Aero Elite: Combat Academy Cheats

Aero Elite: Combat Academy cheats, Tips, and Codes for PS2.


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To get your speed to Mach 2.0
To get your maximum speed record to Mach 2.0, enter Free Flight and use the F-104 (Drone) on the ''Bay'' stage. Once airborne, land your plane on the long freeway that is along the coast line. Then, light your afterburners and keep your left analog stick fully pushed up. If done correctly, your plane should overspeed exactly at Mach 2.0!
Unlock SU-27 Yellow/Brown Paint Scheme
Complete Recon Mission 4 in Aero Meet 2002 to unlock the Yellow/Brown paint scheme for the SU-27.


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3 secret blue impulse paint schemes
On the island level where you do all of your training, there is a dam. west of the dam is a small inlet. if you take a slow flying jet or helicopter and fly along the river/inlet, you will find a rotating 'blue impulse' icon. Grab it, and then exit free flight to gain a blue impulse paint scheme for one of your fighters.

Another one can be found in the bay area. (the one with the ferris wheel) From free flight starting position, directly under you should be a part of the highway that comes out into the water (for what strange reason, i dunno). It would look like a 'U' shape. Follow the bottom part of the 'u' left, and follow it up when it curves. Along this area, under the freeway, just before the freeway over the water hits the freeway on land, is another blue impulse icon. Fly under the structures to get it. Best done with the OH-6D, as it can stop to hover, and is small to fit by.

The last one is in the monument level. From Free Flight's starting position, turn straight around. Look out for a very small mountain/cliff, that looks like a cylinder. The inside is hollowed out from the top, for a helicoptor to land in. (complete with landing pad inside) Use a helicoptor, preferable again, the OH-6D, since it had more seeing room by your feet, and fly in there to find the last blue impulse icon for the T-4. On the same monument mission, if you select the weather differently from clear skies (if you pick the one with the sun in your face, and orange skies), you can hold the square button to 'auto-find' the small helipad mountain.
Blue Impulse Special Function, and T-3 Special, special function
These Blue Impulse, and T-3 SPECIAL aircraft, can emit white smoke by pressing triangle (or what you use as the fire button) when in flight. The effect leaves a 650 foot long white fog trail behind the craft. The T-2 BI, can also, when in after burn mode, give off an orange spray, to give it the appearance of fire. These functions belong to the Blue Impulse and Specialty craft, for use in airshows and aerial acrobatics testing. Use them with the replay function, and the watcher cameras for instant airshow fun!
F-15C Aggressor colors
for every 50 kills you get in the game, (easy on free flight fighting unarmed bandits), you get one new aggressor color for the F-15 series. There's a total of 7, for a max of 350 kills.
How to fire warning shots correctly
Get your distance to .100 or anything less, (while staying safe that is!), switch to guns, and make sure you're flying level, right behind the enemy with your pitch on zero whiskey. Once flying behind the enemy, and you've matched the enemies speed for the most part, put your pitch to about 3 to 5 degrees over the enemies head and fire. If you did it right, you won't fail. Usually the enemy will waver a bit, but continue on course. If they keep going the way they were going, fire again. Eventually they will freak out and break left or right, leaving your airspace, or, you're controller will give orders to shoot them down if they don't budge, or engage you.
Instant scramble missions
Put defcon on 1, and go to the menu where you can select free flight. enter and exit the free flight/main menu, switching back and forth bewteen the two. Eventually you will trigger the scramble alert, and a mission. The missions i found, are not random, they are done in a sort of predefined order. Missions you fail, you can do over, by saving after every thing you do. Then when you know that mission is going to come up in the scramble, you can do it, and if you fail, head to the main menu and LOAD the old data, and trigger that alert again. Some things might change about the mission, like heading, and altitude, and weather/time of day, but nothing that would change the mission objectives. Great way to get those unlockables you might have missed. I'm guessing that failed scrambles can be done over again in time, or if you unlock the ability to select scramble missions manually, and go on each one you yourself desire.

MiG-21 'spotted' color scheme
In the scramble select missions, play 'warning' to play warning shot missions. The enemy is chosed at random, but eventually you will come across the MiG-21 'spotted'. It travels at about 550 knots, so i suggest using an F-14B or F-15C. As always, since it's just a warning shot mission, take no missiles or fuel tanks, only guns. You can also access this mission at random using the 'frequent scrambles' defcon tip. *you just have to carry all that excess weaponry though!*
MR2000C Blue Paint
In the scramble select or random 'warning shot' scrambles, (that means in scramble select, pick 'warning' ), you can find this jet at random. Keep playing till you see it, as this is where it's unlockable.
Refueler found in Monument Level
In the monument level with clear weather settings, bright and sunny, not orange skies, the refueler can be found in free flight mode, just above the starting point. Pull up a little, you can't miss it. You can refuel most ships available to the japanese and americans, but not other ships, like the russian mig's or SU series.
Fly up to the refuelers appropriate refueling nozzle, get close and refuel automatically from there.
scramble select- select what scramble mission you want to play instantly
after succesfully completing 25 scrambles or more, and landing your ship and taxiing back to the takeoff hangar, and getting at least a passing grade of 62 or higher, you may have obtained the scramble select option, which lets you play any scramble mission at will. It's in the alert hangar, where you pick your alert craft. You can choose from photo missions, warning shots, attacking fighters, etc.
T-4 specialty
The t-4 can emit white smoke screen vapor, either to imitate getting shot down, as pilots would in training, or for stunt flying. To do this, hop in the T-4 of your choice ( i prefer the blue impulse scheme), and press TRIANGLE (the fire button) to start emmitting the smoke screen. You have infinite as far as i can tell. Set things up for great 'watcher camera' replays, stunt show style!
Unlockable: Aircraft
A-7E U.S. Navy colors:
Finish twenty carrier landings.

Finish all the surface attack objectives at the Aero Meet.

AV-8B Harrier Jump Jet:
Finishing VTOL training releases.

Blue Impulse F-86 fighter:
Collect the Blue Impulse squadron icon in free flight mode on the island level.

Blue Impulse T2 trainer:
Collect the Blue Impulse squadron icon under the suspension bridge in free flight mode on the bay level.

Finish the maneuver objectives at the Aero Meet.

F-104J fighter:
Fly at Mach 2.0 or faster. Note: Try getting to an extremely high altitude and go into a dive.

F-105 drone:
Fly over 50,000 feet in training mode.

F-14B Test Bed:
Finish reconnaissance mission 2.

F-15 Aggressor 1:
Have a total of 50 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 2:
Have a total of 100 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 3:
Have a total of 150 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 4:
Have a total of 200 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 5:
Have a total of 250 kills.

F-15 Aggressor 6:
Have a total of 300 aerial kills.

F-15 Aggressor 7:
Have a total of 350 aerial kills.

Finish the ACM objectives at the Aero Meet.

Finish ten scrambles.

F-2A support fighter:
Finish the ACM maneuver objectives.

Finish fifty scrambles.

F-86 fighter:
Accumulate one hour in training mode.

FA-18 Hornet:
Finish the carrier landing training releases .

Finish helicopter training.

Su-27 (Camouflage) fighter:
Finish reconnaissance mission 3.