The Adventures of Darwin Code Breaker Codes

Apple Codes (PS2) North America

Max Red Apples

Max Blue Apples
0F38CD58 56D00E87

Max Yellow Apples

Population Code (PS2) North America

Enable Code
B4336FA9 4DFEFB79
0C528D18 D6BDFF43
3088A9EB 57A9A83F
E603C7F9 F297E17C

Max Population
129F912B 5CBAFA9E

Max Current Population
3BB61649 9ED0EBD0

Item Codes (PS2) North America

Item 1
3C9ED997 8ECE6190

Item 2
8A12314E 8BF595BD

Item 3
BDB4D209 8792BBAF

Item 4
3D6DFC81 11C91D27

Item 5
DF0560AA D4B5E18B

Item 6
4134FED0 73AA7F07

Item 7
C858C424 8EA399BA

Item 8
A7F99484 BBE5781F

Item 9
650CC303 CEF03AA3

Item 10
88182771 60B58972