Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time

  • Released on May 8, 2008
  • By Synetic for Xbox 360

Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time Cheats

Alarm for Cobra 11: Crash Time cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
'Beginner's Luck' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Easy level
'Beginner's Luck' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Normal level
'Beginner's Luck' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'Beginner's Luck' on Hard level
'Murder at km 109' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Easy level
'Murder at km 109' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Normal level
'Murder at km 109' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'Murder at km 109' on Hard level
'Traffic Control' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Traffic Control' on Easy level
'Traffic Control' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Traffic Control' on Normal level
'Traffic Control' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'Traffic Control' on Hard level
'A Series of Accidents' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Easy level
'A Series of Accidents' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Normal level
'A Series of Accidents' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'A Series of Accidents' on Hard level
'Undercover' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Undercover' on Easy level
'Undercover' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Undercover' on Normal level
'Undercover' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'Undercover' on Hard level
'Mere Chance' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Mere Chance' on Easy level
'Mere Chance' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Mere Chance' on Normal level
'Mere Chance' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'Mere Chance' on Hard level
'Old Friends' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Old Friends' on Easy level
'Old Friends' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Old Friends' on Normal level
'Old Friends' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'Old Friends' on Hard level
'The Wager' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'The Wager' on Easy level
'The Wager' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'The Wager' on Normal level
'The Wager' - Hard (30)Solve the case 'The Wager' on Hard level
'Code 9807' - Easy (10)Solve the case 'Code 9807' on Easy level
'Code 9807' - Normal (20)Solve the case 'Code 9807' on Normal level
'Code 9807' - Hard (50)Solve the case 'Code 9807' on Hard level
Test Driver (50)Drive every available vehicle in single player mode
Track Tester (50)Drive on every available track in single player mode
Fast (10)Drive faster than 220 km/h for 10 seconds in any vehicle
Faster (20)Drive faster than 280 km/h for 5 seconds in any vehicle
Fastest (30)Reach 350 km/h in any vehicle
!esreveR (20)Drive in reverse gear for 100 meters at a minimum speed of 10 km/h without collisions
Far Ahead (20)Stay in the lead by 100 meters for at least 5 seconds in a single race
Nitro Burner (20)Use up a whole nitro charge in one burst without collisions
Dirt Drive (10)Drive the 'Semir' until the car is covered in dirt
Builder (10)Drive through a site hut
Schuminator (30)Lap your opponent and win a single race
Clear the drains! (30)Spiral down a sewer tunnel
Flyover! (30)Land a perfect jump from the sewers across the Rhine
Secret Achievements-
A Leading Light (10)Police light successfully tested!
Kilometer Hunter (50)Driven 1,000 kilometers in the whole game
Acknowledgments (10)Viewed the entire 'Credits'
Crash Drive (40)Knocked over 1,000 objects