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Defeating the jackal easily
When you get to the part where you have to kill the sniper in the balcony, kill him use the q-claw to grapple up to the ledge. You can easily jump into the balcony getting a bond move. Get the sniper and continue onto the jackal. Don't use the sniper at all! Once u get to the jackal, as soon as she is about to fire, shoot her with the sniper 3 times. She won't be able to shhot at you if you do it quick enough. Shoot the barrels after she moves over next to them. Once again, as soon ashe starts to move over and attack you, shoot her with the sniper 3 more times. Then jus go press the button to knock her into the fan and kill her. (it is kind of disturbing because that green stuff, is shreads of her clothing being ripped off.


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007 Agent under fire walkthrough
James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire Walkthrough

Version 1.3 completed by l.ennis@attbi.com

1) Introduction
2) Version History
3) Frequently Asked Questions
4) Walkthrough
5) Legal Stuff and Credits

1) Introduction

To be honest, I was pretty impressed by Agent Under Fire, even though I'm
not a huge fan of shoot-em-ups (as you may have noticed from the FAQs I've
written, I'm more of an RPG person.) There is so much variety in the
missions (you don't just go around shooting people, you get to drive really
fast cars, and use tanks and weird tunnel vehicles), the graphics are pretty
good, the plot is well constructed, and the multiplayer mode is excellent
fun despite the lack of bots (due to the Q-Claw and Q-Jet, mostly.) Indeed,
up until recently, my copy of Jak and Daxter has lain, unplayed, on my
shelf, because I've been playing so much AUF (well, there are other reasons
why it lay there – largely because it wasn't that good, to be honest.)
Anyway, I thought I might as well make a walkthrough for this game since
there aren't many of them for this game at the moment. There also aren't
many that give you a step-by-step walkthrough of the game, and tell you just
how to get those gold medals, which is what I hope to do in this
Well, here we go…

N.B. At the beginning of each mission, I have included all the available
weapons, plus their clip sizes, which are included in brackets. Also, if
you're going for the platinum medal, you should look out for the numbers in
brackets (such as (1)) that can be found in places in the text. Upon finding
such a number, you should look at information given after the corresponding
number, in the 'Location of 007 tokens' section that is located at the end
of every level walkthrough. This information tells you where the 007 tokens
are located within that area.

2) Version History

Version 1.3 completed 18/02/02

-Walkthroughs for all levels complete.
-Locations of 007 tokens added for every level.

Version 1.2 completed 13/02/02

-FAQ section added
-Walkthroughs for Evil Summit and Forbidden Depths completed. Only three
levels left to complete.

Version 1.1 completed 07/02/02

-Walkthroughs for all normal missions completed except for Evil Summit
(which is coming soon.) The walkthroughs for the later missions are taking a
little longer than expected (due to the fact that they are so vast.)

Version 1.0 completed 22/01/02

-Walkthroughs of the first five normal missions completed. Aim to finish
walkthroughs for normal missions in the next few days (hopefully.)
Walkthroughs for driving and rail missions are coming soon (the trouble is,
its difficult to remember the layout of the driving and rail missions,
because most of the time, you're not really focusing on where you're going.)

3) Frequently Asked Questions

Out of all the questions I'm asked about Agent Under Fire, there are several
that seem to come up a lot more often than others do. Before e-mailing me
with a question, check that it isn't in here, since it most likely will be:

Q: I'm stuck on the last part of Forbidden Depths! I just seem to be going
round and round while my view gets cloudier and cloudier, and I lose more
and more health. What am I supposed to do?

A: Switch to the RCH-1 that you should have picked up, and look up. Near the
ceiling, you should see three black lights with red stripes on them. Shoot
rockets at the lights, and use the left analogue pad to steer the rockets
into them. When all three have been destroyed, the central structure will be
destroyed, Bloch will fall into the volcano, and you'll have completed the

Q: How do you jump the river in Streets of Bucharest? I keep falling into
the river and getting 'Mission Failed.'

A: You need to activate the Q-Booster (that you should have picked up near
the entrance to the path leading to the river) just as you hit the bottom of
the stairs that serve as the 'ramp' that you use to jump the river. If you
activate the Q-Booster right at this time, and hold a steady course, you
should fly safely over the river.

Q: How do you destroy the tanks standing under the bridge in the tank
section of Streets of Bucharest? I can't seem to destroy them.

A: Switch to the cannon (alt. fire or D-Pad up/down) and target the supply
train, which is running along the bridge above the tanks. What you need to
do is hit one of the red petrol carriages that appear every so often. I
advise just to keep shooting at the train until you, by chance, hit a red
carriage. Once you hit a red carriage, it will explode, destroying the
bridge and the tanks underneath it.

Q: In Evil Summit, how do you defeat Bloch?

A: At the start, let rip at him using the D-17, strafing left and right if
he starts firing missiles at you. If he runs away, run after him, firing.
Eventually, he will have had enough, and will jetpack up onto one of the
platforms on the network of catwalks that run along the edges of this room.
Switch to the SSR 4000, and run under the platform he is currently standing
on, to force him to jetpack off the one he is currently standing on. He will
make for the next platform clockwise in the room, so, using the scope
function of the SSR 4000 target the middle of, and just above that platform,
in the position where you expect his head to be when he lands. When he does
land, if your crosshairs are not pointing directly at his head, move them
slightly so that they are, before firing. Immediately run under the platform
he is currently standing on, to avoid his rocket launcher fire, and to force
him to move to the next platform on clockwise. If, at any time during the
battle, your health gets low, then you can find Armour in wall mountings
that are on the wall to the left of the compressed air containers (which you
use to refuel your Q-Jet.) Keep repeating this process until he flies right
up to the top of this room, blows up the catwalk that used to be around that
ceiling support (so that it now hangs at a 45° angle), and then escapes
through a porthole.

Q: In the very last part of Evil Summit, I'm on a moving platform, with
Bloch hovering in front of me. I just keep dying! How do I complete the

A: Don't panic. Just stay absolutely still, and you will quickly pick up an
MRL-22 on the floor, which you will automatically switch to. Just point the
MRL-22 at Bloch, and shoot a rocket at him. A well-placed rocket will blast
him through the window, and to his death.

Q: Have you got any cheats for Agent Under Fire? What about Gameshark codes?

A: No. None of the push button codes that you may have seen for this game
actually work, and I have not seen any Gameshark codes for the game.

