AdventureQuest Worlds Unlockables

Drop down items
UnlockableHow to unlock
Morning Star Defect Zardman Boss
Primitive Stone Spear Defect Zardman Hunter
Zardman Stone Hammer Defect Zardman Grunt
Skeleton Hand Defect Skeleton Warriors
Skeleton Hand, Undead Plague Spear and Bone Axe Defect Jack Sprat
Fish Mace and Trident Defect Fishman Soldier
Commander Sword Defect Undead Commander
Giant Protector Blade Defect Grizzle Pit
Box Guardian Blade Defect Box Guardians
Wave Cutter Defect Sharkbait
Their Axe Defect Orcs
Turkey tail feathers Defeat Turdraken
turkey head Defeat Turdraken
water draconian wings Defeat water draconian
water draconian sword Defeat water draconian
templar helm of light Defeat red dragon
phoenix blade Defeat red dragon
inquisitor captain short polearm Defeat the captain at citadel
inquisitor's guard helm Defeat the guards at citadel
Elemental rock hammer Defeat the rock elemental
inquisitor guard's spear Defeat the guards at citadel
Soul scythe Defeat soulseeker
Slime StaffDefeat Slime
Bear Helmdefeat Choas bear
creature sharddefeat creature creation
chaos widow staffdefeat aracara at faerie forest in chiral valley