The Adventures of Lolo 2 Hex Editing Guide v1.10
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: : : : The Adventures of Lolo 2 Hex Editing Guide

The Adventures of Lolo 2 Hex Editing Guide

by MASTERNO   Updated to v1.10 on
Adventures of Lolo 2

Adventures of Lolo 2 is (c)1990 HAL Labs, Nintendo
Adventures of Lolo 2 Hex Editing Guide is (c)2012 Louis Boiko


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[2].........Known Hex Values
[2.1]....Using Hex Addresses
[2.2]..Known Bugs and Issues
[3]......Version Information


Welcome to my Adventures of Lolo 2 Hex Editing guide!  Adventures of
Lolo 2 is a puzzle game in which the character, Lolo, must climb a
tower (and later a castle) to save the kidnapped Princess Lala.
Along the way, he must collect every Heart Framer in each room to
unlock that room's Treasure Box, which contains a Jewel to open the
door to the next room or reveal a staircase to the next floor.  In
addition to environmental obstacles, there are enemies that try to
stop Lolo from reaching his goal.  This puzzle game was fairly
popular when it came out, but was eventually shoved into the abyss as
Kirby took over as HAL's big franchise.

------Known Hex Values------

The following are hex values I've discovered that are meaningful to
gameplay.  There are six meaningful hex values you can change to
affect gameplay.  While you can use any or all of them, in order to
steamroll through the game, you only need three of those values:
Shot Counter (7D), Power Indicators (only one is necessary to use as
you can change the values according to your needs; 7E or 7F are
recommended), and Enemy Actions (89).  Below, I will list the effects
of using each of the six hex addresses.

=====Using Hex Addresses====

007A: Life Counter
-You can set this to any value you want.  Just remember that the
game's counter only displays up to 99 (hex value: 63), after which it
will display graphical errors where it would display lives.

-If you set your life counter to 00 and then die or give up, you will
get a game over screen.

007D: Shot Counter
-This affects the number of shots you have to turn enemies (except
Medusa and Don Medusa) into Eggs, which you can move around or shoot

-You can set the number of shots you have to any value.  If you set
the value to anything greater than 99 (hex value: 63), it will
display the same graphical errors as the Life Counter.  There is an
exception: if you plug in any value greater than hex value 80, you
will get the infinity symbol used in the final battle with the Great
Devil instead.

-As long as the values aren't frozen, your shots will decrease in
number.  While they are frozen, however, you will have infinite shots
as long as you have at least one shot.

007E, 007F, 0080: Power Indicators
-These three values affect the POW abilities underneath the Shot
Counter.  7E affects the top, 7F affects the middle, and 80 affects
the bottom.

-Using any or all of these will grant use of the power you assign to
the hex and are automatically available as soon as you change the
value, with some exceptions (see errors above).  If you freeze the
value, you will have infinite usage of the power.  Values represent
the following: 01 is the One-Way Power, 02 is the Bridge Power, and
03 is the Hammer Power.

0089: Enemy Actions
-This handy little hex will freeze all enemies in place (though any
stationary enemies will still exhibit animations).  It will also
render Medusas, Don Medusas, and Gols useless - they will not harm or
shoot at you, allowing you to pass by them freely.  You can touch any
enemy you want and not die - they are treated as stationary obstacles
like trees, rocks, and rivers.

-As mentioned above, this cheat does not allow you to push enemies
who have been turned into Eggs.  This is rendered wholly unnecessary
by the Power Indicators and Shot Counter hexes.  Shoot enemies out of
the way and utilize bridges to cross rivers and lakes.

-To avoid graphical glitches that make the game more difficult, don't
freeze values until you get in-game and are able to move.  You'll
only have to deactivate them when transitioning from one floor to the
next and after clearing Room 9-5.  Leaving the values frozen after
defeating the Great Devil makes for a slightly different ending with
a few of the same weird graphical glitches, but the final scene is
left intact save for the background scrolling.

====Known Bugs and Issues===

There are six important hex addresses one may reasonably utilize when
editing them for this game:  007A, 007D, 007E, 007F, 0080, and 0089.
I will describe the errors I encountered using each of them, though
depending upon your tools, results may differ from those I list.

