Army Men: Air Attack 2 Code Breaker Codes (PS2)

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Single Player Infinite Ammo Codes (PS2) North America

Infinite Ammo ( Helicopter )
DAE654D2 B2C1083D
0A58A461 00000063

Infinite Ammo ( Co-Pilot )
DA0654D3 B221083C
0A38A460 00000063

Multiplayer Infinite Ammo Codes (PS2) North America

Infinite Ammo P1 ( Helicopter )
0A18A476 00000063

Infinite Ammo P2 ( Helicopter )
0A98A46A 00000063

Infinite Ammo P1 ( Co-Pilot )
0AF8A475 00000063

Infinite Ammo P2 ( Co-Pilot )
0A78A469 00000063

Multiplayer Infinite Health Codes (PS2) North America

Infinite Health P1
2A7FA013 000F5000

Infinite Health P2
2AFFA7EF 000F5000

Single Player Infinite health (PS2) North America

Infinite Health
DA9A5518 B2BD09F7
2A3FA7E7 000F5000

Access Codes (PS2) North America

Access Bee Mode
1AEDB66D 00000003

Access All Helicopters
2A673002 2410000F

Have All Level Code (PS2) North America

Have All Levels
2AAB2F12 00000014
2A632F13 00000014

Have Co-Pilots Code (PS2) North America

Have Co-Pilots
2ABF2F12 000000FF
2A772F13 000000FF