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Great Game

The good:

- Easy to get the hang off
- Amazing Graphics
- Has low requirements, but still looks great
- Levelling is at a good pace
- The Ability to fly
- Very fun to play
- Loads of customization options
- Penalty's for ganking
- You can set up a shop anywhere and sell your stuff
- Collecting stuff is under one 'Gathering' skill so you don't need to level up a bunch of skills to collect things (I.e. Mining, Skinning, etc.)
- Good amount of classes to choose from
- Some really neat emotes
- As you level, so will mobs, so there is always a challenge
- Your wings get better every 10 levels

The bad:

- Flying is limited


This is an amazing game, the graphics is so amazing, I've never seen such beautiful graphics before, that doesn't even need so much to run it, the lore is great and there are a nice lot of quests to help you level, and a great thing is that there is a integrated Questhelper, so if there is an item or someone name and it's in blue and has a line under it you can, click on that and it'll put an 'X' on the map to show you where it it, which I think is a great feature to help you find something that you just don't know where it is.

Another really great thing is the fact that you can fly once yo...

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