4) Walkthrough

Mission 1: Trouble In Paradise

Available Weapons:
P2K (6)
MRL-22 (1)
Grenades (1)
KS7 (30)
Frinesi (8)
SSR 4000 (5)

At the start of the level, open the main door using your Q-Decryptor, but
back away before the camera can see you (first Bond Move.) You can now
Q-Claw up to the perforated vent above the entrance to the main door, giving
you your second Bond Move. Run to the end of the walkway and drop down (1).
When you turn round you should see a bloke typing on a computer – drop down,
and use your fists to knock him out to obtain a Keycard. Now use the
Q-Decryptor to open the door in front of the desk (another Bond Move.) Now
open the armoury using the Keycard, and grab the MRL-22 and Grenades inside
(fourth Bond Move.) Now go back into the room with the desk, head towards
the boxes, and take the lift on the right.
Quickly shoot the guard behind the desk as you descend to the next floor (if
he escapes behind the box, blow up the barrel behind him by shooting it.)
(2) Pick up his gun and then Q-Laser the gate behind the desk (fifth Bond
Move). Follow the path until it opens out into an area with guards
patrolling. Shoot the guard that you can see and then head into the open
area. After Bond makes his fairly obvious hint as to what you should do
next, follow his advice, manually target the red petrol tank on the back of
the Forklift, and then blow it up to eliminate the guards (sixth Bond Move).
Look up, and to the right you should see a crate. Shoot the rope holding it
to snag your seventh Bond Move. Now follow the passage to the right. After
the cut scene, hide behind the box with the armour, and shoot the soldiers
as they run past. Collect their ammo, and head down the passage to enter the
next stage.
In the cultivation area, run forward, and immediately duck down as the
lights go off to avoid the flak. Keep low, and get reasonably close to the
enemies at the end of the room, hiding behind the plant pots all the time.
Now is a good time to use some of those MRL-22 rockets, or lob some grenades
– just hold down the button for a couple of seconds so that they go a
reasonable distance. Eliminate the guards by popping up from behind the pots
and using your KS7/P2K to gun down the guards – just watch out for the guard
throwing grenades at you, and the guard with the Frinesi (a shotgun) that is
hiding behind the right hand desk. Once everyone is eliminated, pick up
their weapons and the grenades (3). In the room behind the room containing
the desks, there is another guard hiding behind some boxes on your left. Lob
a grenade in his direction to dispatch him with minimum fuss. Pick up his
gun, the armour there, and the vials, and exit through the door by pressing
the green button.
You should now enter the submarine pen. (4) Walk up onto the raised path and
follow it until you see a cut scene. Now take the right hand path towards
the sniper. Do not shoot him, however, until he sees you and takes out a
different gun, otherwise he will fall off the walkway, and you won't get the
SSR 4000 (the Sniper Rifle.) After you've killed him, pick up the SSR 4000
(he dropped it before he took out his other gun) and his other gun, and take
the stairs down to the mezzanine. You should now see loads of guards taking
up positions below you. You can easily take them all out from here, which
makes getting to the submarine a lot less dangerous. Any guard that is
hiding near a barrel can be eliminated by blowing the barrels near him up
(which can be fairly easily achieved using a low accuracy weapon like the
KS7 or the P2K.) Now pull out that SSR 4000, and kill any of the enemies
that you haven't destroyed already by using the scope function of the SSR
4000 (Alt. Fire), and popping their heads off.
Once you've pretty much cleared the area, you can use the lift to get down,
and start running towards the submarine where Zoe is held captive. Use the
Frinesi (that you picked up in the cultivation area) to pick off any guards
that remain, before walking onto the submarine, and freeing Zoe using the
Hopefully, if you've got all the Bond Moves, killed all the enemies, and
finished the mission in time, the gold is yours, and you can now use the
Golden Gun (instead of that crappy P2K.)

Location of 007 tokens:

(1) There is a 007 token on the walkway here.

(2) In this room, there is a 007 token standing on top of some packing
crates. Jump on top of the packing crates to reach the token.
(3) There is one in the first area of the cultivation room, near the back
left of this area.

(4) Before going on to the walkway, turn left, and you should spot the 007
token in a small area.

Mission 2: Precious Cargo (Rail Shooting Mission)

Available Weapons:
KA-57S (40)
Shotgun (12)
CH-6 (6)

