Alien Shooter: Vengeance Cheats

Alien Shooter: Vengeance cheats, Passwords, and Codes for PC.


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In-game Cheat Codes
To enable cheat codes type letters on the keyboard during the game IN GAME MODE.
NOTE: Codes do not work in Survive mode.
PasswordWhat it does
remgamma remove gamma on the level
stwnn complete level successfully.
cheath gives 1000 hp.
st1 gives 15000 hp.
st2 invincibility.
stammo gives some ammo.
stexp or cheatexp adds enough exp for getting new level.
cheats + 50 to the speed skill.
cheatw + 100 skills of weapons reloading.
stkk to kill all monsters withing a radius of 1000 pixels from the character.
stk9 to kill all monsters on the map.
stgod makes all skills (except perk) 100 or 200 sequential. adds also 50000 money.
stm or cheatm + 10 000 money.
stshop download shop on the level.
stmus[x] turn the x number of tracks.
stmusstop stop current track.
stat turn on\off current statistics.