Alien Hominid (GC) Cheats

Alien Hominid cheats, Tips, and Codes for GC.


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Extra Life
When there is a flower in the ground dig next to it and you will get a life.
Head Gear
Area 51 Hat: Get to level 3-1.
Blond Hair: Beat the final boss using hard difficulty.
Diamond Tierra: Beat Level 2-2 using hard difficulty.
Jouster Hat: Beat Level 3-4 using hard difficulty.
Private Eye Hat: Beat Level 3-2 using hard difficulty.
Soviet Union Hat: Get to level 2-1.


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all levels and all head wear
go to where you put your name in and put your name as Roygbiv.
Infinite points
First glitch is in one of the levels of the second world. The one with the bouncing robot bear things and the snow monster you release.
When you first see the jumping bear things, dodge them all, walk through, and right after you cross them all, turn around and start shooting them. You get points and you don\'t get hurt.

The second glitch is at the beginning of 3-3.
When you walk in, you see something that looks sort of like a metal detector. If you get inside of it and shoot up, you get extra points.

The third glitch is at the end of 3-4 after you\'re finished fighting the eyeball.
When you kill it, it will suffer as it explode or something. As it\'s going down, you can shoot the eye. It will keep exploding but it will no longer go down until you stop shooting it, plus, you get points.
New Hats
Blond Hair Beat the final boss on Hard mode.
Pirate Hat On level 1-1 destroy Hairy Nanny Daycare right after the miniboss.