This is your first rail shooting mission, a mission where you are defending
yourself from the top of a moving vehicle, without any control of that
moving vehicle. This mission is actually quite easy to get a Gold Medal in,
and I managed to get a Gold Medal the first time I played it. Just shoot
every enemy you encounter, and try and pick up as many Bond Moves as
At the start, a helicopter should appear from behind you, and eventually
draw level with you, to your left. Use the scope feature of the KA-57S to
target the gunman leaning out of the side of the helicopter, and shoot him
out of the helicopter (first Bond Move) before destroying the helicopter
itself. Now turn right until you're facing forwards, and shoot the
helicopter in front of you shooting missiles at you. It may be hard to hit
the helicopter due to the fact that the car's swaying from side to side –
use the CH-6 to finish the helicopter off quickly.
As you progress onwards, a car should now appear on the road behind you.
After destroying the helicopter, turn round 180° (press L2 to do this
quickly) and wait until a car appears behind you. Shoot the car using the
KA-57S until it explodes (for all cars in this mission, you can also shoot
their tyres, which makes them spin out of control. However, this is
difficult to do, especially in Operative mode, where the auto-aim is so
strong that as soon as you get vaguely near the car, the auto-aim pulls the
crosshairs to the centre of the car. Nevertheless, if you manage to shoot
the tyres out of enough cars then you'll be rewarded with up to four Bond
Moves.) Now turn back so that you're facing forwards again. Very soon,
you'll spot a red armoured van appear in front of you from a road to your
left. Since the van's armoured, the only way that you can destroy it is to
blow out its tyres. Quickly target its tyres, and blow the tyres so that the
van crashes (if you manage to do this before Zoe tells you to shoot out the
van's tyres, then you'll be rewarded with a sixth Bond Move.)
Now turn round so that you're facing the road behind you. Two cars will soon
appear from side streets, and will start tailing you, and firing at you. The
best way to destroy these cars is by shooting the road in between the cars
using the CH-6, so that the blast damages both cars. Destroy both cars as
soon as possible to stop them dealing you too much damage.
Eventually, Zoe will say 'There's a roadblock up ahead, and you will spot
two cars on the road ahead. Before your car turns left, use the CH-6 to
destroy the cars (1). After turning left, switch to the KA-57S, and take out
the lone rocket-launcher guard in front of you. Soon, the car should stop in
a square area, with roadblocks on all sides. With each roadblock, look for
some barrels positioned near the roadblock. Target the barrels using the
KA-57S, and shoot them to destroy all the guards on that roadblock. Destroy
the left-hand roadblock first, then the one in front of you, and lastly the
one on the right, by shooting the barrels near them (if you destroy all the
roadblocks only by shooting the barrels, then you will receive a seventh
Bond Move.) When all the roadblocks have been destroyed, then you can leave
through the exit to your right. Immediately after entering the next area, a
park, you will spot a helicopter flying above the road just in front of you.
A few shots from the KA-57S will finish the helicopter off (but beware – you
don't have long to shoot the helicopter before its obscured by trees.) (2)
Your car will now plough through the park, and will soon be followed by
another car. Spin round, and take out the car as soon as possible.
After you leave the park, turn around so that you're facing forward again,
and when you spot a lone gunman in front of you, shoot him using the KA-57S
as soon as possible. If you do this fast enough, instead of turning right,
your car will go straight on, allowing you to pick up some extra Body Armour
(3). Now spin around and take out the car behind you using the KA-57S.
After a short while, you should come up against a major roadblock, and Zoe
will stop the car a short distance in front of it. Firstly, shoot the gunman
out of the helicopter using the zoom function of the KA-57S (seventh Bond
Move.) Now target the petrol pumps that you should spot just behind the
armoured van, and shoot them to destroy a large portion of the roadblock
(ninth Bond Move.) Lastly, destroy the helicopter, before destroying the two
cars on the left of the roadblock to clear a way through.
After turning left, you will now start to approach a large building which
has several guards standing around the entrance, and one just above it. Use
the KA-57S's scope function to target and kill the guards from a long
distance (4).
Upon entering the building, your car will stop, and several guards will
appear on various gantries in front of you and to your left. Below you and
to your left you should spot some barrels, which can be blown up to kill
guards standing nearby (tenth Bond Move.) Using the CH-6 to destroy the
pillar in the middle of this room will also destroy some guards (5). Once
you've destroyed all the guards, your car will start moving again, and you
should look up in the next area to spot two rocket launcher guards on a
gantry above and in front of you. Destroy both guards to get an eleventh
Bond Move. Now look to your right, and you should spot three fans and a
guard on a gantry. Shoot out all three fans and the guard (6).
You should eventually stop in an area with loads of crates and barrels in.
Look to your right, and use the scope function of the KA-57S to target the
barrels near the forklift. Exploding the barrels will kill most of the
guards, and will get you your twelfth Bond Move.) Now clear up the rest of
the guards just using the KA-57S. There is one standing just on the right
edge of the closed door in front of you, and there are several behind you.
In addition, you should also see a large red light on a generator behind
you. Shoot this, and it will make a crane bring its load just above the
generator. Shoot the red block on the crane to make it drop its load on the
generator (thirteenth Bond Move.) When you have done this, the door in front
of you will open, allowing you to collect the vials and complete the
A Gold Medal in this mission will reward you with the Golden CH-6, which is
a much more powerful version of the original CH-6.

Location of 007 tokens:

(1) If you destroy both cars forming the roadblock here, a 007 token will
appear in the passage when you turn left
(2) Shooting down the chopper here will make another token appear on the
road in front of you.
(3) The 007 token will appear near the armour here. Note that you have to
have shot the lone gunman earlier to access this area.
(4) Shooting the men around the entrance to the final building will make a
007 token appear just inside.
(5) Upon destroying the pillar here, a 007 token should appear in front of
(6) When you've shot all three fans here, a 007 token will appear on the
road in front of you.

Mission 3: Dangerous Pursuit

Available Weapons:
Machine Gun

Getting a Gold Medal on this level is quite tough, and you might need to
boost the difficulty up to Agent to get yourself some more points. The key
to this level is to Q-Pulse the van as quickly as possible – that way, you
get the maximum points for the time, and the enemies get less of a chance to
take any of your health off. To keep your accuracy and ammo efficiency
scores up, try to use missiles and rockets rather than machine guns to
destroy enemy cars.
(1)At the beginning, follow the road in front of you, picking up the Q-Smoke
that is under the crane. When you are approaching the roadblock, use a
couple of rockets to explode the barrels that are just in front of the huge
pile of crates to the left of the roadblock. This destroys the roadblock,
allowing you to get through (first Bond Move.) Now proceed through the
destroyed roadblock, picking up the rockets as you go through. (2) Follow
the road again until you reach a tunnel with lots of people shooting you
from a raised platform to your right. You should spot a barrel that is
standing on the road just to the left of the raised platform. Shooting that
barrel will blow all the others in this area up, killing the men (second
Bond Move.)
When you come out of the tunnel, turn left, and keep on the left-hand road,
picking up any gadgets or weapons that you can see on the road ahead, until
you see a large building on your left. It should be connected to a building
to your right by an overhang, which goes above the road in front of you. (3)
Here, turn left, and there should be a road just to the right of the main
building, which has a Q-Pulse power up on it. Pick up the Q-Pulse, and then
turn right at the end of this road to rejoin the main road.
Keep on this road until you spot a petrol pump to your right, with a gunman
standing just in front of them. Shoot the petrol pumps with a rocket to blow
them up, and destroy the gunman (third Bond Move.) (4)
Continue on again, and now make for the flashing green dot that you should
spot on the map, using pretty much any road you choose. (5) Once you reach
the van, your objective is basically to catch up to the van, and Q-Pulse it
to deactivate it without destroying the vials within. You mustn't lose sight
of the van, however, or you'll fail the mission. As you chase the van,
you'll also have to deal with the cars that frequently appear from side
roads to tail just behind the van, and guard it. The best way to deal with
the cars is by using rockets, or missiles. Rockets are best for when you're
reasonably near the car, and are on a straight piece of road where the enemy
car isn't likely to suddenly swerve off in a different direction. Missiles
are best for roads with lots of turns – just make sure the missile is locked
on before firing. If you ever manage to accelerate past a car, or know that
there's one behind you (look behind you using L2 to check) then you can use
the Q-Smoke to confuse the car, and make it slide out of control. If you
manage to destroy a car using this method, then you'll be rewarded with a
fourth Bond Move. One of the best places to do this is in the subway, since
the confined space means that any car behind you is bound to run into the
smoke (also, note the Armour halfway along the subway, which you should pick
up if you're low on health.)
Just by tailing the van you're unlikely to catch it up, since both you and
the van travel at roughly the same speed. There are two ways that you can
lessen the distance between you and the van. One is by cutting corners (i.e.
where a road turns, cut across the pavement to lessen the distance.) A good
place to do this is when you get near the petrol pumps, which should be on
your left as you come to the corner. Instead of following the road around
the corner like the van, go in between the pumps to cut the corner and get
some Armour. You can also do a similar thing at the large building with the
overhang. The van goes all the way around the building before joining the
main road again. If you just wait on the main road, and then accelerate just
as the van joins the main road again, then you can get really close to the
van, and even in front of it! If you ever end up driving in front of the
van, do not cut the engine completely, since the van will just zoom ahead,
while you're still trying to accelerate back to top speed again. Simply slow
down a little until you can see the front of the van just at the bottom of
your screen. Then speed up a little again, to keep your position relative to
the van constant, and then select and use the Q-Pulse to immobilise the van.
The second way to catch up to the van is by using the gadget 'Q-Booster'
which you should find on the road in several places. The Q-Booster basically
makes your car go much faster, which allows you to catch up with the van,
and so immobilise it using the Q-Pulse. However, you have to make sure that
you're on a fairly straight piece of road, with no side streets that the van
might turn off into, since the fact that the car's going so fast often makes
it less controllable. If the van suddenly turns off into a side road while
you're going flat out, you may not be able to react in time, and may lose
the van. Also, try and pick a road, which doesn't have many obstacles to hit
in it. If you smack into a car while using the Q-Booster, you'll almost
inevitably completely stop, or even turn the car over, allowing the van to
Make sure that you're level with the van before pressing R1 to charge up and
activate the Q-Pulse. Once the van has been hit by the Q-Pulse, it will be
deactivated, allowing you to collect the vials from within it, and complete
the mission. If you manage to Q-Pulse the van on your first attempt, without
the van taking any damage, then you'll get the fifth and final Bond Move.
A Gold Medal in this mission will reward you with infinite Missiles for all
driving missions, which makes getting Gold in Streets of Bucharest a little

