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Airline Tycoon cheats, Tips, and Codes for PC.

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Airline Tycoon Cheats

Cheat mode:
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the desired cheat.

Level selectatmissall
More people at airportcrowd or missioncrowd
No people at airportpanic
Increased reputationfamous
Airport expandsexpander
All helpers activementat
Eliminate debtsnodebts
All flights visibleshowall
People move fasterrunningman
Level skipwinning


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kerosene tanks
1.Enter donaldtrump multiple 2 or 3 times during the game
2.Go to the PetrolAir counter
3.Buy as many kerosene tanks(i recommend the tanks that fill up to 100,000 gallons of kerosene) as you can.
4.Buy enough kerosene(the high quality kerosene is the best to buy) you need and voila, you don't have to buy anymore fuel at market price. Unfortunatly, you need to keep repeating the steps once in a while. The more planes you have, the more tanks you need.
Oil Can
Buy a bottle of liquor at the Duty Free Shop. Give it to the mechanic at the workshop. Take the oil can that is beside him. Use it on the globe in your room and the squeaky sound will disappear.


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Candy box
Go to the Duty Free shop and buy a candy box without alcohol. Find your female opponent, Anita de Lucia, and give her the candy box. She will be very happy with you.
Control Airport Peoples
Crowd or Missioncrowd - This makes more people come.

panic - Everyone leaves.

Bubblegum - Shows the thoughts of people.

runningman - Makes them run

famous - Make everyone know you!
Disk in Advertising Acency!
Go to the TRAVEL ACENCY and get the spider that crawls out. It will come after a few seconds. Just click it.

Get the violin case and give it to the man who works in front of the sabotage shop, in which you go into next.

Give the spider to that man in there and take the arrow in the moose's nose, give this to the man in the ADVERTISING AGENCY, and he will give you his disk.

Apparently this arrow is perfect for him! :-)
Extra Money.
Instead of type donaldtrump,try to go the bank and
note the garbage basket.Some time it have money in it.
Force competitor's passengers to mkiss their flight
Check one of the scheduled flight computers and see whose planes are coming to the airport during the day. If none of yours are and a competitor has some coming, use the crowd code to make the airport overcrowded. With this, the passengers will get stuck in the crowd and miss their flight. Note: You will probably have to use the code five to ten times-- Do more or less as needed.
Free Bomb
Use Sunshine Airways, Get 1000 Mio With Donald Tump and F6 then go to Falcon Lines' office and bomb it goes.
Get the Glue.
First go check for the route(next to Mr.Uhrig`s
office)then take the paper clips.Then enter the
cargo room(next to the museum).Give the paper clip
to the man and he will give you a glue.Its just
below him in front of the box.Then use the glue
to stuck your opponent.

To do this:go upstrairs(it can only work on upstrairs)when your opponent just want to go upstrais,get out of thier office,etc.. just
put the glue on the floor(just press the glue icon)


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Get the lucky charm.
First go to the plane broker.Buy a plane or wait
for the cabinet located at the left corner opens.
It will have a bra in it.Take the bra and give it to the woman behind the counter(duty free shop)and
she will thank to you and take the horse shoe(located at left corner).
1.Keep the horse shoe(it will prevent from your office to explode if someone sabotage you)
2. If you give the horse shoe to the drunken man at Rick's Café, he'll prevent your employees from going on strike


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get the stink bomb.
Go to Petrolair.Get the gloves.Go to the vending machine(outside the museum)and you will get an
energy drink water.Give the drink to the paper stand man and he will give you a STINK BOMB.

I give you a hint:go to the arrival and departure
skrin.Check for the other player flight for
departure.Then go to the counter 30 minutes
before the plane take off.Then put the stink bomb
at the counter.Then when the passengers enter the
counter they maybe will have stomachache etc..
This will decrease the reputation of the player.hee,hee
Go to the Petrol-Air Counter after ten days and beyond. There will be a pair of gloves on the counter by the leaflets. Take them and go to the Coke machine between Air Freight and the Museum. Patronize the vending machine. The gloves keep you from becoming electrocuted. Take the Coke and go to the Newsstand. Give the newsy the Coke. Then, click on the package of stink bombs in the lower left corner of his window. He will give them to you as a gift.
Get paper clips from the Route Administration Board and give them to the man in the Cargo Area. Take the glue from him. You can use the glue to delay your competitors. Click on it and you will see a puddle of glue on the ground. Once your competitors step on it, they will be in a sticky situation.
Horse shoe
Talk to the Plane Broker. Sometimes if you wait long enough, the storage area at the top left will open. Take the bra. Go to the Duty Free Shop and give the bra to the girl behind the counter. She will thank you, and now you can take the horseshoe located at the top left corner of the screen. Go to Rick's Café and give the horseshoe to him. It will prevent your employees from striking.
Paper clips
Go to the Route Management notice board to the right of Mr. Uhrig office, the Airport Director, and steal four paper clips. Then, go to the Cargo Department, located in the left corner of the Airport. Give the operator the paper clips. He will accept them and say that he would rather use the paper clips than the liquid glue. Take the liquid glue, which is located in front of a small box next to the operator crane. Go to any part of the first floor in Airport and drop the glue on the floor by clicking on it (at the bottom of the screen). When any of your opponents step there, they will get stuck temporarily. This is useful when done early in the morning immediately after the reunion with Mr. Uhrig. It will prevent your opponents from getting to the AirTravel agency before you.
PMS pills
Go to Mr. Uhrig's (Airport Manager) office no later than the fifth day of game play. In his office is a tote board with a pizza menu and a periodic selection of branch offices. You cannot do this trick during the morning briefing, but you can still see the board. Remove the postcard on the board. Bring it to your personnel manager, Mrs. Selig. She will be very grateful and will let you have some of her PMS pills in the red box inside the lower left drawer of her desk. Sometimes your competitors will get mad at you. Some might visit the saboteur behind Petrol-Air and pay him to spike your coffee with botulism. This is indicated by frequent and sudden trips to the bathroom. If this happens, take the pills that Mrs. Selig gave you. They will return you to normal. After you take the pills, the post card will reappear on the tote board. Always keep a supply of PMS pills ready.
sabotage shop
give the arab man(his shop is before the duty free)a violin case(you can find it in the duty free)then he will tell you to push the fire hydrant next to his shop.
note:this hint will work if you play the free game only.
To enter cheat mode
Enter one of the following codes during game play to activate the corresponding cheat function.

Code Effect
atmissall Level select1
crowd or missioncrowd More people at airport
panic No people at airport
donaldtrump Money
famous Increased reputation
expander Airport expands
mentat All helpers active
nodebts Eliminate debts
showall All flights visible
runningman People move faster
thinkpad Notebook
bubblegum See passenger thoughts
winning Level skip
showit Unknown