AdventureQuest Worlds Unlockables

Unlockable weapons and classes and area
this is a unkown universe
UnlockableHow to unlock
WarlordRank 5 Warrior
stone paladin armorrank 10 warrior
Card ClasherCard Clasher
Beast WarriorRagnar's Shop, Upgrade Only (A shop in Battleon)
Elemental DragomancerGet rank ten in Etherstorm
Member-Only ClassesThese are Member-Only classes you can get in AQWorlds
PaladinPurchase from Artix (/join swordhave)Requires Warrior/Warlord Rank 10 and Healer/Acolyte Rank 10 and Good Rank 5/above
Upgrade ClassesThese classes can be purchased from the NPC's above, but you need the classes above Rank 5 or higher
Tier Two ClassesTier Two Classes
BerserkerRagnar's Shop, Ugrade Only/Thok's Upgrade Shop
wings of the darknessat shadowfall for 1000AC coins
sword of heaverank 10