Location of 007 tokens:

(1) Right at the beginning, turn around, and go up the alley behind you. The
007 token is at the end of the alley.
(2) After the destroying the first blockade, you should spot a lone crate on
the path ahead. Shoot it – the 007 token is inside.
(3) At the large building with the overhang, go around it until you see a
path going straight through the middle of it. Go through that path, and you
should see a 007 token inside.
(4) After blowing up the pump station, drive through the space between one
of the pump stations and the building wall. The 007 token is hidden there.
(5) Instead of taking any old route here, stay left. When you spot the
scenery on the left changing from buildings to trees, look left, and you
should spot a 007 token on the pavement there.

Mission 4: Bad Diplomacy

Available Weapons:
Dartgun (3)

This level is fairly simple to get the Gold Medal in, since you're forced to
use a pistol in it (which pushes your Ammo Efficiency up) and there's not
much available ammo for it (so you need to be accurate with it.) However, I
advise upping the difficulty to Agent just in case.
At the start, don't move, or the guard directly in front of you will notice
you. Just aim right of him, and when he moves into your crosshairs, take him
out. Now open the door, and go through the passage. Don't take the lift yet,
go round the corner, and shoot the guard before he notices you. Go into the
room to your left after shooting the guard, and pick up the Darts lying
round the corner (1).
Now retrace your steps back to the lift, and take it up to the next level.
Immediately run through the passage to your left and shoot the guard before
he sets off the alarm (2). Now you can take the passage to the right. Go
through the doors into the kitchen.
Notice those boxes lying around on the floor? Well, if you walk near them
then they'll be knocked over, alerting the guard in the next room. Jump over
the boxes to avoid this happening. Now take the door in the far right corner
of the room, and slap the guard that is just behind it in the back of the
head. Now switch to your Dartgun, and shoot the guard at the end of the
passage before he has a chance to set off the alarm.
Before continuing, don your Q-Specs and look to the wall on your right,
where you should see a small panel. Press Square to open it, and use the
Q-Laser to disable the trip-laser (first Bond Move.) Now go down the
passage, and you should see an open window to your left. If you've got any
Dartgun ammo left, side step until you're facing the open window, and shoot
the guard just outside it.
Now do a 180° turn, and disable the trip-laser that you can see in the
passage using another panel in the wall (this time on the left-hand side –
second Bond Move.) Go to the end of the passage, where you should see a door
marked private. Don your Q-Specs once more, and you should spot a hidden
door on your left. Open it using Square (third Bond Move) and collect the
Darts and Body Armour inside (3). Now go back to the window, shoot the guard
if you haven't done so already, and jump out. Walk to the edge of the
balcony, turn around, and look up. You should see a perforated hatch on the
ceiling above the ledge above you. Q-Claw up there (fourth Bond Move), and
enter the next floor using the open door.
Your next job is to find the access code for that computer on your left. But
first you'll need to pick up a Keycard so that you can move around in this
restricted area. Go into the first door on your right, upon which you'll see
a cutscene, and get your first glimpse of Malprave. When you leave, you'll
have the Keycard, and the fifth of those elusive Bond Moves.
Now open the door on your left, which contains some Darts, and use the
Keycard to open the door on your far right. You've finally found Griffin,
and he appears to want to kill you. Ah well. More fool him. Just to rub it
in, switch to your bare hands, and slap his ugly ass to death. Besides being
funny, it allows you to pick up your sixth Bond Move.
Now you'll need to go back, and hear what's on the computer. After this, go
back into the room with Griffin in, and use the Keycard to open the unopened
door. Run down the stairs on your left, and position yourself in front of
the alarm button so that you can shoot the guard as he runs for the alarm
(4). Now walk down the passage, and you should see another laser, which is
now moving. If you can see a guard, disable him before fiddling around with
the laser. As always, there's a hatch to disable it, this time on the right
hand wall, before the painting (seventh Bond Move.) Now run forward, and
position yourself in front of the alarm button so that the two guards in
this area physically cannot get to it. As they run up to you, you can easily
pick them off using the Dartgun. Now take the elevator down, and run for the
main door, subduing the guard as it opens. Run through the door to freedom,
and the Gold Medal.
A Gold Medal for this level gives you the Golden Accuracy, which makes your
Golden Gun fire much more accurately. This may not sound too hot, but
believe me, its useful for killing far away enemies such as snipers.

Location of 007 tokens:

(1) The 007 token is just in front of the darts in this room.
(2) After shooting the guard here, follow the path out onto the rotunda. The
007 token is on the far side of the rotunda.
(3) There is a 007 token in this secret area, as well as some darts and
(4) After subduing the guard here, look behind the showcases full of urns
here – there is a 007 token there.

