Alien Hominid Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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Master Code (PS2) North America

B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
5F384287 D71A8366
C41C241F 2037E095
4E7A3247 0C9731BC
19940090 5979EC54

This code will let you enter any other Codebreaker codes for Alien Hominid.

Infinite Grenades (PS2) North America

DF1CC591 3D35572C

This code will supply all of your characters with an infinite supply of grenades.

Infinite Lives (PS2) North America

1983BC60 E752577B
85AE2353 C2F06A3D
608C3F05 2FF58B5E
787654B8 29007743
8DDA64D6 ED32D10E

This code will give you an infinite supply of lives.

Infinite Ammo (PS2) North America

Infinite Ammo (All Players)
0D5628EE 49036B8B

Infinite Credits (PS2) North America

Infinite Credits ( All Players )
1C2ED983 5C85C647
5DC0C5B6 57EBD2C9
4A2C670E 81C8BEB9

Hat 1-10 Codes (PS2) North America

Hat 1
2BB67186 FE49E856

Hat 2
F055235F 55779BB1

Hat 3

Hat 4
F8E53C9E D1669A33

Hat 5

Hat 6

Hat 7
5D885CE7 3DE164D7

Hat 8
EAAD2017 82F82E68

Hat 9
7BEF5969 7E099596

Hat 10
8A4217A4 BF380567

Unlock Mini games (PS2) North America

PDA Games
2956B0E4 268817AA

7E9E5082 10929261

Unlock Mastar & Neutron (PS2) North America

Missile Mastar
2B236C87 93776B16

Neutron Ball
33669A6B 84FBAAE8

All Mini Games (PS2) North America

All Mini-Games
2956B0E4 268817AA
1614A692 91558C0A