Alias (PS2) Cheats

Alias cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2. Also see GameShark Codes, Action Replay Codes, Code Breaker Codes for more Alias cheat codes.


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Elevator code in Asylum
On the Asylum mission, there is an elevator. The code for the elevator is "4747". You can get the code by talking to Neil Caplain, who is located in one of the padded cells.

Fire alarms in Embassy
When at the end and you have to turn on all the fire alarms, one of them is in Basement 2. Note: After you turn on all the alarms you must hurry to the ballroom and fight three men, then find Dixon and escape.

Replenish heath
If your health is low and Sydney is breathing like she is tired, get away from all targets and wait for awhile. Her health meter will go back up. Note: This may take awhile.


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Asylum: Getting DNA
When you are trying to get the man's DNA and must follow him, when you get in the room with all the picnic tables go to the right side of the door and stand there. He will walk by time after time until you get all of his DNA. You will then fight him, escape from the Asylum, then move on to the Embassy level.
Unlock AI bowling
Enter WRECKINGBALL as a password cheat.
Unlock all the machines
Enter MINIGAMES as a password cheat.
Unlock expert AI
Enter OBTGOFAST as a password cheat.
Unlock level select
After finishing the game once, press L1 and R1 on the New Game screen.
Unlock the 50cc
Enter BIGDOGS as a cheat password.