Mission 5: Cold Reception

Available Weapons:
Golden Gun (6)
KS7 (30)
Frinesi (8)
Defender (6)
MRL-22 (1)
Grenades (1)
SSR 4000 (5)

Okay, you're gonna need to be quick at the beginning of this level,
especially on the harder difficulty levels, due to the fact that there's a
timer in the bottom left, which gives you less time the harder the
difficulty. When this reaches zero, then its back to the start for you. But
don't worry too much about the timer – even five minutes is ample time for
you to complete the timed section of this level.
Right, lets get started. At the start, turn around, and head up the stairs
behind you to the computers on the various desks. Hit the button on the
middle desk, and the middle door should open. Immediately hop down to ground
level, and take out the guards that appear through the door using the Golden
Gun. You should concentrate on the guy on the right first, because he's got
a Frinesi, which is a nasty weapon. Don't worry if the guy on the right
sounds the alarm – just kill them both as quickly as possible. If the alarm
has been sounded, head through the doors and into the passage that the
guards came out of. Turn around so that you're facing the main room, and
select the KS7. Now you can take out the guards one by one as they rush into
your passage, picking up the ammo that they drop to take out the next guard.
Once all the guards have been subdued, pick up the Keycard lying in the
bookcase in this passage (first Bond move.) Now go back to the computer
area, and press the button on the left-hand table (it is on your left if you
are standing behind the desks, looking at the computer screens) to open the
door on the left. (1) Follow the passage along until you get to a door on
your right. Q-Laser the lock on the grate in front of you, duck, and walk in
a few paces to get your first Bond Move. However, we won't be using the
ventilation duct route since its too easy for the guards to go out of range
and set off the alarm, which you don't want. Open the door near the grate,
and shoot the guard admiring the painting in the back using your silenced
Golden Gun. Now change weapons to the Frinesi – there are two guards in the
next room, and if you don't shoot them quickly, they'll set off the alarm
and all hell will break loose. After opening the door, shoot the guard
patrolling on the left of you, and he should go flying. Now rush over to the
alarm button, and position yourself in front of it, so that anybody wanting
to get to the alarm has to get past you first. Shoot the guard that rushes
at you using the Frinesi, and then switch to the KS7 and take out the guard
in the next room. Once everything's clear, select the Q camera, and
photograph the satellite imagery and the blue prints, both of which can be
found in these three rooms. One is in the room that had the guard in
admiring the picture, and the other is in the last room, which also contains
a similar picture of Malprave.
Now, in the room with the alarm button in, you may have seen an MRL-22 in a
display case, and may have been tempted to shoot out the glass to obtain it.
(2) Don't do this – it makes an alarm sound, and more guards will come
running who you have to take care of. Instead, go to the last room, and
press Square near to the picture of Malprave. It will slide away, allowing
you to grab the MRL-22, as well as some body armour and ammo.
Once you've finished all this, you're ready to leave. Go into the last room,
open the doors at the end, and walk down the passage towards the elevator.
Select the Defender, and use it to kill the guard that is half way down the
passage, on your right. Pick up his ammo, and enter the lift. Once in the
lift, turn round until you're facing the doors, and kill the unsuspecting
guard in front of you when the doors open. Head down the stairs on your
left, open the fire doors, and go around into the mainframe room. (3) Head
down the stairs, and go straight ahead. When you reach the end of the
corridor, turn left, and use the KS7 to eliminate the guard on your left.
Now walk back down the passage that you just came down, and walk along the
passage parallel to the wall that has the alarm button on it (you should
just be able to see the alarm button.) Sprint over to the guard that is at
the end of this passage, and shoot him down before he can push the alarm
button. Now that the guards in this room are eliminated, you can focus on
downloading that mainframe information. Select that Keycard you picked up,
and insert it into the slot near the computer that you should have spotted
before when you eliminated the first guard. This will disable the data port
alarms, and will earn you your third Bond Move (believe me, you need to do
this. Having an alarm sound every time you download some information from
the data ports is excruciatingly annoying.) Now go and visit all three of
the data ports (which can be found in the passages in the middle of the
room) and download the data from them using the Q-Decryptor.
Before leaving this room, and going on to the next part of the mission, go
back to the place where you shot the guard, and go up the short flight of
stairs onto the raised platform. Follow the path round, and you should see a
table with a rig model on it. Use your Q-Camera to take a snap of that,
which should give you your fourth Bond Move, and pick up the Grenades lying
in the open cardboard box. Now jump over the railing, and take the door you
should see in front of you. Follow the path, and take the lift down to get
to the next part of the level.
After the lift stops, run down the path until you see a door. Don't take the
door, but look up and you should see a perforated hatch. Q-Claw up there,
and crawl along the vent, until you see a grate below you. Crawl just beyond
that, and then turn round and Q-laser the hatch so it falls open. Use your
Defender to take out the guard patrolling underneath you, and then drop down
onto the pathway. Switch to the MRL-22 (I hope you haven't been using it
yet!), run down the pathway towards the alarm button, and then turn right
with the path into an open area. You should be noticed by a guard, who
immediately runs for the alarm. Target the alarm, and shoot a rocket at it.
As the guard just reaches the alarm, the rocket should impact with the
button and blow the guard to pieces just before he can hit that button. Now
turn right, and run down the passage towards the blast door. Switch to the
grenades, and lob a few into the blast door area, which should flush most of
the guards there out. Just in case any of them are running for the alarm,
run to the end of the passage, and take a look at the alarm button. If
anyone is about to press it, take him out using the MRL-22 (from a
reasonable distance, of course.) Then spin round and see if anybody is left
in the passage, who hasn't yet run for the alarm. Once they're eliminated,
the area should be secure, and you can pick up a few goodies lying around in
the sunken areas here. In a sunken area to your left now (if you're just in
front of the alarm, facing towards the open area) is Body Armour, which you
can pick up if you're running low on health. In a small sunken area, which
is just off the main open area, you can pick up some more Grenades (4). And
in a sunken area just in front of the door that you could have used to get
in here, there is another Body Armour, if your health is really poor. In
this area, look up, and you should see a perforated vent. Q-Claw up to it,
and crawl along the passage you should now see in front of you to glean your
fifth Bond Move (5). At the first vent you come to, Q-Laser it and drop back
down into the main open area. Now walk back into the passage near the blast
door. Even if it is open, I would still advise you climb up the ladder on
the pillar in this passage, and climb along the vent system. Soon it should
come to an end, but don't drop out just yet. Look down, and you should see
an enemy standing guard, but unaware of your presence. Shoot him in the
back, and drop down.
To your left you should see a program emitter. Collect this program using
the Q-Remote (sixth Bond Move) and just have a quick look out of the opening
in front of you. Immediately, all hell will break loose, and a load of
people will start firing at you. Duck back into the alcove that you just
came out of, and wait for a guard to run up the stairs, and start running
towards you. Quickly gun him down, and then go back outside. You should see
a guard below you, to the left, and another below you and to the right. Walk
slightly further forward on the gantry, and take these two guys out. The
first can be taken out by shooting the steam valve that is on his right
(which also gives you your seventh Bond Move), and shooting some barrels
that are on the other guard's left can kill the other.
Now turn around, look upwards, and start slowly walking backwards, until you
see a sentry standing on the level above. Kill him as quickly as possible
before he can do you too much damage (using the MRL-22 if necessary.) Now
you can go down the stairs, where more guards should immediately begin
pouring out of the entrance in front of you. Kill them using the KS7 as they
come out, and walk into the passage that they emerged from to pick up some
KS7 ammo, and Body Armour. (6) and (7) Now walk out of the passage, and pick
up the KS7 ammo and Armour lying on the boxes in front of you, before
climbing the stairs right up to the top level, and collecting the SSR4000
and Defender ammo that the sentry you dispatched earlier dropped. Walk along
the catwalk on the top level, and eventually you should see a security door
with a panel on the right that is emitting green pulses. Go up to it, and
use your Q-Remote to open it (gaining you your eighth Bond Move.) Now switch
to Grenades, and lob one in, so that it bounces off the walls and goes down
the passage. Hopefully, it will blow up near a super thug, who will
immediately start running down the passage to see who was the perpetrator of
the crime. Just as he runs out of the door, blow him up using the MRL-22,
and take the Frinesi he drops. Now enter the passage that the super thug
came out of, and walk down it until it turns left. Switch to the MRL-22,
turn left, and walk up to the wall. Now side step to your right, and you
should now see a super thug at the end of the passage. Shoot him once using
the MRL-22, then back away and walk backward down the passage until the
super thug appears after you. Shoot him once again with the MRL-22 to defeat
him. Now follow the passage once more until you reach an open door, with a
guard standing to the left of the door and facing the other way. Target the
ground just to the right of him, and shoot it to dispose of this guard.
There is a sniper just beyond the open door, to your left. If you have any
rockets left, you can simply rush out, target the sniper, and destroy him
before he can get a lock on you. However, if you've run out of rockets, you
may need to run around to your left, along the walkway, through the two
doors, and kill him at close quarters using the KS7.
Once the area is clear, go into the room with the computers in, and you
should spot a ladder just right of one of the entrance doors. Climb up it,
and walk towards the tram hook. Once you arrive at it, press Square to clip
it onto you, and complete the mission.
Phew, well that's that level completed. If you've done it fast enough, and
collected all those Bond Moves, then you should be able to gain the Gold
Medal, and the Golden Clip for your Golden Gun, which allows your weapon to
hold 12 shots, as opposed to the normal 6. Great, eh?

