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Air Conflicts: Aces of World War II


[edit] Background

Air Conflicts is an arcade flight simulator game set in World War II, featuring the aircraft of this period and historically inspired missions

[edit] Game Play

Air Conflicts is an arcade-style game that relies almost entirely on your mouse (and only a few keyboard buttons for take-offs and landings (ie landing gear up/down), speed control and bomb aiming). Consequently this game is more focused on fun than detailed simulation.
the game is based on historical campaigns ... you essentially sign on as a pilot in one of the airforces and fly in a series of missions that comprise a campaign. When you get shot-down by the enemy you will "automatically" bail-out and continue with the campaign. The campaigns do not follow the same script each time and you may or may not access subsequent missions in the historical timeline depending on whether you are shot down or not. Campaigns may end prematurely if you perform very badly (ie get shot down all the time). When one campaign ends the next one begins. You can withdraw from a mission if your aircraft is badly damaged (or you can abort if you've just had enough ... rather than crashing). Note: you can land at a friendly airstrip to replenish your ammunition during a mission.

[edit] Features

   * 10 non-linear campaings with more than action 200 missions (patrols, manoeuvres, strategic bombing, air support, air superiority, interdiction, paratroops and supply deployment, prevent bombing missions).
* Authentic historical timeline and missions with focus on the gameplay.
* Easy control over aircraft and fun air battles.
* Fly for Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe or Red Army Air Force.
* Fly with 12 authentic planes (Spitfire, Mosquito, Avro Lancaster, He-111, Ju-87 Stuka, Bf-109, Gloster Meteor, Gotha 229, DB3, IL2, Lavochkin 5, Bisnovat 5).
* Advanced ranking system, with authentic medals and ranks.
* Play three multiplayer modes up to 8 players on LAN.

[edit] Hardware Info

[edit] PC Hardware Info

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  • North America:
    • Apr 14, 2009 (PSP)
    • Apr 13, 2006 (PC)
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