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Adventure Quest

The good:

Well first off it's an RPG, an online RPG at that, it is surprisingly addictive even for a 17 year old like me. I have been playing for a while now and have been witness to what seems like an endless amount of updates, the Artix Entertainment team are truly hard working, creating more equipment and monsters every weak, (X-)Guardians get even more benefits, apart from getting a nice array of extra weapons, shields, armour etc, we get more quests and fun things to do! The graphics are amazing considering it is a Flash Animation product, the amount of time and effort that has been put into scripting this masterpiece is incredible! What used to be a Lunch-break game has seriously evolved into an ever-expanding quality game! Don't miss out RPGers!

The bad:

No game is perfect. Although Adventure Quest is good fun and admittedly addictive, it's limited in lifespan. How you ask? Well even though there are plenty of quests and things to buy and do, the monsters... can become, repetitive, although there are around 700+ monsters you will only meet certain monsters for a certain period of time, this is because of the leveling, you seldom meet the normal average Fire Zard once your level reaches the 80 boundary you only meet the Elite Zard's and Zard X3. I love this game but we need more things to do and the staff brings us that by working hard all week to bring us new quests, but these quests can only be done a few times before they become monotonous!


1) 100's of weapons to choose from and they come in varieties of Melee, Ranged and Magic.
2) Spells, loads of them, look cool to cast and are great for monster slaying!
3) Armours are also wide in variety, including uber armours like Nightmare Plate and the now rare, Golden Armour.
4) Pets and Guests are fun and are almost essential to the game, making sure you have the right pets/guests for battle can make success that much easier!
5) Recently Items have been added, these great little add-ons can increase your stats and/or defences an example of this is the rare Amulet of Drakkonan, not only does it raise your intelligence by 10 it also gives 10 extra Fire Defence and 5% Magic defence, truly an elite piece of equipment!
6) There are over 100 different environments to choose from and in these environments come the 700+ monsters!
7) Wars and events happen on a regular basis so you never get immensely board!

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