Location of 007 tokens:

(1) If the right hand door here hasn't already been opened, go over to the
right hand computer and press the button on it. Shoot the guards that come
out of the right hand door, and go into the passage that they just came out
of. Inside is a 007 token.
(2) In this room with the MRL-22 in, you should spot a 007 token behind one
of the grates in the room (the grate that is lying just to the left of the
exit door to this room.) Q-Laser the grate open, and crawl in to grab the
(3) As you enter the mainframe room, go down the stairs, and immediately
turn right. The 007 token is in a small niche to the right of the stairs.
(4) In the sunken area with the Grenades in, you should also spot a 007
(5) In this duct, you should find a 007 token.
(6) There is a 007 token you should spot above one of the water containers.
Jump onto the mound of earth opposite to the water container, and then jump
across to the top of the water container to snag the token.
(7) Walk around in this ground floor area until you spot a ladder leading
up. There is a 007 token to the left of the ladder, behind a water

Mission 6: Night of the Jackal

Available Weapons:
Golden Gun (12)
Frinesi 12
KA-57 (30)
Ingalls (40)
SSR 4000 (5)
Grenades (1)
FSU-4 (40)
MRL-22 (1)
Viper (6)
Fixed Gun #1 (Limited Ammo)

The missions are starting to get tougher, and in this mission you'll meet
your first real boss. However, you'll also get to use your first assault
rifle (I bet you're hugely excited.) Hmm. Anyway, let's get this level
walkthrough underway…
At the start, you'll be standing in an alleyway, with the embassy fence on
your right. In a short while, a bus will come in from a road to your left,
crash into the fence, and a whole load of terrorists will pour out and start
besieging the building. Walk forwards until you get to the corner of the
embassy fence, and quickly shoot the two terrorists that come out from
behind the scenery a distance in front of you. If you're not quick enough,
one will run behind a flower bed and start shooting at you from behind a
cover, so try to get close enough so that the guards are enticed to run
towards you rather than running for cover, where you'll never get at them.
Once these guys are disposed of, pick up their KA-57s, and walk along the
pavement around to the right, where you'll see a grenadier. Shoot him a few
times with your Golden Gun to get rid of him. Now, before you advance, look
to your right, where you should see a couple of terrorists hiding behind a
fountain, and shooting at the embassy. Shoot one of them to alert them of
your presence, and then duck to avoid their shooting. Hopefully, both guards
will run round the cars to appear where the grenadier was, and you can pick
them both off using the KA-57. However, although one of them always does
this, the other can either run off into the distance, and hide behind a car,
or come around the cars the other way, and shoot at you from behind. So
after you kill the first terrorist, if you don't see the other, stand up,
and retreat into a corner so that you can see where the other is. If he is
coming at you, pick him off quickly before he has a chance to shoot.
Now pick up the grenades and the gun that the grenadier left earlier, and
proceed along the street in front of the embassy. To avoid the sniper, take
a short detour up the passage to your left, before resuming your normal
course. Run up the street ahead of you, and in two shop windows, you should
see both some Body Armour, and a Frinesi (1). Stand on the park benches to
get up to the windows, and smash through them to get to the goodies.
Now leave this street, and make a hairpin turn around to your left to end up
in another street, with an archway to your right. An enemy should appear
through the arch – he should be no problem for your KA-57, except that he
rolls about a lot. Now run through the arch to lure two guards out from
their hiding places, before retreating back into the street. You can easily
pick off the guards as they rush through the arch.
Go through the arch once more, and detour to the left to avoid the laser
sight of the sniper. Once you're just underneath the sniper, switch to the
grenades. Look up, until your cross hair is focused on the ceiling just
above the sniper (if you can't even see the balcony that the sniper is on,
then you're too far underneath – back up.) Now press X, and count to three
before releasing it. If you've done it right, the grenade should land right
in the sniper's nest, and blow him up spectacularly (I know that doing this
is not entirely necessary, but it looks excellent when you pull it off
successfully.) Now look right of the sniper's den, and you should see a
perforated hatch. Q-Claw up to it, and land on the platform. Now turn so
that you can see the sniper's nest, and you should see that you could just
jump onto it. Do so, and collect the SSR 4000 lying there (doing this will
reward you with a Bond Move.) (2) Do not use this weapon just yet – you'll
need all the shots for this weapon that you can get to have a chance of
collecting another Bond Move at the end of this mission. Now use the Q-Claw
to get back onto the platform that you were originally on. Now turn right
and follow the ledge around the corner, and you should see glass doors to
your left. Go through them to get your second Bond Move. Now that you are in
the safe house, follow the pathway in front of you, and take the door on the
left leading into the bathroom. Watch the cut scene, and collect the Q-Card.
Now go along the path that was behind R, and you should spot a perforated
hatch on the embassy wall. Q-Claw over there to collect your third Bond
Walk along the edge here, and drop off. The gate is locked, so turn around
180°, and go up the steps until you spot a door with a card slot. Use the
Q-Card to gain access, and you've completed the first part of the mission.
Inside the embassy, there is Armour under the stairs. Your health is
probably not all that bad, so you may want to come and collect it later when
it is. Climb the stairs until you reach the door. Now duck, and keep the
duck button held as you open the door. A woman will run out screaming, with
a gangster running after her. As soon as you see the gangster, let rip with
your KA-57. Your crouched position will reduce the chance of the enemy
hitting you, if he opens fire, which is unlikely. He should die just before
reaching you, and you can pick up his ammo, and continue on your way. Walk a
small way down the path to your left, but stop before it turns off to your
left. Turn so that you are facing the direction of this pathway, and side
step right until a man holding a hostage comes into view. (3) Quickly shoot
him before he has a chance to react, and run down the pathway he was
standing in, turning right with the path. You should see a room, behind
