AdventureQuest Worlds Tips

Easy gold, REP & EXP
Easy gold: To get easy gold(Has to be during the chaos of swordhaven) Go to undeadportal and accept the healer girl quest called fire gem, after that keep kick the crap out of the undead fire mages, whn you get the fire gem turn it in and you will get the "Burn it down" staff, once you get it sell it as its worth 12.5k. This can be repeated once a day.

Easy rep: The best thing to train on is in the crash site, train on dwakel blaster, Dwakel flamethrower & barrier bots these all give 150 rep when killed , alternatively you can accept all the trainer quest and do them all then turn them in in 1 go making 800rep+

Easy EXP: Go to the lair of dragons and go to where ganaloth is (The dragonslayer) then accept all the quests up to dragonslayer veteran (If member do not accept dragonslayer quest) keep the window open and kill the wyvrens in the same room as galaloth this way you can make 800exp for 10 kill minimum from all the quests plus the exp you get from the general exp you get for killing wyverns.

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