Alice: Madness Returns

  • Released on Jun 14, 2011
  • By Spicy Horse for PC, PS3, Xbox 360

Alice: Madness Returns review
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Alice: Madness Returns is the sequel to Amercian McGee's Alice. Like the first, it is made from American McGee.

The sequel goes deeper into the storyline, which is very dark and not friendly at all. It is completely opposite from the Disney production, where it is child friendly. But, this is false, since the book is a lot darker too.

When I first saw this game, which was a review, to tell the truth, the first cutscene scared me and I had nightmares that night. But, my friend who was totally addicted to it, tried it out and I thought I might do the same. So, after I got a PS3, I ordered this game and as soon as I got it, played it.

The main menu design and music, all fit very well with the game, which I couldn't wait to play. When it got down to first playing it, the controls were fairly simple, like moving around and having little tips on the bottom of the screen.

As soon as I reached Wonderland, a few problems did occur, but nothing too major to mess it up.

The graphics and atmosphere for this game are very well done. I would sometimes just stand there and look at Wonderland, because of how lovely it looked. The atmosphere and noises sometimes put you on edge at some places, but since this is a horror game, it was pulled off rather well.

The gameplay in Wonderland is excellent, third-person aim when using the Pepper Grinder or Tea Pot and the combat for the Vorpal Blade and Hoby Horse are all very good as well. Although, I know a few people who have had trouble with using the Umbrella, but it didn't occur to me when I was playing, so it went fine.

There are small glitches. One time I was in the middle of combat, when one of the enemies froze. The game hadn't counted it as dead when I killed it and thought it was still alive. I had to restart, but that was the only time it that. The other one were very minor.

Sometimes the hair physics do jump in cutscenes, as well as Alice herself. I thought it was mainly at the beginning, but when it happened throughout the rest of the game, it gave the cutscenes a unpolished feel to it.

The AI. The enemies in this game, each have different ways to be defeated and their movements all work. Also, the modes that you can choose from, Easy, Normal, Hard and Nightmare, make it harder to defeat enemies, since they have more health and their attacks do greater damage, on Nightmare of course.

Conclusion: This game is alright, but when it comes to buying it, you might just want to look twice. This game is more for people who enjoy puzzles and psychological horror elements, it did scare me a few times, but I've never really gone back to play it, as when it neared the end, it got rather depressing.
Overall, I give this a 6/10, it average in my opinion and worth a rent.

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