glass panels, where some terrorists are holding various Embassy staff as
hostages. Creep up on them, and make sure you have good cover behind that
overturned table. Then pop up, and start shooting at one of the guards. Then
all of them will notice, and you'll need to duck down. Keep popping up,
shooting guards, and then ducking down to avoid fire to defeat all of the
guards in this room. Do not throw any grenades, since any thrown will blow
up hostages as well as terrorists, and do not jump through the window until
you get a message explaining that you have freed the hostages, and you
collect your fourth Bond Move. If you have not yet got such a message, and
you cannot see any guards, it may be that one is hiding behind the wall, to
your left. If this is so, slowly side step right, with your view focused on
the left of the room, until you can see the remaining bloke. Quickly gun him
down, using the file cabinet as cover if necessary, to free the hostages.
Now jump through the window, and collect the ammo, before leaving through
the entrance on the far wall. Follow the passage around, until you reach the
windows of the Embassy. The second set will blow up spontaneously on your
approach, so approach with caution. Use your Ingalls to defeat the guard you
can see outside the window.
Now stay on the path until you reach the kitchen door, in which there are
loads of guards. Open the door, and defeat the guard that you should be able
to see hiding behind the workbench on the far side of the room, in front of
you. Just keep firing until he stops shooting. Now select the grenade, and
rush for the kitchen table you should see just in front of you from the
door, crouching behind it to avoid fire. Now turn so that you're facing the
underside of the table, and the majority of the guards, whose head's you
should see poking above the level of the table. Press X to charge up your
throw for a second or two, pop up briefly, and throw it in front of you to
eliminate the bulk of the guards. When the smoke has cleared, quickly pop
your head back up to see if there are any remaining guards. If there's one
hiding behind the table far in front of you, do a long grenade lob (i.e.
hold down the button for longer) to eliminate him. Now collect all the ammo
in this room before leaving through the other door from the one you used to
get in.
Now follow the pathway round, until you get to the windows again. Crouch
down, facing the pathway, and pull out the Frinesi that you've hopefully
been saving just for now. Two guards should run out from the pathway on your
far left. Shoot them quickly using the Frinesi, and then follow the path to
the rotunda, shooting the guard there using the Frinesi before he has a
chance to act. Now turn to your right immediately, and press Square near the
Union Jack to open the secret door (and obtain a fifth Bond Move.) Walk down
the secret passage, and you should meet Damascu (sixth Bond Move.) Now pick
up the Armour, and use the Q-Card to get into the elevator.
When the elevator opens, look up and to your left, and blow up the barrels
to avoid taking too much damage. Blow up the barrels directly in front of
you to reveal Armour and some Viper ammo. Pick up the Viper ammo, but don't
take the Armour – you may need it in the upcoming boss battle. Now open the
doors that you can see in front of you and a battle with Carla the Jackal
will begin.
Immediately run for cover, and shelter behind that first group of wooden
crates to avoid taking damage from the Jackal's FSU-4 assault rifle. When a
volley of shots stops, stand up again (that is, if you're crouching behind
one crate) or side step (you can only do this if you're shielded by two
wooden crates one on top of the other.) Now move your targeting cursor so
that it is on the Jackal, and start letting rip with either the KA-57 (which
is your preferred weapon, due to its improved accuracy) or the Ingalls. Once
she starts firing again, side step back behind cover again, or crouch. Do
not move your targeting cursor, so that when you stand up again, or side
step out, your targeting cursor will still be on the Jackal, and you won't
have to waste time targeting her each time.
Each time a crate in the group explodes (that is in front of you) you'll
need to run for cover behind another crate in that group. Watch out for the
grenades that Carla shoots, since they can do immense damage, and blow up
huge amounts of your cover.
Once you've shot Carla enough, she should run backwards, and will stand near
a huge pile of barrels. Simply shoot the barrels behind her to move her on
to her next stopping point, which is to the right.
Just keep ducking while she shoots, and jumping up and shooting her while
she reloads, to move her right until she is standing right over that vat of
chemicals. If she blows up the whole of the first group of crates, run to
the one you should see in front of you and to your right, and shelter behind
that. If your health gets low, run into that previous room, and snag that
Armour that you saved just for this moment. If your ammo gets low, then
there are a few ammo clips in places around the room – its just a bit risky
to get to them, since they're in open areas with no cover.
Once she's over the vat of chemicals, then you should press a switch, which
is on the right of the second group of crates, and is on a small pedestal,
which is sandwiched between the group of crates and the right-hand wall.
This switch will knock Jackal into the vat, defeating her, and giving you
your seventh Bond Move.
Now climb up the ladder, and walk along the catwalk, collecting the FSU-4
ammo, and the Armour up there, before leaving using the door at the end.
Climb the stairs, and open the other door at the top of them. After watching
a small white and blue helicopter take off, a huge great black one will
appear, armed to the teeth with rocket launchers and a machine gun. (4)
Although the machine guns are extremely inaccurate, the rocket launchers
are, and can cause massive amounts of damage. To finish the helicopter off
quickly, and gain your final Bond Move, you need to target the pilot using
your SSR 4000 (that you saved just for now right…?) and shoot him while he
is hovering in mid-air. If you run out of SSR 4000 shots (which you
hopefully shouldn't, since the pilot stays still for quite a long time in
this mission) then there is an MRL-22 and some ammo for it placed in the
four corners of the level, as well as four fixed guns.
Once you've hit the pilot, it should spin momentarily in the air just above
you, before crashing into the building behind you. Hopefully, if you've
collected all the Bond Moves, and not gone too slowly through this level,
you should snag the Gold Medal for this level, and the Golden Grenades,
which are great due to their large blast radius and increased power.