007A: Life Counter
-The only known issue with this hex is that it will display a small
graphical error where the number of lives are supposed to be if you
input any life total greater than 99 (hex value: 63).

007D: Shot Counter
-The first known issue with this hex is that when you reach a new
floor, the graphics will be scrambled when introducing the new floor.

-The second known issue with this hex is that when you finish the
tower (after clearing Room 9-5), if this address is frozen, it will
cause the game to crash.  It is not safe to freeze the address again
until after the first of the two brief cutscenes.

-The third known issue with this hex is that if you reset the game
while it is frozen, the game will crash and not start.  Threat Level:
1 - will conditionally cause the game to crash; predictable

-The fourth known issue is similar to the Life Counter's graphical
glitch.  However, if you set the hex value to 80 or greater, it will
display the infinity symbol (normally used for the final battle with
the Great Devil).

007E, 007F, 0080: Power Indicators
-The first known issue with these hexes is that if you enter a room
where one or more powers would normally be listed and restricted
until you obtain enough Heart Framers, that/those power(s) will be
restricted until you collect the requisite number of Heart Framers.
Once you collect enough, it will return to infinite use.

-The second known issue with these hexes is that when you reach a new
floor, if hex number 0080 is frozen, the game will crash with fancy
chromatic flashes.  There is one minor exception: when triggering the
cutscene after clearing Room 9-5, if you have one or both of the
other two hex addresses frozen, the first cutscene will play through
with major graphical glitches.  After that cutscene finishes,
however, the game will crash as normal.

-The third known issue with these hexes is that when resetting the
game, it will start with the same major graphical glitches as
mentioned for the cutscene error above, and you can view the opening
cutscene when starting a new game, but it will still crash when
trying to load the floor introduction screen.  Leaving hex address
0080 frozen will simply cause the game to crash.  You can also enter
the Password screen, but good luck entering anything: it contains the
same graphical glitches.  Success with any password will still yield
the same results.

-Generally speaking on the errors listed above, 007E and 007F seem to
only produce graphical errors, whereas 0080 is the value that crashes
the game.  You can continue the game normally while leaving 7E and 7F
frozen.  Deactivating them in the middle of the game's intro sequence
will not generally fix the graphical problem until after the Title
Screen is displayed.  During the cutscene after Room 9-5, it will
resolve the graphical errors as the screen scrolls up, but only for
the newly-displayed sections.  The only suggestion I can give is to
ensure that 0080 is DEACTIVATED before advancing to a new floor,
clearing Room 9-5, defeating the Great Devil, or resetting the game.
This will ensure that you can play through the game just fine as
testing the three codes individually found that only one causes
significant problems.  Better yet, you can just leave 0080 out
entirely if you'd like.

0089: Enemy Actions
-The first known error with this hex is that it will cause major
graphical glitches.  It doesn't otherwise affect the game itself, but
depending upon when it's frozen and defrosted, you may find it
difficult if not impossible to play.

-The second known error with this hex is that it will not allow you
to move enemies who have been turned into Eggs.  This means you
cannot put them into rivers to cross, making some puzzles otherwise

-----Version Information----

Version 1.10 - Overhauled the FAQ format to be consistent with all my
other guides; added a few sentences to bring it in line with my
current FAQ template; removed "Threat Levels" as this can be
determined by players themselves - there is also room for error as I
did not test every possible value and specific values may have
different effects.

Version 1.00 - First released version; includes all necessary
information; updates will generally be used for clarification and
grammatical corrections.


This guide is (c)opyright 2012 by Louis Boiko (a.k.a "MASTERNO" on
GameFAQs and Neoseeker).  Feel free to redistribute this guide any
way you would like, so long as credit is given to me and no money is
involved in the receipt of this guide.  For further inquiries,
comments, or suggestions, please email me at
( A T ) or send a message to my GameFAQs or Neoseeker
accounts as listed above.

A big thank you to GameFAQs for hosting a website where knowledge
such as this can be freely shared by gamers everywhere.

Also a big thank you to Nintendo and HAL Laboratories for the
creation of the NES system and the development and production of
this unique puzzle game.