modes. You need to rely on you team on this one, because the multiplayer needs teamwork and tactics as opposed to CoD's "BITCH I KNIFE YOU" PvP. As a marine, sticking with your squad is a must, or you're pretty much Xeno food. As a Xeno, you need to think like a hunter. Be patient, wait for them to make a mistake or to get separated, then strike. Multiplayer is pretty much the strong point in this game. Now if only someone were to explain this to the current Colonial Marines multiplayer community.

As an Aliens fan, i really love the story and how it ties in well with the movie. You are a Marine, fighting the most dangerous extraterrestrial sons of a bitches in the galaxy after a disastrous operation which leaves you stranded in a hostile planet while being hunted by a corporation who will stop at nothing to keep the truth buried. It pretty much revolves around you and the remaining marines' struggle against the Xenos and the Wey-Yu corporation. The game starts off on an Alien infested ship, then puts you in a desolate planet which is also infested with Aliens. Joy of joys. While great for fans of the movie, the story is quite terrible if you're not. In fact, there's not much of a story, really and it feels rushed. It doesn't suck you in, and it's dull and cliche(Small squad of marines versus Army of Mercs and Aliens lol) It was obviously written for fans of the Movie, which i appreciate, but at least they should have made a more interesting story that fans and gamers will love, not just fans.

Let me be straight up here, the voice acting is terrible. Did these actors even try? The characters sound emotionless, and the dialogue is so cornnnny. The human enemies all have the same voices and they don't sound good either. The soundtrack is OK i guess, and the guns sound acceptable at least. Of course, Xenos get the star treatment AGAIN. They sound great, especially the Boiler.

After you finish the short Campaign, you can replay it with friends, Grind for trophies, or play Multiplayer. If this game had no Multiplayer, i don't know what you're supposed to do with it after beating it. Trade it in for something else? Heh.

So much wasted potential. Just like DNF, this game is really fun but it could be so much more than this. It's fun for the first 6 hours or so, but with a friend it's much more better. And fun. I hope i don't see anyone with a name that says: "Nunu" online or i will trade this game straight away..

OVERALL: 5.6/10

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