AFL Premiership 2006 Cheats

AFL Premiership 2006 cheats, Glitchs, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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Easier Mark
When it a marking contest, instead of having to out muscle them by getting in a better position, tap [] and you will bump them off it, setting yourself up for an easy mark, unopposed.

Another good use of the bump is to use it when they're about to kick the ball. A tackle will usually result in a ball up, but a solid bump will cause them to do a bad kick and turn the ball over, allowing you to run it towards your goal.
Kick Ins
On a kick in, don't try and do fancy passes. The best strategy is to play on, evade the man on the mark, and then hold down R1 when you kick to do a torpedo punt which will send the ball about 65 metres foward. This way, even if it's marked by the opposition, it will be well clear of their goal, rather than if you tried to excecute a 20 metre stab pass and it was intercepted.
When in a conjestion, the key is to make space. You can do this by running to the ball, handballing it in front of you, and then running after it. The opposition will quickly drop off, so you can chase after it and kick it out in front again, this will allow you to run on to it, and then centre it with a good kick to a team mate.


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Move Ruck-man Anywhere
After you kick a goal and start the ruck, edit your team and switch your ruck-man with the full forward, and you can move your ruck-man anywhere.

Doing this you can run up to about the 50 meter mark and then you can hit it, allowing you to kick goals quicker instead of having to fight through the center.


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All videos
Enter Tony as a new profile name, then create another profile with Locket (note different spelling) as a name.
Amazing Strength
Enter strength as a profile name.
easier goals
when you have the bounce get a good tip and push the analogue stick to the way you are going and then kick it to the attacking center and then torpedo the ball through the goals it worked all of the time with me