Location of 007 tokens:

(1) In one of the shop windows in this side alley you should also spot a 007
token. You'll need to firstly smash the shop window. Then jump onto the roof
of the car nearby, before jumping into the shop window and grabbing that
(2) There is a 007 token in the sniper's nest here.
(3) After killing the gangster here, watch where the hostage runs. Go
through the door to the right of where she crouches, and you should find the
007 token just to the right of the door as you enter.
(4) Before shooting the gunship down, find the last 007 token behind one of
the sets of crates here.

Mission 7: Streets of Bucharest

Available Weapons:
(Driving Section)
Machine Gun
(Rail Shooter Section)

This mission is composed of two sections. In the first, you're behind the
wheel of an Aston Martin DB5, and in the second, you are in a tank, complete
with chaingun and cannon. This mission isn't too tough to collect a Gold
Medal in, as long as you collect all the Bond Moves, and get through the
mission as quickly as possible. You can also up your accuracy and ammo
efficiency in the first section by only using rockets and missiles against
enemies. If you've picked up the Infinite Missiles reward from Mission 3,
then you can just use missiles to destroy all the enemies, which makes the
first section a lot easier.
Note that in the driving section of this mission you can pick up a gadget
called the Q-Slick. If you ever manage to end up in front of an enemy car
(press L2 to check behind you) then you can use the Q-Slick to send the car
sliding all over the place. If you manage to slip up a car using this
method, then you'll receive your first Bond Move.
At the beginning, follow the path of the main road, and you should soon spot
a car on the road in front, which you should quickly destroy with missiles
once they lock on. When the road splits in two here, take the left path (1),
go through the arch, and where the two paths rejoin again, you should spot
another car coming in from the right. Destroy this car with missiles, before
taking a sharp turn to the left. As you go through the next arch, you should
spot two cars up ahead forming a roadblock. Slow down, and fire a few
missiles/rockets at them to destroy the roadblock. Now skirt around the
battered cars and into the road that was behind them. As you drive along the
curved road, you should spot two armoured vans forming another roadblock
blocking off a side road to your right. Maintain your speed, and blast a
couple of missiles at them as you pass. However, you should ignore them, and
continue along the curved road until you reach a junction. Handbrake turn
around to the right (turn while holding down Square) and follow this road,
which should have a lot of arches on. Almost immediately an armoured van
will come in from the right. A couple of rockets/missiles should suffice to
finish him off. Pick up the rockets on the road ahead, and continue along
the road. A couple of arches later, you'll spot another car which comes in
from a side road to your left, and which has a gunman leaning out of the
window. Again, destroy the car with missiles as you proceed along the road.
You will soon spot a number of side roads to your left and right, but don't
go down them – stay on the main road. Another car will appear on the road in
front, with the gunman on top this time firing missiles at you. It is
therefore essential to finish him off using missiles/rockets quickly, before
he has a chance to fire at you.
Ignore the side roads to the left and right after killing the car, but
follow the main road as it curves to the left. In front of you will be the
train station. Pick up the Q-Slick, and then head straight for the glass
doors you should see at the front of the station. Smash through them, pick
up the armour, and then smash through the other set of doors, (2) turning
left around the train when you get onto the tracks. At the left end of the
station, you should spot a helicopter. Use a couple of missiles to finish
the helicopter off, and then dri
All Cheats
Invincibility :

To get Gold Bond, shoot a man and keep shooting in the same spot until your ammunition runs out.
Then, shoot his gun once with your PP7 and pick it up.
You will see Q and Monnypenny walking around. Shoot them to get Gold Bond.

Golden gun :

Successfully complete the trouble in paradise level with a Gold rank.

Unlimited Golden gun ammunition :

Successfully complete the Evil Summit level with a Gold rank.

Unlimited car missiles :

Successfully complete the Dangerous Pursuit level with a Gold rank.

Rocket Manor multi-player level :

Successfully complete the Trouble In Paradise level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Stealth Bond skin in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Dangerous Pursuit level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Guard skin in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Cold Reception level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Alpine guard skin in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Streets Of Bucharest level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Cyclops Oil guard skin in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Poseidon level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Poseidon guard skin in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Mediterranean Crisis level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Carrier guard multi-player skin :

Successfully complete the Evil Summit level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Rapid fire power-up :

Successfully complete the Fire And Water level with a Gold rank.

Regenerative armor power-up :

Successfully complete the Mediterranean Crisis level with a Gold rank.

Calypso gun in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Fire And Water level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Full arsenal in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Forbidden Depths level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Gravity boots in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Bad Diplomacy level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Viper gun in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Night Of The Jackal level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Lotus Esprit car :

Successfully complete the Streets Of Bucharest level with a Gold rank.

Golden gun in multi-player mode :

Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a Platinum rank and all 007 icons.

Golden CH-6 :

Successfully complete the Precious Cargo level with a Gold rank.

Golden accuracy power-up :

Successfully complete the Bad Diplomacy level with a Gold rank.

Golden clip power-up :

Successfully complete the Cold Reception level with a Gold rank.

Golden grenade power-up :

Successfully complete the Night Of The Jackal level with a Gold rank.

Golden bullet power-up :

Successfully complete the Poseidon level with a Gold rank.

Golden armor power-up :

Successfully complete the Forbidden Depths level with a Gold rank.

alot of bond moves for "evil Summit"
It is quite simple to get, all you need to do is shoot down all four snipers, kill the guy in the building in the first part of the level,then go up on the left tower, once you are up the tower get out the q-reomte and then press b over and over to get alot of bond moves, I suggest that you crouch when you do this so that you don't get shot.
crouching tiger hidden dragon mode
select the town level, put low gravity mode on as well as the q-claw. use te q-claw to get on top of a house, now leap to the next one crouching tiger-style. while in the air, take some shots at other players down below. if you get off track, just use the claw to get back on a roof