Adrenalin Misfits

  • Released on Nov 4, 2010
  • By Konami for Xbox 360

Adrenalin Misfits Cheats

Adrenalin Misfits cheats, Achievements, and Codes for Xbox 360.


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Complete each achievement to get the allotted gamerscore. The numbers between the () is the points given for each achievement.
AchievementHow to unlock
Starting Boost (20)Change from the stopping position to accelerating position on the word "GO!".
Item Attack (10)Stomp your front foot when you have an item.
T Glider (10)Spread your arms wide to the left and right while in the air.
Landing Boost (20)Perform an air trick and stick the landing.
Triple Air Trick (30)Twist your body while in the air and perform at least 3 air tricks.
Front Grab (10)Raise your front leg while in the air and perform a front grab.
Side Grab (20)Raise your back leg while in the air and perform a back grab.
Air Trick Sideway Combo (40)Perform an air trick with 2 consecutive horizontal revolutions and land.
Air Trick Vertical Combo (40)Perform an air trick with 2 consecutive vertical revolutions and land.
Boost Max (80)Make a clean landing with your boost at max.
Riding Trials Complete (30)Complete all the Riding Trials.
Fly Distance Trials Complete (30)Complete all the Fly Distance Trials.
Air Trick Trials Complete (30)Complete all the Air Trick Trials.
Jib Trick Trials Complete (30)Complete all the Jib Trick Trials.
Free Race Master (50)Finish a "Free Race" race with Rank A.
Downhill Slalom Master (50)Finish a "Downhill Slalom" race with Rank A.
Balloon Buster Master (50)Finish a "Balloon Buster" race with Rank A.
Fly Distance Master (50)Finish a "Fly Distance" race with Rank A.
Trick Score Master (50)Finish a "Trick Score" race with Rank A.
No Crash Ace (20)Finish a race in 1st place without crashing.
Star Trick (80)Get a star in a race while performing an air trick.
I Can Fly! (80)Get big air in a race.
Jib & Switch (40)Perform a switch riding while jibbing.
Only One Winner (20)Win a multiplayer challenge.
Intense Rivalry (20)Crash hard into another player.
One-Two Finish (50)Finish a race in 1st and 2nd place with a friend.
World Debut (30)Get your score registered in the world rankings.
EZ Jump (10)Jump while you are boarding.