Adventure Quest review
Awesome Game! Definitely Try It Out!

The good:

This game has TONS of options for character building, so many different classes, weapons, armors, spells, pets, etc... Also there are now so many quests to choose from that you can play for months without repeating the same quest over again. New content is constantly being added. Also, the humor in the game is great, yet still clean! Finally, the upgrading fee is one-time only, no subscriptions!

The bad:

There's no way to interact with other players, and you can't even transfer items or gold between the characters on your account. Also, Guardian upgrades must be purchased seperately for each character on your account A personal peeve of mine is that a lot of the in-game plotlines and even some promised classes have seemingly been abandoned by the developers.


Gameplay: 9/10.
The gameplay is fun, but can sometimes get a little repetitive. Your fighting style does vary based on your class or armor, but basically it comes down to clicking "attack" or "spells" over and over again. That said, it is still very addictive and I personally never get bored playing. A note to all: grinding for gold and XP is absolutely unavoidable, and leveling is pretty slow once you get past level 80.

Graphics: 8/10.
This game runs on Flash Player, so everything is 2D. Most of the art is VERY well drawn, though, so it's worth it. Sometimes you run into a quest or monster that hasn't been updated to the newer art yet, and those do look pretty bad, but all in all the art is awesome!

Music: ???
One big drawback is that there is no music whatsoever in this game. There are sound effects, which can be somewhat entertaining, but I reccomend playing music in the background yourself if you need a soundtrack to battle to. In my opinion, the lack of music doesn't affect the quality of this game, but you have been warned!

Storyline: 10/10
Here is where the game really shines. There are countless short quests that can each be considered a short storyline of their own. There are also several larger storylines available to play through. Some of these are still going on, and some have been completed. Even the ones that have been completed are usually still available to players by just going to certain places on the map. My one personal annoyance in this matter is that there are some stories that have seemingly been abandoned by the developers. There have been no recent updates to the Chessmaster Saga or the Dragon War arc, for example.

There are also regularly repeated events, usually holiday-themed, that have a different twist each year. The story is why I play this game! New players should be warned that many of the new quests that are released each week reference older quests and storylines, so if you don't know what someone's talking about, you should probably spend some time playing through older quests.

Value: 10/10.
Seriously, the $20.00 Guardian upgrade fee is totally worth it! Fortunately, there are no subscriptions to pay, so you buy the game once and that's it! Everything in-game can be bought with gold you earn from killing monsters, but there is a currency called Z-tokens that must be bought with real money. The Z-token items are better than the average low to mid-level items, but higher-level gold-bought items are actually better than the Z-token stuff, so there's no real reason to buy Z-tokens unless you just want fun extras like houses.

Final Comments:
If you're a fan of fantasy and RPG's you'll definitely like this game. If you only play games for PvP battles or social interaction, then this isn't for you. I love Adventure Quest because it really makes you feel like you're watching an animated series. The quests are often related to each other, there are dozens of NPC's that your character comes to know as you play through the quests, and there is always some new (or old) villain to battle! I can say with absolute certainty that the hours I've spent playing this have have been filled with light-hearted, entertaining fun, and I plan to keep playing for a long time to come!

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