[edit] Game Info

The town of Gouto hosted a miraculous artifact, the Key of Resurrection. The evil wizard Oswald invaded the town with his army of goblins and dragons. Three brave knights went out to defend the homeland, and one of them was killed in battle. His wife and his daughter Sophia left the house crying, but Oswald was already in the town, and with one strike he killed Sophia's mother.

Fast-forward ten years. In a nearby town lives a young brave warrior named Albert. He just turned sixteen, and he undergoes an initiation as a descendant of brave heroes of the past. Meanwhile, Sophia becomes the court wizard of the kingdom. She hasn't forgotten the murder of her parents, but she needs the help of a brave warrior like Albert to avenge their death and to stop Oswald.

Originally for SNES.

[edit] Game Play

Albert-Odyssey is a console-style strategy RPG. The story is told in cut-scenes between battles and traveling within towns. World map and dungeons are handled as huge battlefields, where your party moves in turn-based style, waiting for the enemy's turn to finish before you can perform your next action. Enemies often come in large groups, and strategic positioning of your party members on the battle field plays an important role.

[edit] Wii Points Cost

Japan: 800 Points

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Release Dates
  • Japan:
    • October 2010 (Wii)
    • Mar 5, 1993 (SNES)
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