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Excellent for Multi-Player


Age of Empires 2 was first released on PC of course, the announcement of it coming to PS2 was a joy for console gamers the world over including myself.
Surprisingly the conversion from PC to PS2 is excellently executed. The analogue sticks respond extremely well and after a few hours it becomes 2nd nature.
The idea of the game is to build an empire which spans from the Bronze age to the Castle age. Defeat your enemies with a wide array of units. Archers, Cavalry, Catapults and even priests can be used to conquer your enemy.

Unlike Red Alert, the games flow in AOE2 can test your patience a bit, it is slow to start and slow to finish but in between starting and finish is a good fight for survival.
Like Red Alert you start with just a few villagers (they act as your slaves), with these few men you have to build up a base. Have them collect wood, gold, stone and food to keep your base from collapsing. Use the wood you collect to build a barracks/houses/granary etc till your empire grows in strength and you are confident enough to attack your enemies.

Unlike Red Alert however, AOE2 has an excellent AI. enemies build their base properly and attack with the correct units.

Where AOE2 really triumphs though is it's 2 player game. Yes you will need 2 tvs, PS2s and games but it's definitely worth it. Play against your friend in a battle and catch him of guard with a fleet of Catapults. Endless fun to be had in 2-player.

All in all, Age of Empires 2 is an addictive game that may be a bit too slow for some gamers but if you have the patience then this is a game you will enjoy for a long time.

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