[edit] Background

Invasion and destruction. These were the only aims of The Evil One. To conquer the world was his only desire. However, The Evil One was unable to destroy the Master. He ordered his six Guardians, who had enormous strength, to defeat the Master and conquer his world. Even though the world was still in a state of peace, the balance of power began to gradually sway towards darkness. One day, The Evil One and his Guardians suddenly appeared at the outer gates of the Sky Palace.

The Master, who understood the real purpose of their presence, fought with great courage and little regard for his own life. The battle waged on for many days. The Master was so badly injured that he fled to the safety of his Sky Palace. With the little energy he had left, he erected a barricade. To heal his serious wound, he fell into a long and deep sleep. While in a deep sleep, the presence of the Master's power vanished. With no one to inspire resistance, the forces of Evil invaded the world and did as they pleased. With little hope for any support from their Master, the people had little choice but to be transformed into monsters. The Evil One divided the world into six lands and turned over the control of each region to his Guardians.
The world was completely ruined. Stone statues the people had made in honor of their Master became the only remaining eveidence of a strong and thriving society.

Several hundred years after the world had fallen into The Evil One's power, the Master, who had long since retreated to the safety of the Sky Palace, began to stir. Even though time had completely healed the Master's wounds, his power disappeared when the last of his loyal subject succumbed to the forces of evil.

He found his once ideal world and loyal subject now overrun by evil. This caused the Master much grief and sorrow, but what could he do? He had no power.

Inspired by the faintest of hope, the Master revolved battle The Evil One so that peace and order might once again prevail.

With the final preparations, the Master took down the barrier protecting th Sky Palace and silently began his mission to destroy The Evil One's hold on his earth.

[edit] Gameplay

Generations ago, the world fell into deep Chaos. The Master had maintained the world in a state of peace and harmony. However, an evil one called Tanzra began to threaten its very existence. People spent their lives manifesting their love to their Master while fearing The Evil One. The Master and The Evil One were eternal enemies. In strength and power they were almost equals. Even though the world has fallen into Chaos, somehow the earth continued on its revolving course. Save your followers and defeath the Evil One. Battle viscious creatures in side scrolling adventure and control the overworld by manipulating the enviroment through an isometric overview.

[edit] Features

  • Simulation and Action modes.
  • Evil monsters that will challenge your fighting skills.
  • Game takes full advantage of the system's capabilities.
  • Chance to build a civilization.
  • You have control over every aspect of the reconstruction.

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Release Dates
  • North America:
    • May 28, 2007 (Wii)
    • Dec 15, 1990 (SNES)
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    • Mar 20, 2007 (Wii)
    • Dec 16, 1990 (SNES)
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    • Apr 13, 2007 (Wii)
    • Mar 18, 1993 (SNES)
  • Australia: Apr 13, 2007
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